The Best Ways to Kill A Vampire

A menacing image of a vampire has been a staple of the pop culture for decades. These mysterious, nocturnal creatures invade our dreams, bedevil our imaginations, and of course, make us binge-watch amazing shows like Legacies.

But have you ever wondered what are the top ways to kill a vampire? Let’s take a look although we’re quite sure you wouldn’t really want to kill one, would you?

Expose it to sunlight

This is by far the most effective way to send a vampire to the bowels of hell. Direct exposure to sunlight will fry their skin and turn them into ashes within around 10 seconds. Waiting till dawn and opting for an ambush is your top strategy here.  

Drive a wooden stake through its heart

Although it might be considered a horror movie cliché, killing a vampire with a wooden stake is still a classic. But beware because it’s not easy, as you’ll be forced to play offense against the most aggressive and cunning among the undead. 

Burn that bloodsucker

Vampires will fall prey to flames, but beware; putting a torch to it won’t do the trick. Because of their paranormal abilities, vampires are resistant to extreme elements. To get the job done, you’ll need to douse the wannabe Dracula with gasoline, or even better, garlic oil, and wait till it melts in agony.

Annihilate it with silver

The legend has it that the first vampire was cursed by the goddess Artemis to be severely wounded if it came in contact with silver. This is fantastic because you can forge a silver weapon of your choice or produce silver bullets and execute the vampire with a storm of silver gunfire.

Tear off its head

This is by far the most gruesome way to kill a vampire, and it will require some serious muscle-flexing on your part. Actually, the best way to go about it is to chop off its head with a silver ax or a longsword. Tying its head to a railway and waiting for an oncoming train is another viable option.

Sprinkle some holy water on it

Just kidding, sprinkling may give it a slight burn here and there. What you want to do is to get a huge syringe, fill it with the holy liquid, and then give the vampire the most painful injection of its wretched existence. 

Now you’re ready for your next vampire hunt

In many ways vampires are far more powerful than humans. But even they have their weak spots which you can exploit to your advantage. Make sure to always keep a wooden stake at hand, and you’ll feel more confident next time you venture into the night. However, Legacies shows us that even if you kill a vampire, it still might come back to hunt you.

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