Thirteen Things We Learned From #Legacies 106 “Mombie Dearest”

Looks can be deceiving . . . it wasn’t alllllll party, allllllll episode last week, but lets give a little look back, shall we?

We got a little teaser (two weeks ago now) that, although he seems to be human, there is something more about Landon. Or at least his family. The Dryad that Dorian caught scratched the same symbol – in fear, while talking about a “dark pit” she called Malivore – that we see Landon’s mom wearing around her neck while holding baby Landon. 

Which brings me to this:  I’m starting to think that Julie Plec has some Mommy Issues. I mean, really. First there was The Originals’ mum, Esther, who meant well in the beginning (wanting to protect her children from death) and then went cukoo calling them “abominations” later on. Then there was Hayley. Reluctant bearer of a “magical witch baby” who ended up becoming the first ever tribrid. Hayley lived a tortured existence – bearing Klaus’s one-night-stand baby, marrying a man to bind the werewolf clans together when she loved Elijah (Klaus’s brother), learning the ins and outs of being part of the Mikaelson family, and then sacrificing her life to save Hope’s.

And now there’s the haunting questions revolving around Landon and, you guessed it, his mum.

But, wait, there’s MORE!!

The Monster of the Week this week is . . . the twins’ biological mother!!! But, she’s not a ghost. 

She’s “Mombie Dearest!”

Alright, let’s see what questions get answers, and which answers lead to MORE questions in last week’s episode.

   1) The Legacies folks are getting super good at creepy intros.

And also gives us a little peek into the relationship that Dr ‘Ric and Caroline have. The conversation we overhear is one where Alaric seems pretty frustrated with Caroline for not coming home for the twins’ 16th birthday.

But, yes, that is Jo.  In the wedding dress she died in, stabbed by her twin brother, Kai, as her and Dr ‘Ric stood at the altar.

   2) The twins’ shock at seeing their bio-mom is legit.

Josie is the first twin to figure it out, just as Jo gasps because she has, too.

Their initial shock is a little more controlled than Jo’s, when she learns that the Gemini magic implanted the twins in Caroline when Jo died. 

The girls introduce themselves, and you can tell that as soon as Josie says “Josie, Josette,” that her and Jo have a connection. Where it seems that Lizzie is more concerned with making sure that Jo knows just how very important the work Caroline is doing is to the school.

   3) Penelope is plotting . . . again.

After she confessed her loathing for Lizzie in last week’s episode – probably pushing Lizzie straight at Rafael given how emotionally raw the two were – Penelope continues to plot. She plans to keep Rafael away from Lizzie at the party, so that MG can “shoot his shot” at Lizzie.

But I don’t think either of them know just how far things went between Lizzie and Rafael.

After Hope gives Rafael a little lesson in fancy-dance-stuff, and they exchange a few barbs about each other’s choices in life, Penelope strikes again. This time, she sets up a barrier spell, trapping Hope and Rafael “for an hour,” and encourages them to continue to “practice that waltz.” Her motives for that particular move are not discussed. 

Penelope did promise to keep Raf from Lizzie during the party.  Interesting opportunity, I suppose

Later on, Penelope tries to hold MG to his side of the bargain – to give up on Lizzie if the opportunity Penelope gave him didn’t pan out – but they get interrupted by a dressed-for-the-party Hope . . . carrying a flashlight and a shovel.

   4) The magic lie-detector makes another appearance.

This time, Dr ‘Ric is using it on Jo . . . to find out who she really is. (Seems to be really Jo.) Josie presses Jo for details about Jo and Alaric’s courtship, and Jo confesses that she thought Alaric looked like Indiana Jones when they first met. (Seems to have all of Jo’s memories.)

Dorian and Emma are definitely suspicious of Jo’s return. Dorian tells them both of a group of WWI soldiers who were buried in France, came back, and destroyed an entire village. What’s worrysome about that?  Well, after the fact, they had very little memory of anything besides being “yanked back” to life . . . which is the exact way Jo described it. 

