Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.13 “When the Saints Go Marching In”

This is it. The last episode. Ever.

And I know it aired a while ago, but – true confessions here, folks – I am a TRUE procrastinator when it comes to watching the last episode of a show I love. I recorded the last episode of Buffy on VHS (yes, I am that old) and . . . wait for it . . . I didn’t watch it for SIX MONTHS. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t face it. I couldn’t deal.

This episode, I actually watched the night it aired . . . in perhaps the worst hotel I have ever stayed in, in Covington, Georgia, after getting soaked and frustrated at the poor planning of the Finale Event by the Visitors Center folks, the Vampire Stalker folks, and whoever else was in charge but won’t admit it now that the event is over. After getting up at 5am, leaving the house at 6am, driving for 5 hours (a trip that’s only ever supposed to take 4, but getting through Atlanta always takes longer) and standing in line for 6.5 – I got everyone’s autograph I paid for, save Matt Davis’s (he was filming, and the rain delayed him, too) – and the stars I did see were wonderful.

I don’t tell you all that to throw the “organizers” under the bus, or to vent my frustrations, but to give you an idea of the exhaustion I was feeling during that first viewing. Hell, my daughter fell asleep. After meeting her crush (Daniel Gillies) for a second time, I figured she’d be bouncing off the walls for hours, but, nope. She was out by 9.15.

So, largely, I watched by myself. I cried by myself.

That allllllll being said, let’s get started, shall we?

We know that Inadu Hollow is reeking havoc on our favorite teenager – my daughter reminds me that SHE is my favorite teenager – sorry, SECOND favorite teenager, and that there seems to really be no hope for Hope.

And as much as I wanted there to be a happy ending . . . like the wonderful Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf), Julie Plec has a bit of a warped sense of what that means.

And, check out what my DVR says is the episode teaser: “Klaus’ (which I’ll note here is the PLURAL POSSESSIVE form of Klaus – didn’t know there was more than one!) plan for saving Hope will change the lives of the Mikaelson family forever.” And the picture is its own foreshadowing . . .

So, let’s go!

1) The very first scene is perhaps the best “uh oh, I’ve been caught doing something bad” scene I’ve seen in a while. Klaus really does look as though he’s been caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar, doesn’t he?

And, Hope putting the witchy whammy down on him is just that teenaged kind of awesome that you can’t get at any other age.

2) Because Inadu Hollow feeds on anger, and Klaus has “enough to set the world on fire,” his prognosis isn’t days . . . but hours. And Hope doesn’t want to hear it. (And neither do I!)

3) With this being the finale, I expected a few familiar faces to make an appearance . . . I did NOT expect Mikael. His evilness tries to influence Klaus into killing Hope! Boy, some folks just won’t die . . . or let go of their grudges, will they? And Klaus is SUPER happy about this apparition’s appearance, I can tell.

He seems slightly more pleased to see Cami, though.

The Angel (Cami) and the Devil (Mikael) on his shoulders, as he faces death. Fitting.

The Hollow Blue eyes look pretty good on him, though.

4)  Vincent leaving New Orleans.  That’s like the ravens leaving the Tower of London – won’t New Orleans fall without him? (If you don’t understand my meaning, check this out.)

5)  Freya, confessing that her and Keelin want to start a family – with Vincent as the father – is such a sweet moment. Even if he does say no . . . at first.

6) When Klaus sees that Elijah’s veins are turning black, too . . . his horror is palatable. But, Elijah’s explanation of why – that he’s, once again, “followed you into the fire” speaks volumes of Elijah’s love of his brother. (And of their codependency, that Kol talks about earlier in some of his snarkier moments.)

And, when Elijah steps out of Klaus’s way, after Klaus practically begs Elijah to let him die alone – with no goodbyes to anyone – my oh so cold heart begins to break.

7) In an episode so full of emotional weight, Caroline brings some light.  That she’s held on to that voicemail Klaus left her back when she was graduating from High School with Elena and Bonnie . . . seals the deal on the fact that I’m a blubbering mess.


8) Rebekah and Marcel. FINALLY! Happiness may very well be a choice, when you have the option of living forever, but the fact that Marcel is willing to live, and love, Rebekah as a vampire and then, when Elena dies, as a human as SHE dies . . . says a lot about how much he’s ALWAYS loved her. (and forever.)

