Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.11 “‘Til the Day I Die”

So, at the end of last week’s episode we were left – mourning Josh – wondering what was to become of Hope after her mass-murdering of Greta’s Goons. That single act seemed to have quelled The Hollow’s whispers, and thirst for blood. But – cuz there’s always a but in this kind of scenario – for how long?


Will Davina come home for Josh’s second line?  Will Josh get a second line? A funeral? A wake? SOMETHING?


Keelin and Freya GET MARRIED!!!!


Will THEY get a “happy ever after?” Does ANYONE on this show?


What repercussions will Vincent’s emptying of the Ancestoral Well have on NOLA’s witches?

And what about the newly-minted werewolf, Hope?

Let’s find out!

1)   Freylin are adorable. But, technically, I think I’ve used that in Thirteen Things before. Who cares! They are adorable. It needs to be said again.

2)   Mr Awesome Scruff going through some of his “old things,” finding a letter that Hayley wrote him . . . I didn’t think my heart could break anymore. I was wrong. And, from reading the teaser for this episode, I think the Haylijah part of my heart might just shatter a little more, a little later.

3)   FLASHBACKS ARE AWESOME. Even when they shatter me. To pieces. Alllllllll over again.

4)   And, yes, Davina and Kol are in town!!!! Klaus’s “Hello, brother” at Kol is a perfectly spot-on homage to The Vampire Diaries and I LOVED it.

5)   Freya just has THE WORST luck in trying to get her and Keelin’s wedding party together.  First Elijah refuses her, and then Vincent. And then Hope tries to weasel out of it when talking to Davina.

6)   Um, guys. DECLAN KNOWS! He found some of Kieran’s journals . . . .

7)   Davina offering to help Hope is super sweet. I can see them becoming close friends. Or sworn enemies. Either or. And the fact that Davina collected Hope’s tears . . . not creepy at all.

8)   Why are the Mikaelson children so damned good at self-sabotage? Ok, I know the answer. But seriously. Freya – Keelin loves you. Don’t drop the “I will NOT have kids” bomb two hours before the wedding. That’s a seriously crappy thing to do. But, I get the notion of not wanting to have children because you’re afraid you’re going to hurt them.

And, I know its not vampire-related, but I relate to this on a deep, deep, DEEP, DEEP, DEEP level. Mental illness runs in my family – namely depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. The idea of bringing a child into the world that may have to suffer those things on his/her own, PLUS having to live with a mother who struggles with all three DAILY . . . I didn’t want that for a child, either. I was scared I would fly into one of my rages and hurt her/him. Despite my best efforts, I got pregnant 4.5 years into our marriage. My daughter is 16. I don’t think I’ve damaged her too badly, and she is healthy . . . except for this obsession with vampires. I dunno where she gets that nonsense from!

“We may be damaged, but we are not doomed to repeat our parents’ mistakes. . . You can break the pattern.” Rebekah Mikaelson, your words sound a LOT like my husband’s on the day I found out I was pregnant.

Ok, sorry for the diversion. But I know I’m not alone in this. And I felt it a good time to share. Thank you for listening.

9)   Hayley and Elijah dancing. Even when he has no memory of who she is, or what she meant to him – they connected.

Him finding that deed to some land in the Bayou reminds me of their conversation about her being in a ponytail and him wearing a trucker hat – and I guess that’s part of why it jogged a memory in him as well.

10)  Davina does a spell – with the tears she collected of Hope’s – in an effort to find something to help her niece. All she succeeds in doing?  Burning up Ester’s grimoires.  That can’t be good news for Hope.

11)  When Rebekah gives Klaus the news that there is no saving Hope – that she may only have hours left to live – his devastation is a knife in the heart/feels. Oh my goodness, you can FEEL it through the television screen.

12)  Elijah, throughout the entire episode, is going through his things, packing. When he goes to leave, Klaus catches him in the act. Elijah says he’s realized he could’ve saved Hayley, and that no one should ever forgive him for that. He also admits that when “Andrea” came to visit him in Monosque . . . he realized that the two of them had a profound connection.

Oh, my heart.

13 ) Marcel gets schooled by Davina. She tells him that he needs to let Declan go, to let him be aware of what’s around him, to let him rally the humans. She slams Marcel for wanting to honor Josh now that he’s gone, instead of working on something that could’ve kept him alive.


#  1:  Want to know what “Andrea’s” letter to Elijah said?  Its best heard in Hayley’s voice! Watch the clip above!

#  2:  Elijah is “fashionably so” late to escort Freya down the isle (with Klaus!) but he shows up!

#  3:  Keelin and Freya’s wedding is GORGEOUS.  Keelin’s lip-bite as Kol says “you may both kiss the bride” was adorable! And Hope turns their flowers into butterflies . . . so sweet.

Was it just me, or did Rebekah seem to hint that she hoped it wasn’t really over between her and Marcel?  Did anyone else see it that way?  Hope’s toast was cute!

Marcel and Declan.  That is a partnership I didn’t see coming. But, I think once Declan learns the ropes, he might handle things better than Sean, Cami, or Keiran!

“Saving the city means change.”  Let’s hope its change for the better, Marcel, because we’ve only got 2 episodes left.

The full-on bro hug between Klaus and Elijah at the end had me in tears all over again.

The teaser for Wednesday’s episode looks like its gonna be a rough one for Hope.

Let’s see what happens – and what happens with Caroline! – tomorrow!

I can’t believe we only have two episodes left of this show. I’m already in mourning.


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