Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies, Episode 9 “What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?”

Hope has all her memories about Malivore, and it seems the Salvatore School is in possession of the 2nd key TO Malivore (the glowing urn), and Landon is the product of his mum being TRAPPED in Malivore. Nope, nothing messy to see here, right? Oh, and Landon is officially a student!

So, let’s see what “What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?” has in store for us!

Thirteen Things We Learned:

1) Bad Dude in a Suit is new to Triad, but he already has some high-level clearance . . .

And since Saylah’s name was on the back of the picture, he’s got a starting point for his search of the archives – and she discovers that Saylah was “absorbed” 20 years ago.

2) Again with the super-creepy intros, guys

Poor Pedro’s nightmares are CREEPY!!

3) Keeping things from Landon, even doing so to protect him from the loss of his mother . . . is GOING to backfire.

It’s just a matter of when, Hope. But I respect you not wanting him to feel the loss of his mother – you’ve felt that. I get it.

4) Falling asleep on your books is going around . . .

First, Alaric . . .

. . . then MG falls asleep with his comic book . . .

. . . which leads to this, for MG:

. . . and this for Alaric:

But, when both of them startle awake . . . there’s nothing there.

But, Rafael’s dreams seem to bring him . . . Hope. Or do they?

This guy’s screaming in his face, asking “Where is it?” and this chick telling him that he knows “what she wants.”

But, at least Rafael has some evidence that his dream might’ve just been a little more than a dream, with this huge welt on his arm.

But, at least that (and Rafael’s description of what he saw – leaving out the make-out sesh with Hope) gave Alaric some clues, that leads to . . . .

5) The “monster of the week” is a Night Hag.

She is a “malevolent spirit, trapped in the astral plane that can only interact with us through dreams.” Well, that explains a lot.

And, yes, MG that’s a lot like Freddy Krueger. As Landon quickly finds out, when the only way he can think to wake himself up is to stab himself with his pencil . . . and he wakes up, bleeding.

6) Landon finds something while trying to stay awake.

And he found something. It walks like a Night Hag and talks like a Night Hag, but it’s a Oneiari.

Which, according to Alaric is “a black winged, shape shifting dream demon from Greek Mythology.” And it’s disguising itself because if it pretends to be something else, it can’t be banished. So, the Oneiari is pretending to be a Night Hag, because the way you banish a Night Hag is NOT the way you banish an Oneiari.

7) The Scooby Gang all looks out for each other.

When Hope tells the gang that it’s time to fight, they all stay for each other, instead of bailing for the “evacuation bus.”

Landon stays because Hope’s staying. Rafael stays because Landon’s staying. MG is “one of the founding member of the Super Squad” so he’s not leaving. And Kaleb stays because MG’s staying . . . believe it or not! (But, he does tease MG first, by saying “no child left behind.” LOL)

8) Alaric steals the urn, under the premise of protecting the kids.

Which he tells Hope is because he’s “been kicking supernatural ass” since before she was born. However, when he passes this sign a SECOND time on his way out of town . . . he realizes something’s up:

Yep, something’s up alright . . .

He’s asleep at his desk.

9) Alaric figures it out, though.

And drives his dream Landrover into a telephone pole. “Rise and shine!” is what he yells as he does it!

10) All 4 Dream Warriors have some . . . interesting . . . nightmares.

Kaleb’s seem to be about some sort of vampire brainwashing “conversion therapy.”

Rafael’s seems to be about being treated like an unwanted dog . . chained to a tree, while he phases. At first, anyway. Then Hope shows up:

MG is confronted with his inner Ripper – after he makes out with a girl, her head falls off because he’s eaten her. But, it doesn’t end there. The camera pans back, and he’s eaten his way through a good portion of the school’s population.

The irony of such a sweet kid being a Ripper is equal parts funny AND heartbreaking.

Landon’s, at first, just looks like an abandoned classroom . . .

. . . until the walls start coming in, a la Star Wars and that garbage crusher. Remember, he doesn’t like small spaces.

The “Night Hag” had information for each of the Dream Warriors. To Kaleb, she said he was defending his vampire nature when he wasn’t completely sure he was in the right. To MG, she wants him to face his true nature – a Ripper. Rafael she calls the worst monster of all, because he wants his “brother’s” girl. And, Landon, she just seems to threaten him with the small spaces we know he doesn’t like . . . before he asks to see her face, then her TRUE face. When the Oneiari reveals himself, Landon lunges at him, and the Dream Warriors wake up.

11) Landon makes a super-sweet (and stubborn) speech to Hope . . .

. . . and the only response she could come up with was the right one.

12) The urn was in a SUPER SAFE spot, you guys.

It was under Hope’s pillow. Yep.

And now it’s on ‘Ric’s desk.

13) This guy uncovers a little witchcraft-mind-wipe.

He’s been “with the gas company,” “Dude in the Suit,” and now he’s “with child protective services?” And as even IMDb doesn’t have a character name for him, we’re just gonna have to call him something . . . how about The Cameleon? Too super-hero-y? I’m sticking with “Dude in the Suit” until we learn different.

But, when Dude in the Suit questions Rafael’s foster parents he discovers their responses about both Rafael AND Landon are eerily repetitive – they were both “lucky to be adopted by a wonderful family in Virginia.” When Dude in the Suit realizes they’ve “said all their able to say,” he’s invited in.

And now I’m worried about Rafael’s foster parents . . .



I’m glad we’re getting to see a little more of this guy!

#2 – MG does a presentation on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

But, Kaleb doesn’t like MG’s “tone” about “Big D!”

#3 – Alaric’s exasperated face.

He makes this face when interrupting Landon as Landon tries to tell him he’s found something out about the “Night Hag” that isn’t.

#4 – Alaric buckled in the urn!

And, for some reason, I can’t stop laughing about this.

#5 – Alaric’s “I just scared myself awake” face:

This episode was pretty cool – seeing the Super Squad all work together, for each other – but I’m not sure how a school can keep up the “normal” appearances when 80% of the school is camping out in the Lockwood mansion.

And . . . just exactly what monster are we going to get next?

Anyone kinda not missing the Josie/Lizzie dynamic?

Tune in next week to find out what the “monster of the week” will be this time . . . chasing after that Egyptian-looking urn.

Allison Smith

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