Thirteen Things We Learned From #Legacies, Episode 11 “We’re Gonna Need a Spotlight”

The jinni in last week’s episode really taught Lizzie a few things about herself, but too bad she’s not going to remember any of it. Oh, and it’s going to drive her crazy. Fun times!

Wonder what this week’s monster-of-the-week is going to be?! So, let’s get started!

Thirteen Things We Learned:

1) The monster of the week? A Unicorn!

You’ve heard the saying, right? It isn’t all unicorns and rainbows? Wellllll, this guy isn’t what you think of when you think “unicorn,” that’s for sure.

Especially when these ^^^ things start dropping from it’s ears . . . and then attaching to Hope’s boot . . .

. . . and then ^^^ it goes up Hope’s nose. That can’t be good.

And then it spreads to Josie, when Hope hugs her. (Yeah, that happened.)

And then Kaleb gets “wormed.”

2) Lizzie doesn’t like it when Josie flips the script on her.

After Josie gets the earworm from Hope, she wants to change the witches’ talent show routine. But, the witches have won every year with the routine Lizzie’s directing.

And I really think there’s something more to that bracelet Caroline gave Lizzie. Is it just me, or does it seem to shock her into being nice?

3) Rafael is having real issues with his feelings for Hope.

And it couldn’t show more than it does after she hugs him.

4) I don’t know what this means, but experience with TVD/The Originals tells me that when someone’s eyes glow . . . it isn’t good.

It isn’t the Hollow (see the last season of The Originals) blue, nor the werewolf yellow, but I still think it’s an issue.

But, it turns out that whatever this earworm is . . . it doesn’t like electricity. It pops right out of Hope’s ear when she gets shocked by the vent hood of the oven.

Turns out, the worm is bioluminescent, too. And, it leaves trails on (and around) the people it has infected.

5) The vampires put on a pretty good show!!!

6) Is this going to be a thing? Cuz, I could get behind it!

Alas, it looks like Emma just started seeing someone, but . . . I’m keeping an eye on these two.

And Emma’s karoke? You’ve gotta see it. #priceless

I think Alaric’s reaction says it all ^^^^^

And maybe they should’ve tapped Matthew Davis to play Elton John in that up-coming biopic? (I’m kidding, but omg that boa is hilarious)

The fact that Alaric isn’t actually infected by one of the slugs (which they find out when they shock themselves, and no slug leaves Alaric) leads to a hugely awkward (but adorable) moments between the two of them.

But, guess who the guy she “just started seeing” is?


7) Three words: Spoken. Word. Poetry.

Apparently, this is something that Rafael had promised Landon he wouldn’t do anymore. Now, is this the earworm? Or does he just need to get some stuff off his chest?

I guess that answers that, eh?

And the entire audience is infected, and come after Landon and Hope.

8) Yep. That bracelet of Lizzie’s is magic.

Initially, I thought that Caroline had somehow gotten the “shocking” bracelet to tone down her daughter’s snark, but, I was wrong. Lizzie spelled it herself, claiming she was trying to turn over a new leaf.

The shocks get worse with each mean thing she says. While maybe not the best choice for this twin’s jewelry box . . . but a good choice if you need to shock a bunch of people into rejecting their mind-control slug!

9) Yep. Josie’s infected.

Annnnd, she siphons some magic out of a poor sapling in order to open a doorway into the barrier spell that Hope put around the urn. Uh oh.

10) Josie got to be in the spotlight.

And she deserves every second. Beautiful song, beautiful girl, and a beautiful voice.

11) There’s just something about a guy and an acoustic guitar.

This little serenade you need to see for yourself.

He made Hope cry . . . and he very nearly got me, too.

12) Lizzie is unleashing her inner bitch.

Alaric’s face says it all, “SEND HELP!!!”

13) Alaric needs to check his bourbon glasses, before he pours . . .

If he had, he would’ve noticed that wonderful little sluggy hanging out in the bottom of it while he’s drinking and holding the danged urn.

And down the hatch it went.

And then he calls Emma, leaves a cryptic voicemail, and tosses the urn into the river.

Uh oh.


#1: More Crossbow Alaric!

#2 – Emma is kinda a badass:

Well, guys, I think things are about to get interesting. With that slug in his head, I think the Headmaster of the Salvatore School might have a personality adjustment . . .

And that could be quite entertaining.

Allison Smith

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