Eyecon Update: Absentee Autographs Now Available!

Can’t make it to theĀ Eyecon TVD convention this year? But would like to still get an autograph from your favorite TVD star? Well you are in luck! Eyecon just announced that they will be providing absentee autographs. Here are the deets!

Absentee Autographs are your chance to obtain an autographed 8X10 photo from the stars of EyeCon if you are unable to attend. We will get the autograph for you! Once the convention is over, the autographed photos will be mailed to you within two weeks. With over 50% of Ebay autographs being forgeries, this is your way of guaranteeing an authentic autograph from a trusted source!

Each photo carries a $10.00 service fee which includes the cost of the photo for autographing and Priority Shipping and Handling. Unfortunately, personalization of photos is not possible. Photo styles will be chosen from available styles at the convention.

Click HERE to purchase your photos!

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