Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies, Episode 7 “Death Keeps Knocking on My Door”

It has, literally, been a month since this episode aired so having this recap done now seemed like decent timing!

Where we left off, before the extended holiday break, was . . . we had just met the Necromancer. He insisted that we should know who he was, that he is super powerful, and not just “witch fodder” in video games. However, Alaric’s shovel seemed to do the trick to knock him out, so . . . .just how powerful can he be?

Anyway, let’s get into this episode, shall we?

The Thirteen Things We Learned from “Death Keeps Knocking on My Door:”

1) Remembrance Day is still a thing.

If you’re a Vampire Diaries or The Originals fan, this doesn’t need explaining.

Remembrance Day is just what Hope says it is: it’s a yearly holiday in Mystic Falls where everyone pays homage to their dead friends and family members . . . or as Damon (I thin k?) once said, it’s now a day for folks to get drunk in memory of their dead friends and family members. Lol.

As you can imagine, Remembrance Day is going to be especially hard on our Hope – not to mention, Rafael.

2) Remember Cassie? You know, Rafael’s girlfriend that died due to his reckless driving – whose death triggered his werewolf curse? NOT SO DEAD!

Which, for any other show, might be surprising. But given the entire plot of “Mombie Dearest” was the twins’ bio mum coming back to life . . . this is just a regular Thursday, in Mystic Falls.

And, of course, the Necromancer had something to do with this. “Just a wrinkle of the nose,” he says and he brought Cassie back.

But why?

He wants the knife.

3) Torturing doesn’t work. And researching necromancy isn’t leading to “THE” Necromancer.

Apparently, necromancy runs rampant through occult literature (heck, even I knew that), but finding any specific mention to “THE” Necromancer isn’t turning up any leads. Just like all the other not-so-fantastic-beasts we’ve seen this season . . . they’ve been wiped from history.

But WHY?

The Stupid-Not-So-Stupid Knife.

THE Necromancer, too, believes that the dragon, gargoyle, arachnea, and dryad are only creatures that exist in fairytales . . . so he’s not the one who’s been erasing them from history either.

And his temper tantrum at Hope proving this to him is . . . epic.

4) When the Necromancer sees the symbol – he actually shrinks away from it.

Just to refresh your memory . . . this symbol has appeared twice now. The first time was when the dryad scratched it into the candle wax when Dorian and Alaric questioned her. The second time we saw it, it was a pendant around Landon’s mother’s neck.

The fact that the Necromancer not-quite-flinches away from it, calling it “the sign of the worst, existential nightmare, the ultimate Hell . . .” is probably NOT a good thing. He goes on to tell Hope that it’s the symbol of the thing they’ve been talking about, saying “it means no one remembers you, no one celebrates you, no one mourns you. Loosely translated, it means permenant death.”

5) Hope decides to access The Necromancer’s memories in order to find out who killed him.

Now, I know I’m not a super-powerful tribrid . . . but even *I* think that’s a SUPER BAD IDEA.

And the fact that The Necromancer asks if she’s got a “powerful vampire handy,” and then the camera cuts to MG struggling to lift weights . . . this idea just gets worse by the second.

6) When opening The Nercromancer’s mind, he also gets in yours.

And you just might end up in one of your father’s old haunts – Rousseau’s, in New Orleans. Hope’s a little shocked when she recognizes her surroundings.

7) What’s the line? “The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”


THIS devil’s greatest – and most heartbreaking – trick was convincing Hope (AND US, if only for a second) that her Dad was right behind her.

My heart broke with hers, too.

And then he accuses her of caring more about WHERE Klaus is, than where this Malivore is . . . and I’ll admit, I almost cried. I sooooooooo want to see Klaus again.

Add to that the fact that doorway into his subconscious mind is this empty coffin . . . this is going to be an emotional ride for Hope, I think.

Or not.

The Necromancer jumps in, and ditches Hope and MG, by jumping into his own subconscious and shutting the door behind him, leaving her and MG in the cell, and him seemingly catatonic in his chair.

Once Hope figures out she’s been ditched, MG helps her dive back in. While in his “bottomless pit of despair,” she tells THE Necromancer that she doesn’t need anything from him, that she’s come to terms with her Dad’s death. But MG witnesses the truth of that confession – Hope crying, and scared in the real world . . . as a knowing smirk creeps across the Necromancer’s face, his eyes turn white, and he begins to laugh.

It’s at that point that MG runs for help.

And it seems that when the Necromancer left Hope, he did manage to do some searching. He went back to the place where he died, and discovered he died . . . from being stabbed by the Stupid-Not-Stupid-Knife.

8) Rafael was more responsible for Cassie’s death than we knew.

At first, Cassie doesn’t remember much about the night she died. As she showered, things started coming back to her. She seems very resentful about the “fancy new school” that Rafael is in, and the things he has there.

