Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.05 “Don’t It Just Break Your Heart”

Last week felt a little like we were treading water, learning things, but not learning things at the same time.

And yet . . . what is this?


Klaus and Marcel, ruling the Quarter, with 4 iron fists just sounds like trouble is about to start, doesn’t it? I still can’t believe they took EVERYONE’S daylight rings. EVERY. ONE’S. Including Josh’s. That one floored me. I expected Josh to be the only trusted one. However, the vampires do seem to like him better than Marcel these days . . . so I guess he’s a threat. Oh boy. I will riot, if they kill off Josh. RIOT!!

1)  Marcel and Klaus make an interesting, and effective, buddy system when it comes to fighting – and vampires attempting to flee said fighting. Marcel close-lined this guy, as he ran from Klaus and it was pretty awesome.

2) I knew Greta was trouble. Not only was she a pot-stirrer, she’s somehow connected to that Nazi coin.

3) Angry Klaus . . . is scary Klaus. And torture-y Klaus is . . . whoa.

4) FLASHBACKS are awesome! This episode was full of them. And seeing Klaus and Elijah together again – even though it comes with a warning of Mikael’s arrival in Europe – (well, that should be past-tense, cuz flashback) was almost heartbreaking given Mr Awesome Scruff’s desire to no longer be . . . Mr Awesome Scruff.

5) Dismissing anyone you run across can come back to haunt you. Klaus’s rebuff of August’s art led to what seems to be decades of Klaus-loathing and revenge-seeking. And, apparently, August meant a lot to Greta. Dude. She calls him her Jesus. Like, for real.

And, apparently, this Wolf-Jesus Dude August thinks/thought that the werewolf line needs to be kept “pure.” (We’re borderline “mudbloods” vs “purebloods” here, folks. These two a fanatical.) And Greta suggests that the only way to cure this unrest is to bind Hope as Klaus once was by Esther.

And this means that Klaus has to decide between Hope’s werewolf side, or Hayley’s life. Keep in mind, Klaus embraces his wolf side perhaps more than his vampire side. (And here’s some “foreshadowing” for you, I’m afraid.)

Annnnnnnd, it seems that Wolf-Jesus was the one massacuring all the wolves back in 1930s Germany.

6) Antoinette has got some ‘splaining to do . . . people stalking her in dark, “filthy” alleys with long-lens cameras.

7) Hope has no idea what she’s in for, if she triggers her werewolf curse. Like, not at all. And Freya’s slip-up – using the past tense when referring to Hayley – makes me think “foreshadowing!”

8) Roman “pissed some people off and ended up desiccated in a cave?” Why do I think he’s connected to August and Greta somehow?

9)  That ‘splainin’ that Antoinette needed to do? Yeah. She was there, with August, back in 1930s Germany, when August was wiping out all those werewolves. AS IN SHE IS HIS DAUGHTER!!!!!! Another reason she knew – beyond the name – who Elijah was when he showed up in that alley. She’d seen him before, back then. So, was their “meeting” staged? Has this all been a ruse?

10) Hope and Freya are adorable as niece and aunt. I just feel like if they try to bind her, for some reason they aren’t going to be able to.

11) When Elijah and Klaus argue – even in 1930s Germany – they throw some serious word-daggers at each other. And Klaus’s face when he realizes he’s confessed to daggering Rebekah is quite hilarious.

12) Josh had better come back from that, Greta.

13) And this is a big one, guys. Got your seat belts on?

Antoinette is August’s daughter, but . . . ROMAN IS HIS SON.

And is reporting back to Momma via cell phone before he and Hope skip out of Mystic Falls, in search of a witch powerful enough to bind Hope’s werewolf side. That sounds like it will work out well, doesn’t it?

BONUS #1: The “let’s not talk about it” kiss!!!!

BONUS #2:  Did you see the moonstone make its reappearance!!! Yep!!! Its baaaaaack!

BONUS #3: That face you make when you ask your witch aunt what a word means in the spell, only to find out that it means you’ll be branded on both hands, the bottom of both feet, annnnnnnnnnd on your forehead ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND you aren’t allowed to pass out.

Questions: So, I think we’re in agreement when I hypothesize that Antoinette and Roman have been planted in Elijah and Hope’s lives by this fanatical cult lead by August’s widow, Greta? Dude. Stranger things have happened…. I’m guessing Antoinette’s stalker was reporting back to Mummy Dearest, too. Will Elijah run with Antoinette? (Ok, that was answered by the “on the next” clip, I guess.) How many episodes do we have left to resolve alllllllllllllllllllllllllll this in?

And, if all my foreshadowing clues are right . . . and Hayley ends up dying anyway . . . oh boy.

Join me in watching next week’s episode 5.06 “What, Will, I, Have, Left” (airing May 30th) – I think its going to be a powerfully painful party.

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