Thirteen Things We Learned from #TheOriginals 5.04 “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea”

After last week’s Elijah-centric episode – and the heartbreak that it caused Klaus – I’m ready for either some light-hearted fun . . . or some MAJOR battles. I’m not sure which we’re in for, if either, but let’s get started!

1)  If, after 7 years of peace between the vampires, witches, and werewolves of New Orleans, there is another supernatural war . . . it will come from Klaus’s being hell-bent on finding Hayley. The way he calls them all to action – by saying that one of the other factions of the society is probably to blame – is definitely going to cause some tension.

2)  EVERYONE likes Hayley. E V E R Y O N E. And they all want her found.

3)  Freak. Filth. Crossbreed. Words that cut deeply for Klaus, given Mikael’s loathing of him, and guaranteed to elicit a response. And, in truth, words that now describe Marcel just as much . . . annnnnnd to Hope, honestly.

4)  Soccer is DEFINITELY more fun with magic . . .

5)  Klaus took classes on motivational speaking for this episode. But, as usual, the classes suit him. So, he did things as he always does . . . his way. Which involved taking a member of each supernatural group of NOLA – David, a wolf; Collette, a witch; and Josh, a vampire – and held them hostage, stating that if Hayley wasn’t returned to him by sundown, they would all die.

6)  Freya is a semi-decent liar. But, when it comes to Hayley . . . she crumbles the second she’s found out. But what is it that Vincent and Ivy think they have found out about her? (See #11)

7)  Vivy/Ivcent – what are we calling them? – are kinda cute. I just hope they don’t kill her off before they really develop her character. I kinda like her.

8)  Marcel, trying to be Klaus’s “North Star” (or Klaus’s Elijah) is painful to watch. And when Klaus confesses that Elijah knew who he was, and still refused to come with him back to New Orleans . . . Marcel seems to truly understand Klaus’s pain. But, when Klaus says “I don’t do well without Elijah,” he means it, Marcel. He really means it.

9)  Nothing good is ever delivered in a box this size, on any television show EVER.

10) Vincent proves – as if we’ve had time to forget it – that he is a witch of immense power. But, why you gotta hurt Klaus, man? Can’t you see he’s hurting????

11)   Hope is cursed, predicted to be the downfall of possibly her family, maybe New Orleans, and hopefully not the entire world. And I think Freya is a little bit scared of her. “When people like you and me “flip out,” entire villages can burn.” Yeah, she’s a first-born Mikaelson witch. And so much more.

12)  Klaus, in chains, is incredibly hot. And sad. And, has resulted in the deaths of many in the past.

Remember this?


But, this time, it seems its just to keep him a captive audience for a moment. I can live with that.

13) Klaus and Marcel – together again – and ruling NOLA with 4 iron fists . . . nothing bad can come from that, right? #sarcasmfont

BONUS #1:  With both the witches and the werewolves having funerals at the end of the episode, and declaring that they are unified – not with each other, but for themselves – doesn’t bode well for the city of NOLA.


BONUS #2:  Taking all the daylight rings from the vampires is a drastic move. A move that even Josh doesn’t agree with. And, that doesn’t bode well, either.

BONUS #3: Vincent saying the witches are no longer helping Klaus . . . yeesh. What little respect – and maybe a flicker of friendship that there was there – is gone.

Questions: A Nazi medallion? Germans? What enemy of German descent does Klaus have? What, exactly, is Roman? He’s shown no signs of being anything but cute. No fangs of either type, no powers. Hmmmmm?, Why are you at a school for the gifted, Roman? Where in the heck is Hayley? And did Greta have something to do with her disappearance, like I suspect she does? Anyone else thinking that the warring factions are going to be the reason the city “melts” instead of anything Hope might do?

Tune in to 5.05 “Don’t it Just Break Your Heart” for thirteen more things we learn and, no doubt, 5,789,243 more questions.

Allison Smith

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