NEW Giveaway! Win Jewleryfx’s Necklace Worn By Violet on The Vampire Diaries!


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We have another wonderful giveaway for you guys, thanks to our friends over at Jewelryfx. We are giving away their Rhodium Tanzanite Necklace that was worn by newbie vamp Violet (played by Sammi Hanratty) that appeared in last week’s episode. The necklace can also be purchased at this sale price over on Jewelryfx’s Facebook page HERE for a limited time.

Details for the giveaway are as follows:

This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.

First entry is to leave a comment on THIS blog post at the bottom in the comments section. Then you must login to the Rafflecopter widget below, and click “Leave a blog post comment”, then click “I commented”. That will open up more entries.

Giveaway will start today and run until February 3rd at midnight. Winner will be announced one hour prior to The Vampire Diaries episode airing that night.

Good luck to all!

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  1. Another lovely necklace 😍 Thanks for giving us the chance to win it Ruthie! ❤

  2. I’m actually liking this series so far apart from Sybil taking away Damons memories about Elena 🙄 But I loved how on episode 8 he remembered that the necklace was important to him, and he ‘killed’ Sybil (we all know she’s not dead) but it shows that the memories of Elena are still there and that makes me so excited to see what’s to come! I do need to catch up on episodes 8,9 and 10 (when it’s out) I’m looking forward to seeing what happens on the last episode now that Nina Dobrev is returning (yay!) 🙌🏼 I’m hoping for the Delena ending I’ve wanted since she left 🤞🏼 But I’m also sad as it’ll be the last episode of the series 😔😭 So I’ve suppose you could say I’ve got mixed feelings ❤ I’ve loved every minute of The Vampire Diaries, and I’ll be sad when it ends 💔 At least I’ve got Netflix so I can watch the series over and over again (as it never gets boring) ❤️

  3. It’s beautiful!
    I cannot believe TVD is almost over though…

  4. I’m loving the new season, it’s very exciting, even if sibyl has “taken” damon’s memories about Elena, but he remembered and “killed” her, and that necklace that caroline gave to damon talking about being the Symbol of love delena, then stefan with his humanity off saying that Elena gilbert never goes away, only shows that delena has to be endgame. And for the last episode, now that our queen nina dobrev has returned, delena has and will be endgame, I hope everything is right in the end, and one speaks to the other: promise this is forever, it will be a very sad episode , Because the series that we all love will come to an end, this series left irreparable marks, I know that tvd will always be in our hearts but it will leave much saudade. March 10 is so far and at the same time so close, I am not Prepared to say goodbye.

  5. Such a pretty necklace. Feeling the loss of these characters I’ve come to see as family so strongly that it would be great to be able to wear a daily reminder of the show. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  6. I think this season is very interesting considering all the plot twists that happened! It left me wondering what is going to happen next! I’m definitely looking forward to Nina Dobrev coming back for the season finale and see what happens next!

  7. I like the season so far and can’t believe it’s almost all over. :(

  8. Love Vampires & Vampire Diaries!!! This piece is gorgeous!!! Good luck to all!!

  9. This necklace 😍 and this season is freaking awesome . The wait felt like forever but it was worth it

  10. Such a beautiful necklace 💖
    I’m so excited for nina tu return to tvd but Im so sad that it’s gonna be the last season 😢

  11. I’m loving this season of Vampire Diaries, Can’t wait so see what happens. Really looking forward to the surprises this show always throws at me.

  12. Seeing these beautiful things that represent moments on this show somewhat ease the pain of it all coming to an end. It’s so nice to see these products and also see that the reason affordable for people to be able to purchase.

  13. Following you for a while now & literally everything is amazing 😍

  14. I am loving the season so far.!! I would really like the finale for the season to be like something out of “Scarface”!!!

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