Thirteen Things We Learned From #TheOriginals 5.06 “What, Will, I, Have, Left”

So, have you stopped sobbing yet? Watching Hayley square her shoulders, turn off whatever hope she felt at seeing Elijah again, and choosing her fate . . . it killed something in me. Maybe its because my daughter is heading to Panama this week, maybe I’m just overly-emotional, I dunno . . . but that scene HURT.

What else did we learn from this episode? Let’s roll!

1) Antoinette seems almost as shocked to see her mother, Greta, as we were to find out that they were “family.” Greta clearly takes a breath at seeing Mr Awesome Scruff (I mean, who wouldn’t) because he’s still “Elijah,” he’s just not ELIJAH. And her visit just means trouble. More on that later.

2) Roman seems to be reluctant to take Hope to “Shiloh Place” and seems to be unsure that he wants to go through with whatever Mummy Dearest has planned, even here at the beginning of the episode . . . why does he not like that place?

3) Greta’s speech to Antoinette and Elijah about the upholding the “purity” of the “true” vampire nature is . . . disturbing. She’s clearly surprised that Antoinette has gotten Mr Awesome Scruff to remove his daylight ring, and so completely believe in Greta’s “cause.” It feels sinister, even before you know how the episode ends. Her joy at Elijah’s response that daylighters just don’t know “the peace” of taking off their rings, is palatable. She also tells a little yarn about how Roman wanted to “go away” to the Salvatore School, when we find out later he was clearly sent there on a mission to get to know Hope. She claims that Roman is in danger from Klaus, because he’s friends with Hope. She claims “the only one strong enough to stop Klaus Mikaelson, save your brother’s life -” is Elijah. She’s a conniver, this one.

4) Caroline bossing Klaus around is awesome. In fact, their entire interaction is awesome. It may not be the passionate tear-each-other’s-clothes-off stuff that us Klaroline fans so desperately want, but, man its satisfying. I like them like this. I like how she puts him in his place, and he goes. No one, not even Elijah, can work him like that.

5) When Hayley sees Roman, over Hope’s shoulder . . . her anger is real. This is the kid that tied her up, and he has the balls to show up WITH HER DAUGHTER?!  Ohhhhhh, Momma Bear!!!!

6) Antoinette’s “I don’t want you to have anything to do with your family” and “this is not your problem” speech made me want to SPIT. I can’t tell if she really even cares for Elijah anymore. Her whole “romance” with her has clearly been as orchestrated as Roman’s friendship with Hope. Antoinette’s pitiful attempts just push him further toward doing what they want him to do – confront Klaus. And without his memories, his feelings, this can only end in disaster. And, Lord, we know it does, don’t we? {Elijah puts on his daylight ring with SUCH OBVIOUSNESS in this scene, that we KNOW something terrible is going to happen, and IT WILL INVOLVE SUNLIGHT.} And, later in the episode . . . when Antoinette discovers just exactly what Mummy Dearest has been up to . . . I think even she is surprised at the lengths Greta has gone to. Maybe she wasn’t as complicit as I originally thought. Definitely complicit, just not in quite as deep.

7) Bashful Klaus, with Caroline is my second favorite Klaus. Their whole exchange is going to be in the Snark article, because, you know, Klaroline. And, holy crap, those dimples. ON BOTH OF THEM. And, yes, I’m married to a Boy Scout (literally), but HOLY SNOT THE BAD BOYS HAVE MY HEART. FOREVER. But, in all seriousness, their talk about teenaged girls, fatherhood, and bad boys that “were waaaay too old for me” just melted me. Julie et al have a way of doing that, don’t they? They soften you up with scenes like these and then WHAM YOU IN THE END! UGH! And, they have a super sweet moment while driving that made my Klaroline heart sing. You’ve gotta see that one for yourself.

8) “Nothing will be fine for you, unless you untie me.” Hayley’s defiance, anger, every emotion is just RIGHT. THERE.

9) Declan’s pain, that Hayley is missing, and that his so-small view of the world (no knowledge of vampires, etc) is deep. He says every time he calls the police, its like they never heard his first report of Hayley being missing. He’s confused, he feels helpless, and Freya wants to tell him the truth. Vincent puts the kibosh on that, PRONTO.