Cassie goes on to claim that Raf didn’t just take the turn too fast (like he apparently always did), but that something MADE him drive too fast that night . . . and he doesn’t want to admit it, almost wolfing out in front of her when she presses him.

It turns out that, Rafael didn’t medal at the event he and Cassie were driving back from, and that wolfy anger started creeping out of Raf when he thought Cassie had been flirting with the kid who beat him. So, Raf picked a fight with Cassie on the way home, and – adrenaline pumping – took that curve too fast . . . again, resulting in the crash that killed her.

The werewolf gene is funny that way. It seems like it starts effecting you, BEFORE it’s actually triggered by you killing someone. It’s like it’s there, egging you on, so you’ll do something stupid that results in someone’s death.

Cassie’s not here to punish Raf, though – just like Jo wasn’t there to punish Alaric for anything. In Cassie’s case, she’s just there to make sure Rafael stays honest with himself about what happened.

9) MG makes a deal with the Devil . . . or, in this case, Kaleb.

After what happened with Hope, he thinks he needs human blood to be strong enough to . . . I dunno, fend off a Necromancer? MG, honey, I think you’re fine just the way you are!

But, a funny (or not so funny) thing happens when MG feeds from a human. This:

Our sweet MG . . . is a Ripper!

For those not familiar, a Ripper is a vampire that cannot control himself/herself when consuming human blood. Stefan Salvatore was a Ripper – before he converted to the bunny diet – and would feed so long and hard that he would decapitate his victims. And Klaus . . . well, Klaus LIKED this about Stefan.

Good thing the “chocolate fountain” (AKA Dorian) was around to save that poor human from MG!

And, if you didn’t already know from season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, Dorian’s father and little sister were killed by Stefan during one of his . . . Ripper rampages. (That’s why he takes Remembrance Day off every year.)

10) The Stupid-Not-Stupid-Knife is one of THREE locks holding Malivore – which was created to “wipe the scourge of the supernatural off the face of this earth” – closed.

Malivore, does indeed, mean permanent death. Every being that was sent there was left in Malivore to perish . . . until recently. Recently, the knife began calling to the beings there, asking to be brought home.

Decades ago, Malivore was contained. Three locks were put into place, in order to keep it so. The knife is one of those locks. When all three locks return home, Malivore can be opened again.

When Hope asks THE Necromancer what that means, he answers with “let’s just hope you’re not still alive to find out. “

Because that’s not creepy. AT. ALL.

11) Annnnnnnnd . . . THE Necromancer took over Cassie and had her steal the Stupid-Not-Stupid Knife.

When Hope was stuck in the blackness of THE Necromancer’s subconscious – and was therefore distracted – he used another part of his mind to take over Cassie’s.

But he’s not done with the confessions . . .

He ALSO summoned a Bennett witch to take the Stupid-Not-Stupid-Knife from Cassie and wisk it back off to Malivore.



Just in case you didn’t catch it in #11.

THE Necromancer . . . vanishes with a flourish (and a bow).

13) Landon’s in trouble.

Hope’s bracelet – Landon has a matching one – indicates that he’s in some kind of trouble.

And this showing up on ANYONE’S surveillance video is just plain bad news.

AND the fact that the person seemingly deleting said footage has the pictures of Landon’s mother . . . last seen in LANDON’S possession is ALSO probably not good.


# 1 – The writer’s are still rocking that creepy entrance thing!

Cuz nothing good can come from squishy feet and a stumbling person, walking RIGHT INTO THE FRONT DOOR!!!

I really worry about the security at this school. Alaric? I think it’s time to get some Supernatural School Resource Officers!

# 2 – Seeing Alaric like this . . .

# 3 – “Nobody likes Nazis.”

I’ll refrain from political statement here . . . but . . . if this guy doesn’t even like Nazis – that’s saying something.

# 4 – The Bunny Blood Diet vs The Human Blood Diet.

The Bunny Blood Diet – struggles to lift the weights.
The Human Blood Diet – does not.

I love seeing these little nods to the original story lines of Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

# 5 – MG and The Necromancer’s introduction is quite the laugh-out-loud moment.

Between MG’s “HOLY MARY MOTHER OF DEMONS” reaction to The Necromancer’s face and the Nercomancer’s snit over the Grim Reaper being a “carnival sideshow hack,” I was laughing so hard I cried.

I’ll cover it in my Snark post, but it is truly something you need to see for yourself.

#5 – Alaric uses his “Disappointed Daddy” face on Hope.

#5b – And Dorian has his own “dad” moment with Kaleb.

#6 – This moment broke my heart.

Hope writes her Remembrance Day letter to her father – echoing, but changing, what she said in the beginning. When she puts her letter with all the rest, out at the cemetery, for a split second, Alaric’s outline looks every bit of Klau’s,. And, once again, we’re reminded of just how much she (and I) wish he was there.

What an episode, right?!

With the Mali-pocaylpse 1/3 of the way here, and Landon in trouble, this week is surely going to jump us right back into the mele!

Tune in tomorrow night!!!

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