Top Suspense TV shows of 2019

Top Suspense TV shows of 2019

Suspense TV shows are created to take you to the edge of your seat and the 100 season 6 – the 100 should be one of the top shows of 2019. It has become addictive to many viewers. Most thriller shows not only takes you to the edge of the seat but add excitement to your life from classic crime fiction to slick neo-noir thrillers. Another suspense TV show that can keep your heart pumping with adrenaline is the action thriller Deadly Class.

The 100 TV series

The 100 is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama TV series that was developed by Jason Rothenberg and is based on the novel series with the same name written by Kass Morgan. The series was first premiered on March 19, 2014 on The CW. It is in a setting of about 97 years after the nuclear apocalypse devastations on earth. 

The series shows how people live in a space station they call the Ark. It is constructed by connecting space stations and spacecraft. In this series, the Ark space now holds three generations and it can’t hold this population anymore as it is high. In an attempt to determine whether the earth is a better place to live, 100 juvenile detainees are sent to survey. According to their report, some people survived the devastating nuclear apocalypse.

 An amazing report reveal that amongst those who survived are: the grounders who live in clans but are in a power struggle, the Reapers which is a group of Grounders but are now cannibals by the mountain men and the mountain men who are descendants of those who locked themselves from the devastating apocalypse and currently live in Mountain Weather.

Season 6 of the series reveals that after 125 years in cryosleep, Bellamy, Clarke and the rest wake up only to realise that they are no longer on Earth. They are now on another world, Alpha AKA Sanctum. The new world has a new society under the leadership of the Primes families. In this new society, there is a rebel group referred to as the Children of Gabriel which is a danger to the society.

Evil TV Series

This is an American supernatural drama television series created by Michelle King and Robert King. It was premiered on September 26, 2019 on CBS. It has only one season with 10 episodes but CBS renewed it for a second season. It has a number of casts with Katja as Dr Kristen Bouchard who is a hired forensic psychologist by David Acosta. Dr Kristen helps David to differentiate between insanity and the actual demonic possession.

David Costa, whose real name is Mike Colter is studying to become a priest but currently works as an assessor who deals with matters concerning miracles and demons, uses hallucinogenic to comprehend visions. However, he finds it hard to determine whether they are from God. On the other hand, Dr Kristen who is hired by David isn’t a religious person but deals with the matter in a scientific way.


Supernatural (The CW, 2005) is one of the top suspense television shows of 2019 created by Eric Kripke. Eric Kripke developed the series for about 10 years initially envisioning it as a movie before developing it into a TV series. The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television together with Wonderland Sound and Vision. The pilot of the series was filmed in Los Angeles while the entire filming taking place in Vancouver, British Columbia and its environment.

The series was first broadcast on September 13, 2005 on The WB and features Jared Padalecki as Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester who act as brothers. The two brothers hunt ghosts, monsters and supernatural beings. 

Supernatural consists of 16 series with each season with a maximum of 23 episodes. In the first season, the father of Sam and Dean Winchester disappears during a hunting trip. This is after their mother perished in a fire that burned their house. This results in Dean meeting with Sam at Stanford University. Ideally, their father is a hunter of supernatural creatures which he has passed to his two sons. 

Along the way, the two brothers are on a mission of fighting creatures and ghosts while searching for their lost father. They help people and at a point Sam develop psychic abilities and visions. Along the way, they encounter a man who has similar abilities like Sam. The young man, Max Miller, has been in this condition for a long period that is uncontrollable.

The two brothers finally meet their father and he tells them that the he knows the creature that killed their mother. The creature is demon Azazel (Yellow Eyes) and the only way to kill him is by using a legendary gun created by Samuel Colt. At the end of the season, the two brothers and the father encounter an accident and lay in the Impala car in a pool of blood and unconscious.

Godfather of Harlem

Godfather of Harlem is an American crime drama television series written by Chris Brancato, Paul Eckstein and Moise Verneaux. It premiered on September 29, 2019 on Epix. It features Forest Whitaker as Bumpy Johnson, Ilfenesh Hadera as Mayme Johnson, who is the wife to Bumpy, Antoinette Crowe-Legacy as Elise Johnson, the daughter of Bumpy who is addicted to heroin and Nigél Thatch as Malcom X, an old friend of Bumpy. Besides, Malcom X is amongst the most prominent people in the Nation Islam.

The crime drama is based on a true story of crime boss Bumpy Johnson who returned from prison after 10 years and to his surprise finds his neighbourhood in shutters. The streets are under the control of Italian mob and Bumpy wants to control the neighbourhood he once ruled. To regain control, he has to deal with the Genovese crime family whereby he forms a coalition with Malcom X who is a preacher. He further has to take control of the mob war that is a threat to the city.

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