Thirteen Things We Learned from #Legacies Episode 10 “There’s a World Where Your Dreams Come True”

After the Squad vanquished the dream demon, one can’t help but wonder what’s going to come after the urn next. Especially with this “monster of the week” format, which I’m kinda loving (mostly because it reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

So, let’s just dive on in, shall we?

And, honestly, I cannot WAIT to see what gets us to this ^^^ !!!!

Thirteen Things We Learned:

1) You really need to think about the number of times you say “I wish” in a day.

And just hope that she’s not lurking in the room when you slip and say it.

Especially, when you really think you mean it. (Lizzie, I’m looking at you.)

Cuz ^^ that’s ^^ not worrisome. At all.

2) Apparently, Hope never coming to the school = it goes to crap.

Well, if you think about it, Klaus did send Caroline a pretty hefty check for the school. If Hope never comes, that check never comes, and housekeeping apparently goes by the way-side.

Even Caroline’s recruiting is effected. Alaric and the twins have to resort to scouring newspapers for strange occurrences to find new students. And, apparently, some of them don’t pan out.

But even Lizzie’s great idea, doesn’t keep Hope away. Her locator globe points them right to . . . you guessed it . . . Hope.

3) And Hope is a LITTLE different without the guidance of the Salvatore School.

Let’s just say she’s a little more like her Daddy, with a dash of Ripper – just for fun.

Lizzie really needs to work on the specificity of her wishes.

4) When Lizzie wishes the Salvatore School away . . . this get even more complicated:

As in, Josie is the popular and stylish one, and Lizzie sits in the back seat . . . and Dad’s a little “day drunk” and overweight.

5) Damon, Elena, and their children get more than one shout-out.

First, Damon gets mentioned when Lizzie realizes that Klaus’s donation to the school doesn’t come without Hope.

And then Stefanie Salvatore gets mentioned when Josie gets mad because Lizzie hasn’t stolen Alaric’s “magic watch” (given to him by Damon) yet because Josie needs it to siphon the magic from it to show Connor she’s a witch.

6) This Bizzaro-World is . . . bizarre:

And Bizzaro-Josie is freakin’ scary.

7) Bizarro-World has a Mikealson Boarding School:

And the Squad comes to the rescue when magic is exposed.

8) Oh, Lizzie, be careful what you wish for!

Judging my all those wanted posters . . . I’m not sure this is a reality that you want either.

9) In at least 2 of these wish-realities, Klaus is still alive.

The first mention of Klaus still being with us (be still my poor, dead heart) is when the Mikaelson Boarding School Squad more-or-less hijacks Alaric from Mystic Falls High.

The second come from when we realize that everyone else’s eyes are scratched out – meaning they’re dead – but Klaus’s poster remains untouched.

And, he’s on the front page of the newspaper as an enemy of the state – those aren’t usually dead people.

10) Lizzie learns the fate of her & Josie’s 22nd birthday.

In one of these wish-realities, Lizzie comes upon a vigil. Turns out, it’s Josie’s. Alaric later explains to Lizzie what happens on the Gemini Twins’ 22nd birthday – the merge. And it seems, in this reality at least, Lizzie found out about it, and killed Josie when she had one of her “episodes.”

But will she remember this information when she comes back into her own reality?

11) The answer is, “no.”

She won’t remember the merge when she gets back. And, if the jinni is to be believed, Lizzie’s mind won’t be quite right either.

12) The jinni can’t do anything she isn’t wished to do.

Lizzie realizes in the middle of the battle between the humans and the supernaturals – in the 3rd wish-world – that the jinni couldn’t take the urn when it was right in front of her, because that’s her curse. She can’t do anything she isn’t wished to do. Which is my she tries to “break” Lizzie into wishing the urn into her possession.

13) Alaric and Caroline don’t seem to be getting anywhere, finding a solution to the Merge.

And, it looks like Alaric might be researching the ascendant – could he be thinking about creating (or opening) a prison world?

Are they considering bringing Kai back? Or contacting him?

There are 1,234,567,440 reasons why that’s one Hell of a bad idea.


#1 Alaric and his crossbow!

I will NEVER get tired of seeing him with that weapon. I love me some Crossbow Headmaster Daddy.

And we get him TWICE in this episode!

#2 I think I fear her “judgy” more than I do Santa’s:

#3 Lizzie’s “episodes” are larger than life:

#4 Pedro!

The littlest member of the Mikaelson Boarding School Squad . . . who’s in control of the chopper!

#5 The close-up of the newspaper with Klaus and Caroline on the front:

I had to take a screenshot of a screenshot to get it, but check out the nonsense article!!! (I LOVE catching little things like this!!!!)

That’s it!

I’ll admit, I teared up when I realized that Klaus was alive in a couple of these realities. Just knowing that he was still a part of a world – even one that isn’t real – made me just a little happier. Too bad that the reality we live in . . . isn’t one of those. And, it’s probably for the best, honestly.

And, how soon do you think it’s gonna be before Lizzie’s doing more than just keeping Pedro up past his curfew and then forgetting why?

I can see the research into the Ascendant, and Kai, and Lizzie’s impending insanity . . . all converging into something really bad.

But, let’s not forget the up-coming monster of the week, either!

Allison Smith

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