Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.09 “We Have Not Long to Love”

The end of last week’s episode – with no “scenes from the next” – gave us no real idea where this episode would be going.  In fact, it almost felt tooooooooooooooooooooo peaceful at the end. Granted, seeing Elijah come back from the Chambre de Chasse and confront the fact that he played a huge part in the death of the woman he loved was painful. But – even though we didn’t actually see her – Hope didn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects of absorbing Inadu Hollow back into herself.

But, as you know, that was clearly an effort to lull us into a false sense of security coming into this episode. If you aren’t aware that the writers looooooooooove doing that to us . . . you’ve not been watching!

So, here goes.

And, of course, they start the show with very scene I was talking about – Elijah’s memories flooding back.

1)  Freya’s “it will be nice to have us all under one roof again” sentiment does not seem one echoed by her niece. Hope’s face when Elijah walks in to breakfast . . . nope!

Remember how, last episode, Marcel found Elijah’s key to escape the Chambre de Chasse in a coffin? Yeah, Hope pretty much sees Elijah as the reason that her mother is no longer alive . . . that’s gonna be fun. Especially with Hope having all of Inadu Hollow’s power.

When Elijah says that they have some things to discuss . . . Hope doesn’t just clench her teeth and/or fists like a normal teenager. Nope. She bends the forks:

And, it seems no family breakfast can ever happen among even THREE of the Mikaelsons before the threats start flying.

It was a fork, Klaus. A FORK!

2)  Lisina is outraged by the demands of Greta’s Goons that the werewolves move back into the Bayou. As she should be. The fact that, for seven years, things have been peaceful in NOLA between all the factions has also made everyone living in NOLA feel as though they have ownership of NOLA. When the “Citizens for the Safety of New Orleans” bust up her Carnival float . . . she’s ready to rumble. And who can blame her? Floats are A LOT of work, dude.

And, I’m sorry. But “Citizens for the Safety of New Orleans?” CSNO? What the Heck name am I supposed to be able to come up with from that? So, sticking to Greta’s Goons. Its just easier.

3) The fact that those “whispers” we heard every time the Mikaelson siblings got too close – or Klaus visited Hope – start showing their ugly heads again SUPER early in the episode (like before the first commercial break!!) should be a giant, neon, flashing sign of WARNING!!!!!!

And do you REALLY think that that silver bracelet – that Hope grew so adept at removing BACK WHEN SHE WAS SEVEN – is going to help? You’ve got another thing coming.

I just don’t see this going to plan, guys. And I know I’m not alone.

But the whispering does stop, when Hope first puts it on . . .

But it doesn’t stay gone long, comes back with avengence, AND starts burning her skin . . .

AND bursts into flame when she finally flings it off . . . UH OH

4)  He’s an O’Connell, guys. Didn’t Cami say something about how there was always an O’Connell in New Orleans and they were always apart of the supernatural world? How does Declan not know anything? And telling him that Hayley was in a car crash? Don’t give this guy something he can look up, only to find no evidence of . . . AND keep him from Hope?

Something else that isn’t going to end well, me thinks.

5)  I’ve been saying for awhile – but I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it here – that the whole “Marcel left the city, Josh has been running things just fine” thing was going to cause an issue at some point. Emmett tries to make it an issue . . . and, boy, that probably isn’t gonna work out well for him.

Josh calls Marcel out on that very thing, later in the episode.  He says that Marcel’s rules – vampires at the top of the food chain – were what started all of this. And, if you consider the fact that that’s what Greta’s Goons are really preaching . . . Josh isn’t wrong.

6)  Seeing Elijah and Declan wallowing in the death of the woman they both loved . . . it kinda broke my heart a little. But only because I see both of these characters as stronger than this. Yes, mourn. Ok, fine. But Declan seems like a person (granted, human) of action – Hell, he made missing signs for Hayley when no one else did – and Elijah . . . he’s in a HUGELY bad place.  I get that, too. But, this Elijah. This isn’t our Elijah, either.

But, the two of them bonding . . . on my heavens. Mr Awesome Scruff and Sexy Accent Dude. I’ll take more of that, please!

And we get more of it. It just hurts.

