How I Surprised My Teacher with The Essay About Vampires

Writing assignments are challenging for me. I like to write for myself in my spare time, but I do not enjoy sharing my writing for it to be critiqued. Writing is a way to express myself and get my thoughts out of my head.

However, when completing my studies, I found it difficult to tap into my creativity when I knew I was going to be graded on my writing.

In this blog, I will explain how I got over my fear of writing for evaluation when I surprised my teacher with an essay about vampires.

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Why I started writing

I found it a relief to get my angry words and thoughts down on a piece of paper rather than shouting at family and getting grounded during my teen years. After the angsty years, I found peace and relaxation in writing for myself.

Writing for myself at the end of a long, hard day was a great way to get my thoughts in order so I could relax and have a good night’s rest. While I hated writing class assignments and essays, I loved expressing myself in private and found that some of my best writing happened for self-expression.

My favorite topics

Writing in private gives me the freedom to express myself through a variety of topics. Rather than having to write a particular style or topic to get a good grade, I can just write freely about anything that comes to mind using any style I feel at the time. 

Some of my favorite topics include fantasy and sci-fi stories, where I live out the things in my head through a character I create.

I really enjoy reading and writing about vampires, zombies, demons, and superheroes. I am not always a positive character in my stories. Sometimes, I am a hero, and other times, I am a villain.

The essay

When my teacher assigned the essay, I was stressed. I hadn’t been doing well in my English writing class recently and I was worried this would just be another bad assignment. I started looking for help online.

My search helped me find professional essay writer UK . I wrote a story about vampires and submitted it to an online writing team who helped me perfect my story. 

Through using online writing tools and having an online writing team help me with my essay, I was able to present my teacher with a well-written and polished assignment that scored me my first A of the year. My teacher was as surprised as I was.


My love for writing

My love for writing has always been present in my private writing. My private writing is clear and eloquent, filled with joy and passion. I truly enjoy putting pen to paper to get my thoughts into words. From knowledge-based articles and essays to creative and popular culture blogs covering movies, Dracula and vampire short-stories, I love it.

However, my love for writing was never reflected in my assignments. I got nervous at the idea of having my writing assessed and critiqued, and this often led to me writing poorly.

Since finding an online essay writer at British essay writers who have helped many of my friends do quality essays, thesis and dissertations, my love for writing is now also displayed in my assignments. I write the topic for assessment and send it to the professionals to tweak and perfect it. This method means I can enjoy writing no matter what the context or audience.

Writing for evaluation

If you, like me, experience writer’s block when it comes to writing for a grade, you might consider a similar path. My passion for writing led me to choose writing courses in school and college, and I wouldn’t change this for the world despite not enjoying the evaluation.

Choosing to use online writing tools can bring back your confidence and allow you to write freely, no matter the audience. Knowing that your assignment has been reviewed and revised by professionals could be the final confidence boost that you need.


Writing assignments can be challenging, regardless of how much you enjoy writing. Feeling confident as a writer depends heavily on receiving positive feedback, and when you submit assignments, you are not guaranteed a positive response. To help maintain your confidence when writing for evaluation, it might be necessary to get help and guidance from external sources.

Using online writing professionals or online writing tools is the same as visiting your school’s writing center, but with the benefit of anonymity. You are able to get feedback and adjustments without people knowing who you are, which might boost your confidence that tiny bit.

Author Bio:

Joshua Robinson is a digital entrepreneur who has developed several websites in various niches and makes money blogging. He also works as an academic writer helping students who struggle to come up with quality writing assignments. In his free time, he plays tennis, practices yoga and learns new languages.

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