The key here, too, is that the soldiers had no idea they had been manipulated into massacring an entire village. They were legit dead people, brought back to life, and manipulated into action . . . without any knowledge of it. And no memory of it afterward. So, the lie detector isn’t just a fan of romance . . . Jo doesn’t know why she’s there. 

   5)  I have my suspicions about that necklace, from the second  it came out of that envelope.

And the fact that Penelope shows up, seconds after Josie opens it did not help.

Is that really Hope’s handwriting on that note? What person in their right mind in Mystic Falls would put on a random necklace even if they thought a friend had gifted it?! Come on, Josie, you have GOT to know better than this.


Turns out the talisman WAS made (and gifted) by Hope – to “make quiet things heard” which helped MG find Josie in the cemetery in amongst all the other noise.


   6) Reflections can reveal a lot about a . . . mombie.

Because that isn’t concerning . . . 

And Josie missed it, by seconds!! 

But she doesn’t miss it the second time.  Cuz, they’re walking and talking . . . and then:

Which you’d think as bad enough . . . and then:

And then Mombie Dearest charges Josie. 

See what I mean about Mommy Issues? Poor Josie finally feels like she’s connected with someone, and that happens?!

   7) MG saves the night. For Lizzie, at least.

He might’ve sorta, kinda, partially be behind the reason that Rafael wasn’t there, but he saved her some pretty public humiliation by whooshing to her side when Raf was a “no show.”

I think his attention to detail – in getting the witches to shower her with glitter confetti, and knowing her favorite, well, just about everything – took her aback.

But, is his attention to detail . . . stalker-y, or cute? I’ll let you decide that one!

But when Rafael finally shows . . . whether you think MG’s attention was stalker-y or not . . . Lizzie sure forgets all his efforts. And you can tell how crestfallen MG is – it is written all over his face. 

Lizzie’s face when Rafael tells her “last night was a mistake” isn’t much different . . . and seems to be the first time she notices that Josie isn’t there. 

   8) Jo tells Josie something we already knew – and, in fact, Penelope told her, too.

It actually comes in the form of a question.  “Does she (Lizzie) know you like him?”

She gives Lizzie too much. 

   9) Rafael gives Hope each other a much-needed new definition of what “family” is. 

Early on in the episode, Rafael tells Hope she needs a “crew.” 

Later on, Hope tells Rafael that she didn’t just send Landon away, she sent him down to NOLA to Marcel (we assume) so that they can work together to find Landon’s birth mom. Because family is “always and forever.”

Rafael agrees, but not in the way she thinks. He thinks, sometimes, you make your own family and advises her to “double-down on crew to make up for the family you don’t have.”  

He is so right, though. She’s holding onto this idea that was very central to The Originals – that family is absolutely everything. And it can be, sure. But, even that family was dysfunctional. 

Sometimes “crew” is the best family we can have. 

 10) The thing/demon/whatever that brought Jo back . . . has an Australian accent.

But there’s no indication of that until “Jo” speaks, after going zombie-eyes after confessing – as Jo – that she thinks she might’ve done something to Josie. It’s all in how it says “knife,” which of course it wants if Dr ‘Ric wants to know where his daughter is.

And, of course, Hope is the one that catches Dr ‘Ric in this compromising position – slamming random woman #1 up against a tree.

But Hope, once she’s collected a shovel and flashlight, only misses about half a beat asking both MG and Penelope for help finding Josie . . . who’s been buried alive in the cemetery. Which is about an eighth of the time it takes Penelope to agree to help, btw. 

 10B) Turns out, Josie isn’t the only thing stirring in the cemetery tonight . . .

. . . and Mombie Dearest isn’t the only zombie.

Not by a LONG shot.

 11) In desperation, Dr ‘Ric goes for the knife. But it isn’t where he left it. 

Nope, not there, buddy.

Dorian and Emma swiped it. 

Dorian’s fine with saving Josie, just trying to the voice of reason where the Stupid-Not-Stupid Knife is concerned. 

 12) The twins don’t know what happens to them on their 22nd birthday.

Now, if you don’t want a MAJOR SPOILER I suggest that you skip this number.  If you were a fan of The Vampire Diaries, then you already know. If you weren’t, then skip this!! If you weren’t, BUT STILL WANT TO KNOW, then read on!

