Why I Love The Vampire Diaries


I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve told someone how much I adore The Vampire Diaries TV show and they’ve looked at me with a face that mixes confusion with concern because shows about immortal teenage vampires normally gets swept into that same category of ‘things that are the same as Twilight’.

But as a Vampire Diaries fan I can happily defend it by saying that this show is nothing like Twilight, to me it’s a masterpiece of writing, performance and drama that goes from dizzying highs and desperate lows as I’m put on this rollercoaster of emotion with the show’s story. It’s a fantastic series that I love and here’s a few reasons as to why I think it’s such a masterpiece of modern television.


First off is the plot, it moves briskly through events and doesn’t meander along different points like other shows do. It is not like all the boring old-fashioned games that other TV shows pull to eke out another season by using filler episodes or ‘tongue-in-cheek’ sections that have the characters going on wacky adventures. They power through their script and characters so fast that even Games of Thrones would have trouble keeping up. The show does all this and still manages to balance the character growth and big soppy scenes about feelings and how people’s emotions are holding out.

Another fantastic feature of the show is the cliff-hangers; they always have this way of grabbing my interesting with a peek at exciting things that are about to happen before setting up with a cliff-hanger for the next episode.  So whenever I’m binge watching I will always without fail find myself saying: “I need to know what happens next!”

Gone Girl

Then there’s the characters, they’re all believable and completely relatable, there’s no typecasts and each one has their own motive. Take the villains for example, other shows will have their villain be bad because they just ‘are’ but not Vampire Diaries, they give their characters real motive and reasons for who they are.  The shows main character Damon for example is introduced as a rampant murderer who only does it because as a vampire he needs to kill to survive.

Some characters are also completely unpredictable. Take the main villain of season two, Katherine. She kills a teen on a dance floor for no reason other than they were there. It’s when I see things like this happen that I realize how anyone near them isn’t safe and it always puts me on edge as I worry I might lose another great character.

Also one of the best features of this shows characters, there’s no brooding. Sure there’s regret over break-ups and the occasional love triangle but with the threat of turning into another Twilight related show hanging over their heads the writers of Vampire Diaries made sure that their cast are constantly active. They’re either solving mysteries or fighting the latest evil in town.

There really is never a dull moment with this show and since season 6 started I’ve been glued to my screen every week watching it wondering where the story is going to go next. When it comes to great shows, The Vampire Diaries really is my one and only favorite!

VDO Team