Vampires In Pop Culture

From the bloodthirsty creature to the-boy-next-door type in Twilight, the vampire has been an iconic figure within the arts for centuries. From films to TV, books and even video games, there is always a vampire to be seen, heard or feared. Start browsing Netflix or checking out the games online at mFortune casino, and you will come across entertainment featuring characters from the dark side and the awesome narratives they bring are always in luck.

The vampire has secured its role in pop culture – even if only after dark. Here are some of the best places to find Vampires in the arts…

1.     Immortal Romance

This slot game is one of the best around and one of the few slot games that do justice to the vampire niche. The game boasts 234 ways to win. It’s a Microgaming slot but certainly not short of entertainment. It comes equipped with a cool soundtrack, four characters and a bonus-like feature to maximise the narrative’s engagement.

2.     Vampyr

Dontnod Entertainment are the people behind this awesome vampire video game. The intentions and morality of vampires have been something toyed with by authors and scriptwriters for years. Are they going to be on the side of good and help those in need or are they there just so drain you of your blood and your life?

Vampyr is a game that hands control over to you to tell the story and make these decisions. Packed with dilemmas and moral choices, Vampyr is streets ahead of some other vampire video games.

3.     Blade

When looking for a vampire film, you will not be short of options. Blade is one of the best and a Marvel Comic adaption that will certainly excite. Blade is the main character and a man who is half-vampire, protecting fellow humans from other less-friendly vampires. The success of this 90s classic is obvious when you find out that it fetched in over $130 million dollars at the box office worldwide. Order a garlic bread with your movie-time pepperoni pizza to stay safe!

4.     Dracula

There may be no piece of written literature that includes vampires that is better than Dracula. This 19th-century gothic classic was written by Irish wordsmith Bram Stoker. It was the world’s introduction the persona of Count Dracula which still features today. The book tells the story of Count Dracula’s attempt to move to England and feed on new blood with the intended aim of spreading his curse.

Closing Comments

These are just four areas where the vampire has been found and celebrated. We could have chosen from hundreds of other examples of their place within pop culture media.

The Dracula clearly has a place in all mediums of entertainments. The mystery of the vampire along with its ability to be good, charming or evil makes it a versatile and intriguing character throughout time. Whether we will hide behind our sofa, lust over them or enjoy the suspense they bring to the table, come book, film, game or play – we will forever enjoy vampires in modern culture and the arts!

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