Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies 103 “We’re Being Punk’d, Pedro”

Thirteen Things We Learned from Legacies 103 “We’re Being Punk’d, Pedro”

Alright, so, the Stallions gave the Timberwolves a run for their money in the annual flag football game . . . which they weren’t supposed to do. They also kinda started a huge brawl after the game . . . which I’m sure they also weren’t supposed to do. Lizzie used her powers at least once, as did Caleb . . . which they weren’t supposed to do.

Who else has a feeling – without reading the episode synopsis anyhow – that this episode is going to be allllllll about detention, or some sort of punishment, at least?

But what about that glow-y eyed gargoyle and Alaric’s concern that he can’t protect these kids from things that aren’t supposed to exist!  (Like dragons!! And possibly live gargoyles?)

Let’s get started, shall we?

1) FLASHBACKS!!!!!  You guys KNOW I LOVE a good flashback!

2)  He’s called “The Guardian.”

I’m calling him Gargoyle Guardian.

But, is he a Good Guardian or a Bad Guardian?  That’s my question. Would be object to me calling him GG?

I mean, he seemed to be effective guarding the stupid-not-stupid knife from those French witchy types, but I’m still not sure of his motivation at that point.

And, later on in the episode he takes a little walk into the school.

3) I knew we hadn’t seen the last of Rafael and Landon!

Which kinda brings us to what I’m going to call 3B:

Landon says he felt as though the stupid-not-stupid knife wanted him to steal it.  Now, Rafael’s love of his brother clearly knows know bounds, but even with what he’s seen in the last few days . . . he doesn’t quite buy that.  Why is that such a stretch to believe?!

4) Kaleb clearly believes that “supernatural is better,” and while I can’t knock that philosophy . . . when did the supernatural never benefit from having us Muggles around?

There’s almost always the token human around to do or say something that helps the supernaturals out, right? Or they discover something, or are some key piece to the puzzle?


We’re not completely useless, right?

(And I do, sincerely, apologize for mis-spelling your name last week, Kaleb!!  I am, unfortunately, only human!)

We’re not completely useless, because we’re food . . .

5)  The Stupid-Not-Stupid Knife (yes, it warrants capitals at this point) is indestructible!

That’s not water its sitting in, that’s Hydrochloric Acid. Turns out, Alaric has tried blowing it up, melting it with a welding torch, and even running over it with his truck.

This thing isn’t going away any time soon.

6)  When a statue attacks you, especially this gargoyle called The Guardian, you start to turn to stone . . .

7)  There may be a lot of tension and jealousy between the twins and Hope, but the “you poked yourself” joke during the Mystic Falls Square clean-up day was a cute moment of levity between Josie and Hope.

And here’s to hoping that they can find a way to keep getting along!

8)  Someone is spying on Landon and Rafael.

But, of course, their cellphone couldn’t possibly tell us who he’s reporting to . . . could it?

And they are good at cryptic:

Don’t they know that defacing currency is a felony?

And, apparently . . . have tranq guns.

9)  Magical border around the school grounds . . . useful.

Unless you’re this guy, anyway.

Turns out, Lizzie set up the containment spell so that the Gargoyle Guardian didn’t make it out into the world.  That girl, I tell ya.

10)  Be careful what you compel someone to tell you, lest your own motives be revealed.

A lesson MG learned in asking Dana if she was really hot for him.  Turns out, she’s trying to make Connor jealous . . . just like he’s trying to get to Lizzie.

11)  When you get tranq’d, and chained to a tree . . . just hope its this guy that finds you.

For those of you who don’t know, this guy is Jeremy Gilbert.  He’s a vampire hunter, and Elena Gilbert’s baby brother. Elena was kinda the heart of the TV series The Vampire Diaries, and Jeremy’s finding out he was a hunter was pretty interesting . . . when his sister became a vampire. And, then she was human again, but that’s a WHOLE ‘NOTHER STORY we don’t have time for here.

He’s a good guy.  All you need to know, for now.

Oh, and he works out.

And he has some advice for our boys . . . don’t use your powers in public. It attracts the wrong type of attention – the werewolf hunter type. (That’s who chained the boys up in the woods.)

12)  Um. Gargoyle Guardian can’t hurt Alaric?

When Hope hands him the Killing Gargoyles 101 book (actually French Folklore), Alaric says he has a theory about why the Gargoyle Guardian let him live when the big guy stole the Stupid-Not-Stupid knife from him.  Something in his research told him that the Guardian wouldn’t hurt him.

And that something is that this Gargoyle Guardian swore to never hurt humanity. He loved the humans under his protection so much that he took that vow, so Alaric knew the Gargoyle wouldn’t hurt him as opposed to Hope.

But, that’s not much comfort to Josie who just watched her father, literally, put his life before Hope’s by stepping in front of her when Gargoyle Guardian attacked.

I think that jealousy might just be back. Sorry, Hope. You guys did make a good team.

13)  There is something in the woods outside the Salvatore School.

And, whatever it is, just might owe Dana a new car . . . if it lets her live.


#1 Alaric’s thinky face:

Or is that his concerned Dad face? Or his Thinky Concerned Dad face? Either or.

#2 More of a question:  WHO IS THIS ADORABLE LITTLE GUY?!!!  And can I pleeeeeeeease adopt him?

And, yes, I know his name is Pedro.  But who is he?

I would like to see more of this little guy!

#3  We hadn’t really seen the twins’ siphon powers, until this episode.

We know that Jo (the twins’ mom) had a twin brother – Kai – and we know that he was a sipher (as in he siphoned magic from other people) and we know that Lizzie and Josie are witches. We saw their hands glow when they stacked hands with their team in the flag football disaster.

Little Pedro loans Lizzie some magic to attack The Guardian when he breaches the front door of the school.

And it looks like Josie siphons some magic off of Hope when they work together in #12.

#4 Gargoyle Guardians have no respect for school property.

I mean, really, dude. What did that wall do to you?  Huh?

#5 The look on Josie’s face when MG hands her the brownies he had made for her.

She took notice . . . and she didn’t even know that he’d been making out with her arch enemy, Dana.

#6  These boys.

As bonded as Lizzie and Josie, without being the slightest bit related.

Sometimes the world helps you pick your family, when you don’t have one of your own . . . for whatever reason. You hear that, Hope?

Alaric gives a very good speech at the end of the episode – one that reminds me of McGonagall’s speech right before the Battle of Hogwarts – and I hope it has the same rallying effect. Because whatever is out in the woods means business, and this monster doesn’t seem to have the same protective feelings for humans as our dearly departed Gargoyle Guardian.

There were other little Hogwarts Easter Eggs (if you will) in this episode:  the floating letter, summoning those to be punished to the Headmaster’s office and, in some ways, even Guardian Gargoyle paid homage to the statues coming alive to protect the castle in the Battle of Hogwarts.  Were there any other little Hogwarts Easter Eggs that you saw, and I missed?

And . . . we’ve gotten some throw-backs to The Vampire Diaries as well, with the “epic moment” comment last week and Jeremy’s appearance this week – and, of course, Sheriff Donovan’s appearance early on. But when are we gonna see Caroline? Josie admitted that Lizzie really misses her, and I’m sure she does, too. I admit, Mystic Falls isn’t quite the same without her.

But – and I think this might be just a little more pressing of an issue, at least for Dana – what exactly is lurking in the forest outside the school?

Tune in tonight, and hopefully we’ll find out!

Allison Smith


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