The Best Vampire Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Top 7 Vampire Movies and TV Shows to Watch on Netflix Right Now

It seems like we cannot get enough of the bloodsucking species that are incredibly amusing to watch in movies and TV shows. It is over a decade ago when the vampire genre became very popular with the Twilight movies. Since then, big production companies started investing a lot of money in vampire desired movies. There are many spooky stories brought back to life with a movie which are very amusing. 

There are many different Vampire stories, basically, every director is telling a different vampire story, for instance, some vampires can stand in the sunlight without turning into dust and others are vegetarian vampires who drink only animal blood. So it is better if those ones do not show up on a horse race, like the Breeders Cup Classic or the horses will meet their doom.

As we can see that this genre has no limitations about its plot and they tend to get more creative over the years which might seem like they are pushing the movies too far.

There are many different vampire movies that were released in 2019. In this article, we will go through some of the best vampire movies that are now available on Netflix to watch.


1. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant

The plot is about a circus that rolls into town that has a vampire in it. A teenager will run into him and become his assistant in exchange for saving his best friend’s life. He quickly learns the vampire living and has trouble fitting in both worlds.

2. Family Blood

This movie is about a family who is in bat situation and wants to get a fresh start by moving the whole family to a different place. The mother is recovering drug addict and she is accompanied by her two children. However, the situation goes from bad to worse as she encounters a vampire that will live here with a craving for blood.

3. He Never Died

This film is about a vampire man who isolates himself from the public and tries to live life without any problem. He becomes antisocial just so he can avoid putting people in problems. However, things change when his evil part comes back to haunt him. He is going to be tested in different ways that cannot be overlooked in order to turn his vampire instincts back on.

TV Shows

4. Hemlock Grove

Pennsylvania is the main place for vampire stories as it is in this TV series. There are a series of different murders in the down and two men would want to investigate the case and find out who is behind all these unpleasant situations. They quickly discover that murder is the easy part as the place is full of vampires and werewolves.

5. The Originals

This is a Vampire Desires spinoff show that features Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah Mikaelson which are the oldest living vampires in the universe. They return to New Orleans in an attempt to regain their power and rule of the city. They are also filled with revenge and try to rebuild their community of vampires and protect them.

6. Penny Dreadful

This vampire show enables us to see different fictional characters and creatures coming from classic British literature. The action place in the Victorian-era in London where hardly a group of people gather together in order to defeat the supernatural.

7. The Vampire Diaries

We certainly have talked about this show more than anything else. It is one of the best vampires shows today. It is about a teenage girl that goes into the supernatural world of a small Virginia town. She is accompanied by many different species like vampires, werewolves, and witches. It is like a classic love story as she falls in love with one of them.These are one of the best vampire movies that are available to watch on Netflix right now. There are also many upcoming vampire movies that we cannot wait to see.

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