Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.12 “The Tale of Two Wolves”

Albeit accidentally, Hope caused a human’s death therefore triggering her werewolf gene.

Davina confessed to Klaus that there’s no spell to cure Hope of The Hollow’s corruption.

Freya and Keelin got married! The Original family was together again! We got a sweet flashback of Hayley and Not Elijah – where their connection was evident, even when he didn’t know who she was. Not EVERYthing was complete doom and gloom.

There’s only two episodes left . . . and we gotta figure out how Hope gets “fixed” so she can carry on into Legacies when it starts in October.

But, first, we gotta deal with that whole full moon thing. And Klaus has a plan. One that involves Mystic Falls. And Caroline.

Here we go!

1)   Marcel tells Elijah that Hope’s turning is going to be what kills her. Even trying to bind her would just kill her faster. And, Klaus is listening. So, he decides to do something rash. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. No one? Yeah….

2)   Cheerleaders are cooler with magic – hoola-hoops that turn into fireworks.

3)   Caroline calling Klaus the new janitor “Bob” is priceless. But, then this Klaroline shipper is just tickled that they’re together again. Their snarking warms my heart like warm brandy on a cold day.

4)   Seeing Katherine’s picture and Stefan’s journals in a display case is awesome. Truly #TVDForever.

5)   Klaus wants Caroline’s girls to siphon off The Hollow out of Hope . . . and put it into himself. (Remember that “rash” thing I said he was going to do?!)  He wants her to then chain him up, encase him in cement, and then sink him in the deepest ocean – like Caroline’s friends threatened to do back on TVD.  Klaus promises that no harm will come to her daughters, he just wants to save his. He begs. It pulls my heart strings.

6)   And we get a glimpse of Matt Donovan’s park bench!!

And Elena’s Medical Practice!

The “Decade Dance” at Mystic Falls High is still a thing!!

7)   Elijah telling stories of Mikael’s abuse of Klaus to Hope is supposed to garner some sympathy in her. I’m not sure it does, but its a cute scene.


And Landon’s assumption that Elijah’s last name is Marshall is an adorable blunder.  (And we’re introduced to the “Matt Donovan” of Legacies!!)

Hope knows that turning is going to kill her – that’s why she refuses Landon’s invitation to go to the concert with him. She’s known this whole time!

8)   Hope feels as though she’s a “loophole baby” that should’ve never happened in the first place. She feels as though the Universe has been trying to kill her since before she was born, to reset the balance of nature that she sent out-of-whack. The fact that she confesses this to, perhaps, the person she hates most in the world is quite interesting. Elijah has an answer for her, though.  “No one is a mistake, Hope.”

The cool thing about Uncle Awesome Scruff letting Hope drive?  They let some bullies (namely a dude named Connor – who I’m gonna call Tyler the Second)  have a taste of their own medicine by turning all the glass in his car to ice (that they were pelting Landon with at the Grill) and shattering it.  And Elijah is clearly impressed. We almost got a smirk. ALMOST.

9)   Alaric still has some of the best lines. (Josh will always be Number One in the Snark Hall-of-Fame, but after the Voldemort comment . . . . he’s Number Two.)

10)   Klaus doesn’t intend to survive taking in The Hollow. He’s produced a White Oak stake from somewhere, and intends for someone to drive it through his heart before they incase him in concrete and sink him.  Davina broke the bonds of the sire line back in season 3 (3.14 “A Streetcar Named Desire”) so that means all of our favorites are safe.  We think.  Unless there’s a plot hole.

11)   The fact that Klaus isn’t the “Big Bad Wolf” anymore, is clearly causing Caroline some distress. (God, I love those two together . . . )

12)   Hope saying over and over again, before collapsing into Elijah’s arms, that she just wants her mom made me sob. (For those of you Constant Readers, you know that my mum passed recently, so that’s an open wound for me.)

And then Hope seems to go to somewhere . . . and sees Hayley. Wait. The Other Side is gone. So, this is Hayley’s peace? With Jackson? And all the other wolves?  That’s kinda cool. And, technically, Hope is dead at this moment, and it makes sense that she should be part of Hayley’s peace, and that Hayley would be part of hers.

And JACKSON!! In case you missed that.

But what does Hayley ask Hope to do for her? Hmmmmm?

She told Hope to tell Elijah that she’s still “holding out for that dance.” And that WRECKS Elijah. TO PIECES.

13) Elijah ain’t having this Klaus-sacrificing-himself thing.  Maybe because Hope told him that Hayley’s waiting for that dance, maybe because he still feels allllllllllllllllllllllll the guilt about his part in her death, maybe because he truly believes Hope will save them all, I don’t know. But they fight. As only they can. But Klaus wins this one, and leaves Elijah unconscious on the rug . . . as he goes to kill himself for his daughter.

Klaus takes Hope outside, under the moonlight, for her first change. Hayley would’ve wanted it that way. He talks her through the change, tells her to run wild and free, and that he’s proud of her . . . as The Hollow leaves her, and heads for the circle the twins are in. Hope is a very pretty, white wolf.

Elijah wakes to find himself locked up where Hope should’ve been, the sounds of a wolf massacring people outside. He does what he does – breaks the door open – does up his suit jacket’s button, and walks out.

Klaus comes to the circle, finds Caroline isn’t there, and Alaric tells him that she just “couldn’t watch you die.”

The Hollow enters Klaus, as Elijah tries – and fails – to jump in the circle with him. The ritual’s complete, Alaric gathers the girls, and Klaus goes to stake himself, while Elijah begs him not to.


#  1:  Elijah is a GREAT tipper, especially when someone else shorts you $7.00.

#  2:  Yes, Alaric holds a grudge. Perhaps deservingly so, but still.

#  3:  Elijah and Hope on a park bench in Mystic Falls is ALMOST as cool as Klaus and Elijah on a park bench in New Orleans. ALLLLLLLMOST. It is, however, hella cute!

#  4: There’s an ALMOST Klaroline kiss. There’s some nose squishing and foreheads touching, but that’s all we got, folks. Stupid clock tower bells . . . and dying daughter insues! (Just kidding, no hate email, please.)

The way Caroline looks at Klaus as he watches Hope dance with Landon tells me there’s more to their story. Maybe only in the realms of fanfiction, maybe in the realms of Legacies (PLEASE JULIE!) but there is definitely more to their story.

#  5:  Hope telling Klaus that she’ll see him after . . . and him lying to her face about it . . . I am truly gutted. And I am not going to survive this last episode.

The preview for the last episode leads me to believe that Klaus doesn’t actually stake himself, but it seems his funeral is forthcoming. I’m not sure I can deal with this.

Its been one Hell of a year for me – the matriarch of my family died, my siblings and I are warring for no good reason – but seeing all of them;  Kol, Rebekah, Marcel, Elijah, Freya, Keelin; together gives me just a sliver of hope that we’ll get through this. I just hope it doesn’t mean one of us has to die to get that. These characters portray a lot of what my own family is going through – save the witches, werewolves, vampires – and I’m just not ready to let one of them go. Not now. Not ever.

I refuse to believe that Klaus is leaving us.  Julie, pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase find a way out of this for him.

Always and forever.

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