10) Roman is completely bamboozled by his mother. He truly believes that all will be well if Hayley and Hope bind themselves – rid themselves of their hybrid nature, and all will be fine. Hayley drops some reality on him, and I think he might actually believe her when she’s done. Even though Klaus left him for dead – desiccating in a cave for 50 years – I think he started to realize that Mommy Dearest is a little more fanatical than he thought.

11)  Phoebe Tonkin and Danielle Russell together are wonderful. They, in some ways, feel like sisters . . . and others just like the mum and daughter they portray. The scenes that they had together in this episode – despite Hayley being dirty and tied to a chair for most of it – were fierce.

12) Vincent’s valiant efforts to keep Declan out of the supernatural – his defense being that Cami would still be alive if she’d never known – is just that. Valiant. Vincent pleads his case with Ivy, but she makes him see that you CAN be more than just a witch, a vampire, etc, and that who knows what Cami might’ve been if she’d never learned the truth about the supernatural in NOLA.

And then Vincent goes to Freya, changing his tune. Ivy has a way of putting things into perspective for Vincent.

But . . . until this episode we didn’t know Declan’s last name. O’Connell. He’s a damned O’Connell. (Literally, and figuratively.)  He’s Cami’s cousin. Laying flowers at the grave of someone who, in Vincent’s view (at first anyway) died because of her knowledge of the supernatural. And, Vincent changed his mind . . . again . . . and Declan remains clueless.

13) This one is two-fold. The realization that Hayley comes to – that the reason these folks want Hope is because she could, in theory, unite all the factions (werewolf, witch, vampire) just because of what she is – hits hard. “They thrive on hatred and you . . . you, my sweet girl, are their worst fear. Which means, you have to go.” Hayley says. In that moment, she realizes she’s disposable. Hayley tries to get Hope to run, even though she herself can’t leave (no daylight ring) and, she tries to save Hope at that moment, and again later, the only way she knows how . . . .

. . . by sacrificing herself when there’s nothing left for her to lose and there is no help coming. Elijah doesn’t remember his love for her, and has been brainwashed into Greta’s plan. Klaus, lays paralyzed on the floor, a stake near his heart. Hope, knocked out by something Greta blew in her face. She doesn’t even know that Caroline lays broken-necked in the yard, but still. The moment Hayley realizes there is no other way out is clear as a bell on Phoebe’s face, and it WRECKED me.

And there’s our ending for Hayley. In fire.

I’ve got something in my eye.


#1: Caroline is wearing Stefan’s wedding ring (and perhaps his daylight ring, too) on a necklace around her neck. I don’t know if she was wearing it the first time we saw her this season, or not, but that’s a super sweet homage to TVD and it touched me. (As long as it doesn’t mean that she’s closed off from somehow ending up with Klaus!!! I’m kidding . . . sorta.)

#2: I HAVE to give props to Phoebe Tonkin for this episode. And I TRULY hope we haven’t seen the last of her . . . just because she died . . . on this show. Her every expression throughout this hour spoke volumes. If I could give awards for performances, she would TOTALLY get one after I finished wiping the tears and snot from my face. Several times during this episode, Phoebe’s face was almost more than I could take. She was fierce, loving, in agony, soft, broken, stubborn, angry, sad – every single emotion – and you could feel it through the television screen.

#3: Klaus truly develops into a more dynamic character this episode – a Father. I capitalize it, because I feel like he’s finally embraced the magnitude of what being a parent really is. He describes it to Caroline as the “greatest pain I’ve ever felt,” and some of that is true. When he realizes that Roman is Greta’s son, his concern is real. I think even the “psychopath on a mission, no time for chit chat” takes a backseat to his concern for Hope. And Hayley.

#4: Elijah snapping Caroline’s neck – just downright hateful, Mr Awesome Scruff.

And, I’m going to end with a question . . . So far, when the parts of the Hollow meet there has been snakes, maggots, blood rain, but was the special effects budget used up?  I mean, really, ICE?! Granted, large chunks of refrigerator-produced ice falling from the sky in NOLA is weird, don’t get me wrong. But it hardly scream the menace we’ve been subjected to at this point. Really? What were you guys thinking?

Allison Smith

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