The girls are Gemini Twins, descendants of the Gemini Coven, of which their mother, Jo, was a member.  The Gemini Coven of witches, had a tradition of how they chose their leader. A rather TWISTED tradition, actually.

Twins run in the Gemini Coven. And on the twins’ 22nd birthday, they must perform a ceremony known only as “the Merge.” This ceremony is how the Gemini Coven find their next leader. The only problem is, it also results in the death of one twin. A spell is cast that merges the magic of both twins, into one. The one that survives taking on all the other’s magic, lives to lead the Coven. The other? Well, the other withers and dies.

Yeah, not a fate that Alaric, Jo, and Caroline want for their girls. (Remember that reference earlier in the episode about a “psychotic twin brother?” Well, that was Kai – Jo’s twin. He had been imprisoned in a magical “prison world” after becoming a bit psycho after being treated badly for being a siphon (which was considered rather . . . ick) and because once he discovered that he could be the leader of the coven by, essentially, murdering his twin, he went on a murderous rampage and killed all his siblings. Well, he didn’t quite do the job completely on Jo, and another set of twins was born – Luke and Liv. 

So. Long story short, he escaped the prison world and killed Jo on her wedding day right before her and Alaric officially tied the knot, stabbing her multiple times in the lower abdomen because he was trying to kill the twins he knew her to be carrying . . . because he didn’t want any competition for the leadership role. The twins were magiced into Caroline at the time of Jo’s death in order to save their bloodline.

Now, you’re all caught up. If you REALLY want ALL the details, though, I suggest watching seasons 6 through 8 of The Vampire Diaries

 13) And who in the Hell are you?

Apparently, he is The Necromancer:  The Bringer of Life and Death, He Who Holds Fate’s Threads, The Cursed God of the Underworld.

And he’s super offended by Dorian’s assertation that he’s “low-level witch cannon-fodder,” but when Alaric swings a shovel at his head . . . he goes down pretty easily.

Or does he? Guess we’ll find out Thursday!


#1: Hope is adorable when gushing over Landon.

I love what she says about his voice. “Low, but smart-sounding. And kinda soothing.” Hahaha.

It was so out of character, that babble-fest, that I thought for a second Emma had put something in Hope’s drink!

   #2 Alaric really thought a locked door would keep the twins out?

As you’d expect, 2.5 seconds after sensing he’s lying about why his office door is locked . . . they magic the doors open.

And Josie uses the same trick later, to ask Jo if she knows how to braid after Penelope reads Josie the riot act about spending too much time helping Lizzie get ready, and not enough time on herself. 

   #3 Lizzie knows how to make an entrance.

I mean, first there was the “entrance” when they arrived at Mystic Falls high school, and then there was this one. Girl’s got game. I’ll give her that.

   #4 MG’s got moves.

  #5 Hope may be adorable when gushing about Landon, but these two are kinda cute together, too.

Which won’t cause any drama.  At all.  EVER.

Just like Josie’s interest in MG won’t either. 

  #6 I was ok, until Alaric lost it. 

I won’t say this was the hardest goodbye in the TVDThe OriginalsLegacies universe – because there will always be probably two that rank higher for me – but it was a toughie, nonetheless. 

Parting Thoughts:

This episode held some serious emotional weight – more so, I think toward the end when Jo was saying goodbye to Alaric and the girls – but it showed us the range of this (mostly) kids bringing these characters to life. It was kinda epic.

What questions do we come away with, though?

Well, there’s a few. First, WE know that Josie likes Rafael, Lizzie likes Rafael, but Rafael seems to prefer Josie . . . or is it Hope? And MG likes Lizzie, Penelope HATES Lizzie, but still seems to like Josie (and the feeling seems to be mutual). But, THEY don’t all know ALL of that. 

And none of us know what Landon is – or Landon’s mother is, or was. And that Necromancer dude didn’t seem all that tough, if he was indeed taken down by a shovel wielded by a human.


When has ANYTHING even been what it seems in Mystic Falls?

Allison Smith

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