9) Ordinarily, I would just lump this Klaroline moment into #7, but it needs to have its own number. Caroline, telling Klaus how to say goodbye to Hope . . . “Try this. One of you stands, walks to the door, and doesn’t turn back, even if their heart aches for just one more look, one more moment.  But you’ll know that the not looking . . . just means . . . * sigh * I’ll never forget you” . . . is just heart-breaking and heart-warming all at once. She also confesses that she probably wouldn’t be there, at this moment, if Klaus weren’t dying that she’d probably let him “chase me around for a few more centuries” because “that was always the fun part.” A sweet moment from the grown up version of this:

“However long it takes.”

(And her pause in the doorway of Roussaeu’s . . . oh boy. That one was hard.)

10) And when he does say goodbye to Hope – dude, the tears just won’t stop now, there’s nothing that will stop them.

“I have not lived an honorable life. You know that. But doing this – taking the darkness into myself so no else is afflicted by it – that is an honorable death, and I can do that. I can do it, Hope . . . because you have helped me feel something that I never thought was possible. Unconditional love. My daughter. My heir. You’re my heart.”

11)  The look on Elijah’s, Keelin’s, and Freya’s faces when they realize that Marcel and Rebekah have, um, reconnected?  PRICELESS.  And made me smile through the tears.

Elijah’s rare smile is best, though.

. . . and the memories shared by the group soon after are amazing.

12)  I think Rebekah, Marcel, Elijah, Keelin, and Freya all saying “his inspirational rampages” is one of my favorite moments of Klaus Recollections.

Maybe only second to, Klaus finally admitting that he “oh-so-secretly adores his youngest brother.”

And a thousand years of animosity just melts away.

And all of them sitting around the Miklaeson dinner table, laughing is just a perfect ending. But, they aren’t done yet.

13)  The “old-fashioned wish-burning ceremony” at the end is cute.  We aren’t told what the family member wish for, but we do notice that Elijah tucks his back into his breast pocket instead of burning it. (foreshadowing, much?) (And this #, this one’s gonna be a long one, folks!)

After the pronouncement is made, one last time, “Always and Forever,”  Elijah tells the group “there’s something we need to discuss. And, at this point during my first viewing, I knew FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that we would not just be losing ONE Mikaelson brother in this episode. But, it made sense to me then. And still does.

And then there’s the return to the “every king needs an heir” bench.

Where Klaus tells Rebekah what I alluded to in # 7 – that she can go to Mystic Falls in a “handful of decades” and get the cure from Caroline. (When Elena or Damon dies, I presume.)

And its this moment that we realize what we’ve suspected all episode . . . Elijah plans to die by his brother’s side – where he’s spent the last 1,000 years. Klaus’s reaction is not unlike our own, I would suspect.

Hayley makes a brief appearance, too, as Elijah and Klaus talk about the end on the bench (or “this old chestnut” as Elijah calls it).

Vincent comes back, to tell Freya and Keelin that he’s reconsidered their request – he will father their child.

Marcel releases all his vampires to wherever they want to go, giving them all train tickets out of town, declaring “we’re giving the city back.”

And Rebekah does her own proposal to Marcel, but not completely original as she uses his “if you say yes” envelope.

The pictures on the wall of Rousseau’s just made me cry even harder.  Ivy, Gia, Josh, Aiden, Hayley, Jackson, and in the middle . . . Davina (although she isn’t dead) and Cami.  All loved and lost. And tribute paid to them.

But, back to the boys . . .

With a final smile and a nod to each other, the stakes plunge home . . . into each other’s hearts.

And as their ashes float off into the NOLA sky, and the tears fall harder, and the sobbing starts . . . I am sad. But I am not angry. (More on that after the BONUSes.)


#1 – because it should’ve made the final cut . . .


#3 – This moment:

And now that I have begun to mourn the loss of perhaps my first and second favorite television characters, ever, I have had time to reflect a bit. (Ok, first and third. Damon is second.)

The ending of The Vampire Diaries was satisfying to me. It really was. Everything was tied up in a nice little bow, and my heart MELTED with that last, “Hello, brother,” but I was complete after the crying subsided.

The ending of The Originals was similar . . . but it wasn’t, at the same time. But, I didn’t hate it. I understood it – a fact that I will talk about at length in another article on this site so stay tuned for that!

But, do me the wonderous favor of joining me, this site, and Ruthie (our fearless leader) when Legacies starts, October 25th.

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