Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.10 “There in the Disappearing Light”

Well, its been a while, hasn’t it? Don’t you dare go and think that they might go and let up on us . . . because they sure didn’t.

Here goes!

1)  Having a tri-brid daughter who needs to quiet The Hollow’s whispers with violence isn’t all its cracked up to be, is it Klaus? When she won’t really hurt her father, Klaus asks for a name of someone she does want to hurt. ROMAN!

And if Hope kills him . . . doesn’t she trigger her werewolf side? Uh oh.

2)  Ummmmmmm . . . the witches – including Vincent’s beloved Ivy – woke up?!

Yep, they woke up alright.

They’re vampires now!

And when Elijah comes to Vincent for help for Hope – Vincent’s loyalties become crystal clear. But who could blame him? Half the Quarter’s witches just woke up and have to decide between becoming something they hate . . . or ending it all.

3)   Don’t ambush Marcel, you will not win.  Unless, of course, you have a witch in your back pocket. Right, Emmett?!

And with enchanted chains, and the venom-sucker mask . . . it looks as though Marcel is in for a rough time of things.

4)  Elijah thought his relationship with Hayley was complicated. Now, the woman he spent the last 7 years with (as NONElijah) is asking him to intervene on her behalf to save her brother (Roman) from Klaus. Who is actually being tortured by Hope. Who would probably rather slice Elijah himself to ribbons, if given the chance (again).

5)  Josh is adorable. And this Dimples guy, who buys him a drink, is pretty cute, too. But Josh is still mourning Aiden’s loss.

Turns out Dimples’s name is Max.

And, the bringing up of Aiden is a huge helping of foreshadowing that I could’ve really done without. I had NO IDEA Josh was going to die until he mentioned Aiden. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks what they had in store for our favorite Snark Deliveryman . . . see # 10

6)  Emmett claims to have heard that Marcel’s venom can not only take down other vampires, it can take down a hybrid, an Original, and perhaps even Hope . . . oh boy.

7)  When Vincent takes Ivy to the Ancestoral Well – to see how those that power the witches of New Orleans languish after death – is heart-wrenching.  She truly believes that where she will find peace after she dies is some beautiful house where she grew up. The reality seems much more . . . depressing.

Ivy is disconnected from her powers, and it is clearly painful for her.

8)  Klaus and Elijah have fought on different sides of arguments before. That isn’t unusual. However, when Elijah calls Antoinette and asks if the vampires that followed her mother would follow her . . . my heart breaks for my two favorite brothers. Would Elijah really use Greta’s Goons to fight Klaus and Hope?

9) Hope’s veins turning black can’t be a good thing, right?

But, after mass murder . . . they go away. For how long?

10) I’d like to think that Josh always knew his alliance to Marcel would get him in to trouble. Especially when he danced along the line of helping the Mikaelsons so many times as well. But seeing him back-to-back with Marcel as the room fills with Greta/Emmett’s Goons, I could see just how much his character has grown over these last few years. Josh takes out just as many Goons as Marcel . . . only to get jabbed by a syringe in his heart . . . holding Marcel’s venom.

Josh deserved better, Julie, Daniel, Writer’s Room. Josh deserved so much better.

At the very least he should’ve been the Grand Marshal of the Mardi Gras parade before this. Boy would’ve been a sight to be seen.

Of all the deaths recently – this one was the most disappointing for me. As much as I will mourn Hayley until I die, at least she died defending her daughter.  Josh was forever getting caught in the crossfire, would’ve been nice if his death hadn’t come the same way.

Although the exchange between him and Marcel was very sweet. I’ll give the writers that much.


11) Antoinette rallies her mother’s goons against the Mikaelsons for taking Roman – with the aid of Emmett and his ill-gotten Marcel venom – and Elijah appears within their midst, claiming that pure vampires are the one and only “true species” and that they are prepared to go to war.

The words “you will share her fate” in Elijah’s speech . . . do they mean what I think they mean? Is he turning on them at the last second?


Let’s put it this way – Antoinette and Elijah gathered the Goons up – Klaus and Marcel pointed Hope at them. Poof. All Goons . . . . gone.

12) Vincent rallies his troops – the witches – by telling them that their reliance on the Ancestoral Well has become toxic. He tells them, too, what he showed Ivy. That while the Well gets their powers, their actual ancestors languish in misery instead of finding peace. He plans to release their dead.

Once he releases their ancestors from the Well, their powers will change. Will they be stronger? Will they be weaker?

13) DECLAN WAS IN THE ATTIC OF ST ANNE’S WHEN HOPE LOST HER SHIT ON GRETA’S GOONS! Oh, crap. Declan’s face is covered with blood, but he must’ve been at least still partially alive because Klaus feeds him some of his blood.

If Declan dies, not only does Hope loose a dear friend and connection to Hayley . . . she triggers her werewolf curse.


1)  Klaus asks Marcel to get Josh and clean up all the vampires bodies from the St Anne’s. Marcel chokes over trying to tell Klaus that Josh is dead. Something in Klaus’s face makes me think he intuits what has happened. But, I think when he knows for sure, Klaus will feel Josh’s death almost as deeply. Will it be enough to get Davina and Kol to come back to NOLA, perhaps for a good ol’ New Orleans durge?!

2)  Antoinette speaks of going to Shanghai, does that mean Elijah will eventually go there, too?

Is it wrong of me to feel as though he needs to stick around NOLA a little longer to further wallow in his grief over Hayley?

Elijah seems uncertain that they will meet again, so I’ll take that as the rest of my pound of flesh for Hayley’s death.

3)  Ivy gets her childhood house, and her father, and her peace at the end after all. It breaks Vincent’s heart, but at least she is, indeed, at peace now.

4) As much as I wanted to love it, plopping Josh’s ghost on the arm of Marcel’s couch, and then plopping Josh out in the woods near the Bayou so that Aiden could drive up and pick him up just seemed so . . . forced. I loved those two together and always will, but Aiden deserved a better death, as did Josh. And to force such an ending to try and make up for that was just that, forced.

5) Declan wasn’t the only person in St Anne’s attic. The old man from the Arch Diocese was up there, too. And he died under a mound of boxes and shelves. Klaus found him just a little too late.

So, Hope is completely a tri-brid now. The witches gave up the Ancestoral Well. All of Greta’s Goons are dead, save Roman and Antoinette. But, clearly, The Hollow isn’t done with Hope. Werewolf or not.

What beings Rebekah back? Why is Freya crying in the preview of 5.11?

Find out Wednesday!

Allison Smith

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