7)  Why in the Hell does everyone keep making decisions that I KNOW are going to come back to haunt them? First you have the Mikaelsons – thinking that bracelet is gonna hold back the Hollow in Hope. Then you have Greta’s Goons trying to talk smack to Marcel – thinking they’re on the right side of this “pure blood” thing. Then you have Vincent . . . poor, old-man-sweater-wearing Vincent. He wants the witches to just “stay out of it?” Because that’s gonna work. And its TOTALLY NOT gonna reek its own kind of havoc?! Geez, people. GET A GRIP!

“We have to pick a side, Vincent. There’s no way around that,” Ivy says. AND SHE IS NOT WRONG.  But is joining up with Emmett and Greta’s Goons the way you really want to play this, Vincent?  Ok. No. Its not. But is threatening them with raining hellfire down on them if any of your witches “gets so much as a paper cut” really the way you wanna go, either? Emmett just TOLD you that he knows that your responsibility to your people is more important to you than your own life . . . that means he’s going after someone you love to make you act.

And that’s exactly what he did.

8)  I LOVE that Hope thinks all this Hollow mess is her fault, and her responsibility . . . but knocking your Daddy out . . . when your Daddy is Klaus Mikaelson . . . might get you a little more than grounded, young lady.

9)   When Declan realizes who he’s sharing drinks with . . . and that he’s right in his suspicions about Hayley not being in a car accident . . . he puts his hands on Elijah . . . and Elijah actually lets him live!

10)  Lisina is great with Keelin, nudging her to go be with Freya.

But . . . some dude with a briefcase shows up and she’s vaporized.

Her death – since we really just learned who she was – seems hollow and unemotional. But, I feel it will be the first of many that Greta’s Goons are gonna set up to cause the war they so desperately desire. And Keelin is pretty freaking upset . . . which means Freya is, too. And Ivy was very nearly hurt, which got Vincent pretty darned upset, too.

11)  Hope is really angry at her uncle. She knocks out poor Declan to have it out with Elijah . . . but the Hollow seems to be getting the best of the poor girl.  When she starts attacking her uncle, The Hollow seems to enjoy it as much as Hope’s anger does.

Declan starts to wake up as Hope is attacking Elijah. But its attacking her dad out of reflex – he kinda snuck up on her – that seems to snap her out of it.

But Declan saw things. He saw A LOT of things.

12)  Freya proposes to Keelin. And it is the cutest, most awkward thing ever.

13)  Elijah takes any memories of Hayley’s disappearance, and her death away from Declan. Making sure that he only remembers her love of him. It is both the absolutely most amazing thing he could have done . . . and the most painful for him to do. Elijah left Declan at peace with Hayley’s death, making her passing less painful for the human . . . but perhaps even more painful for himself.

13+:  Marcel and Vincent both give decent speeches about how the werewolves, witches, and vampires of the city all belong there and all deserve their place. But, when Emmett and the rest of Greta’s Goons come in . . . . all I can think of is “rumble, rumble, rumble” from West Side Story:



#  1:  Klaus and Hope are just as cute now, as they were back when Hope was 7.

His face after that kiss on the cheek, and a quick “Thanks, Dad” is adorable.

And when she falls asleep on his shoulder . . . even more so.

#  2:  Declan was going to propose to Hayley. Had they even gone on a “real” date?  Seems like I remember them saying that really hadn’t had a chance to happen yet?!

But that’s gotta be hard for Elijah to hear . . . or does he know they’re both talking about the same girl?

Oh, he knows.

#  3:  Marcel has a bit of an epiphany . . . that maybe he wasn’t exactly in the right when he banished the werewolves to the Bayou, and kept the witches under his thumb. I think Josh calling him out on that AND the fact that he’s now some sort of super hybrid changed his mind about a lot of things.

#  4:  Astral Projection. Cool, when used to visit your girlfriend who’s on the other side of the globe. Not so cool when used by the bad guys . . . and the “army” isn’t where you think it is.

Poor Vincent. Figured it out just a few seconds too late.

Emmett and Greta’s Goons may have sought to divide New Orleans. And maybe they did, in some ways, but . . . it would seem the majority are against him.

And killing Lisina and Ivy was just the beginning. He’s made his point. But, what happens next?

Besides Hope loosing it, I mean. Cuz that’s where this is going, right?

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