Thirteen Things We Learned From #Legacies 104 “Hope is Not the Goal”

Thirteen Things We Learned from Legacies 104 “Hope is Not the Goal”

Have you recovered from the turkey coma yet? How about all the shopping?

Well, I hope you have because Legacies is back TOMORROW folks. And, when last we left them, there was something LARGE outside the gates of the Salvatore School and it was ANGRY! Or was it just protecting the school?

I mean, either way, it has done some major damage and it going to cost someone an insurance claim . . . . and it seems that Sasha and Dana got snatched by whatever it was, too. And, yes, they were snatched just outside the school gates. THAT can’t be too good for that whole publicity thing, can it?

But, never the less, let’s see if we can learn just what exactly it was before we start the post-turkey episode that airs tomorrow.

So let’s get started, shall we?

  1) So, MG dreams about The Flash  villain GRODD?

One second he’s dreaming of GRODD, then he wakes up hearing him growl on campus.

But wait. Ghost Face, too?

Nope.  Still dreaming!

  2) Matty Blue!!!!

Even though two Mystic Falls High School kids are missing, it is always super great to see Matt Donovan!

Which bring me to:

  3)  Sure, the “guise of an exchange program” is gonna go off without a hitch . . .

Especially when the newly-sainted Lizzie is the first to “volunteer as tribute” and Alaric has given them permission to “compel them and collect materials for locator spells.”  MG goes along to keep an eye on Kaleb – the second to volunteer – and Hope volunteers because she wants to know what it’s like to be “normal for a day.”

Yeah, nothing untoward is gonna happen . . . #sarcasmfont

Oh yeah, and Landon’s going with them.

  4) Well, Dana didn’t skip out to party this time.

Matty Blue sees the marks on her neck and deems the cause of death to be a vampire bite.

Uh oh, Kaleb . . . you just might be found out at this point.

But, no, Kaleb didn’t do it. There’s someone else hunting the teenagers of Mystic Falls High.

  5) This is Jill. Her friendship with Dana “doesn’t define her.”

(No, it totally does.)

And she’s resistant to MG’s compulsion! Or is she?

MG thinks Lizzie is HOT! (Even in polyester!!!! * GASP *)

  6)  MG is a horrible liar.

And while Alaric doesn’t seem to catch it, Lizzie sure does.

  7)  TFW, you go to put a 17-year-old girl’s body in a body bag . . . and her body isn’t where you left it:

Oh, Matty Blue . . . don’t you know better than to leave a “suspicious death” body unattended???? You have lived in Mystic Falls your entire life, haven’t you Matty?!

Which means that . . . you guessed it . . . someone turned Dana into a vampire.

Oh boy.

  8) Alpha Dog (Jed) is really pushing this whole “initiation” thing.

When you’re given two options – submit, or bleed and then submit – that aren’t really great . . . maybe you should get the adults involved, Rafael.

Because, I really don’t think that that’s the way a pack should work.

  9)  Evidently, the school itself is magic.

When Rafael needs help, Josie puts her hand on the wall to siphon magic to use on Alpha Dog Jed and his cronies so they’ll stop beating him up.

And Raf thanks her by snapping at her – literally – and telling her to stay away from him.

High School sucks, man.

 10) Not only is Dana in transition, there’s something else going on with her, too.

And whatever it is, it has something to do with spiders? Or something else that made this weird spiderweb show up on MG’s hand.

In the words of Ron Weasley, “Why does it have to be spiders?”

And, you’ll notice also on MG’s right hand is what appears to be his Daylight Ring. Not really a relevant thing, I just like that there’s some continuity to the original story.

No, Landon, that’s not normal for a vampire in transition . . .


Just exactly what is going on here?

 11) Ummmm . . . looks like Mystic Falls has a spider issue.

I’m talking like an Agragog-sized spider issue. Holy moly!

Guess what?

Josie and Rafael found Sasha . . .

And then Rafael and Josie get stuck in the web, too.

