Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.08 “The Kindness of Strangers”

The writers have torn out our hearts, even stomped on them, for the last two episodes. While there isn’t much coming back from that – even on this show – here we are, again.

When last we looked, No Memory Elijah and Klaus are stuck in some sort of mind-prison. They are both – in different places – knocked out. Elijah collapsed while still in a cell with Antoinette during the process of Vincent and Elijah trying to bring back his memories. Klaus’s neck was snapped after he left Hope at Hayley’s funeral. But both their minds are trapped in what looks like the Mikaelson compound in NOLA. Granted, that’s one way to get around the whole “you guys can’t be in the same place because of the Hollow” thing . . . or does it? Guess we’re about to find out.

1)  Klaus’s description of the mausoleums of New Orleans are haunting . . . but only in their accuracy. His voiceover about houses is pretty spot-on, too.

2)  When Klaus and Elijah are together – even this memory-snatched Non-Elijah – the one-liners, the digs, the zingers, and sometimes even the fists fly. And it is magic. No, really. It is. They’re stuck in a Chambre de Chasse or, as Klaus calls it, “a magical mental prison” that “always [has] a way out – a game, or a riddle.” The only problem with that is . . . one of you two stuck there doesn’t have all their memories. Me thinks that shall be an issue.

3)  Oh! And there’s Rebekah! And KOL!! And Freya!  Waaaaaaait . . . did she do this???? Nope. Vincent is the culprit this time, according to Freya. Annnnnnd, Marcel gets dropped in, too? But, he blames Hope for his being there.  [But, heeeeeeey, thanks for nearly-naked Kol!]


There’s preggers Hayley:

There’s just-after-Hope’s-born-but-before-she-has-a-name Hayley:

There’s even some FaceTime-with-Klaus Hayley:

And, just to continue to do damage to our poor, broken hearts . . . we get another shot of Hayley in her moment of resolve:

5)  Hope is planning to take all of Inadu Hollow’s parts back into herself. Klaus’s summation of that seems like it will be a pretty accurate outcome:

She’ll take the power back. She’ll end the curses, she’ll keep the firstborns safe, and then my daughter as we know her will be forever lost to darkness.

But did we really expect any less of her? Really? She knows she’s the root of the problem with Greta’s Goons. She knows that she’s the thing they fear most . . . so, in true Mikaelson form . . . she’s going to make sure she is something worth fearing.

6)  Who knew a stuffed rabbit could reduce me to tears? Ok, not the rabbit itself, but the story of said rabbit. Man, I miss our Elijah so much.

7)  Wait! Hold up. “Hope’s never even seen this room.”  If she’s not seen the room, because its been gone for over a century . . . who is controlling this thing? Surely, Vincent wouldn’t know about it, either? So, yeah, Freya is ACTUALLY the one behind this Chambre de Chasse. Tripped up and figured out by Kol . . . who remembers the room because it was one of the many places where/when Klaus daggered him.

8)  The forced reunion between Marcel and Rebekah – who even admits “I was avoiding you” – is as awkward as you’d imagine. But, his proclamation of love . . . is perfect.  And, hers, that comes much later in the episode is perfect for her.

9)  One slip of the tongue . . . Elijah calling Marcel “Marcellus.” That’s all it took for Marcel to realize that Elijah was lying about having his memories back in the Chambre de Chasse. The fact that he’s actually refusing to let in any memory that hurts, any memory that make him essentially Elijah . . . he’s blocking out. That takes a huge presence of mind, or a  very guilty conscience. And don’t give me that crap about how he’s trying to hang on to Antoinette, either. Klaus calls him out on that, too.

10) Ruthie and I were right!! THIS shot which was part of the preview for this season of the Hollow and 4 of the Originals – Klaus, Rebekah, Non-Elijah, and Kol – was the Hollow COMING OUT of them. Hope has absorbed the power of the 4 pieces of Inadu Hollow that were set in them. I would wager that make her pretty frickin’ powerful right about now.

11) When Klaus and Elijah run at that Red Door, and all of Elijah’s memories – and his accent – return, its a powerful moment. And probably one of the shortest moments in the episode, which speaks to its power. He sees everything. And when he, clearly stunned, opens his eyes inside the circle at St Anne’s . . . he feels everything, too. Everything about Hayley – even her last moment, the last time she would ever utter his name. (Those flashes are pretty awesome, too. Even the painful one.) He is crushed. Daniel does a wonderful job of acting that out.

And the freaking tears are running down MY face again.

But hearing that accent again, makes everything better. (No kidding, it actually made me smile.)

(Not a good look for you, Daniel. I mean GREAT acting . . . but not a good look on ya, mate.)

12) Rebekah mourns not being able to grow old. And Marcel turns it around on her, by making her see just how much more they get by being immortal. (And I’ve drawn this parallel between Rebekah and Twilight‘s Rosalie more than once, but Rebekah’s speech in this episode solidifies that parallel. They are one in the same in what they want – life, death, movement – but they are stuck how they are. And that will always be their struggle.)

13) You know that box of letters that Klaus found in the Chambre de Chasse?  Well, they are real. He finds them, and they are his own personal torture for the part he played in Hayley’s death. The first one he opens contains a picture of Hope – of Summer as Hope – and it is just an adorable moment.


#  1: And this is a bonus for all of us . . . watching Elijah put that suit back on.

Piece by piece . . .

Elijah as we know and love him, comes back to us:

And the daylight ring:

He’s back. He’s really, really back:

#   2:  Klaus, crying. Breaks my heart, every time. Even when there’s more than one tear.

# 3: NEARLY NAKED KOL, because that’s worth repeating:

And no “scenes from the next?” That’s different.

And ominous.

Allison Smith


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