Somebody call Orkin!!!! There’s a serious pest issue here.

 11) When you can’t get your hands free, you can only use the magic you can siphon from someone/thing else, the next best thing is to use your lips, right?

I’m sure it helps that you wanted to kiss the guy, anyway, but still.

 12) I don’t know what’s going to happen between Landon and Hope, but they sure do pick some pretty spots to have those “deep” talks.

Landon doesn’t know why he was drawn to the Stupid-Not-Stupid Knife. He doesn’t know why any of this is happening. What he does seem to know is that a) he wants to spend time with Hope and b) he knows just what to say to her, to hurt her. And he does. But, honestly, she kinda deserves it. But he also deserves the lack of trust he’s getting.

So, these two are perfect for each other!  :-P

 12) Josie is right, they really do need to be teaching “offensive magic” at the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted.

She makes a good point to her Dad with this one. Hope used “offensive magic” to save them from the spider. The fact that these “story book” monsters are around are proof that Alaric can’t protect them from everything . . . and her argument is that learning “offensive magic” is the only way they can protect themselves.

Viva la revolution!!!

 13) “Come on home, Dorian,” Alaric said, “looks like there’s nothing coming after you and the knife after all.”

Yeah, that’s not nothing, Alaric . . . .

That’s some slick Oil Monster Thingy.

And it doesn’t look friendly.


 #1:  These two are super adorable together. But . . .

Alpha Dog Jed needs to back off!

But once Rafael tells the werewolf pack about the accident that triggered his werewolf curse, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of “submitting” going on. Just a bunch of guys throwing around a medicine ball.

Why threaten Rafael – and beat him up – just to find out how he triggered his curse? Why go through all that? Why make it seem like Raf was giving something up in return?

I will never understand teenagers. (Unless, of course, there ends up being more to that.)

 #2 The number of people that run to that abandoned house to “let loose” has increased by one – Rafael.

 #3 Landon had one HELLUVA day.

The poor kid is having a rough day. (Not to mention Connor’s current issue. But, he’s a bully, so do we really care?)

Can you imagine finally getting back at the bully of your High School . . . and then that ^^ happens to his face?

Landon is having a Matt-Donovan-in-High-School day.

It would seem that Kaleb (and possibly MG, Hope, and Lizzie) seem to think all of these monsters have something to do with him. Until he brought them the skin of what used to be Connor, I think they thought it WAS him.

 #4 Fire pisses it off.

Nope.  You won’t like it when it’s angry.

(And it makes a real mess when it gets vanquished. Think EPIC squish.)

 #5 Charmed flashbacks.

Like, seriously, Power of Three vibes alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over this!!

Of course, with the reboot . . . I guess its less a “flashback” and more a “mirror?”

These three aren’t Orkin, but they sure got rid of that thing.

 #6 The Salvatore School made a bit of a decision for its vampire students.

Now, we know that Kaleb had been munching on Dana. But, it seems he was doing it because he doesn’t like the “provided” food from the school.


Well – to borrow a term from Twilight – the school has decided all of its vampire students should be vegetarian. Kaleb claims all the provided blood is Stefan’s old “bunny diet.”

But as he’s currently residing in the “witch dungeon,” he might just have to get used to eating vegetarian if he wants to stay.

 #7 Sheriff Donovan and Dr Saltzman have a little showdown.

The Sheriff is not impressed by Kaleb’s feeding on the cheerleaders of Mystic Falls High School.  But if the Sheriff threatens the Doctor’s kids . . . the Sheriff might be the one in trouble.

This is something we need to keep an eye on, me thinks.

So, Guardian Gargoyle’s purpose was to protect humans, right?

What’s Oil Monster’s purpose? Is he after the knife? Is he protecting the knife? There’s no doubt that he’s connected to the Stupid-Not-Stupid Knife, but how or why?

And is there a connection between Landon and all the story book monsters that have been appearing? What’s his role in all this?

Let’s all tune in tonight and see what answers we can get!

Allison Smith

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