#TheOriginals Snark The Final Season Part Thirteen “When the Saints Go Marching In”

Truth be told, alllllllllllllllllllllllll of the snark in this episode was layered – like the onion that must be hiding in this room, making me cry all over again – with emotion.  With endings, though, there are some promises of new beginnings.  After all, Hope goes back to the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, Freya and Keelin are going to have a baby with Vincent, Rebekah and Marcel will get married, and Kol was threatened with Elijah’s ghost should he and Davina not take good care of Hope.

But, the endings, the goodbyes, the final scene . . . the words hang heavy on my heart even now.

Here are a few of my favorites (and there’s even a bonus here, too, so we can end with an awwwww and a chuckle):

Klaus: When the power is in me, there’s only one way to make sure its gone for good. Someone needs to kill me.
Elijah: Niklaus, don’t. Put it down.
Klaus: Walk away, Elijah. You shouldn’t be here.
Elijah: Put it down and let’s talk.
Klaus: There’s nothing left to say! Except to end this chapter, get rid of the dark magic once and for all.
Hope: Dad? What’s going on here?

Hope: But you told me that they put it into something safe, and instead you use my first transition to trick me? So, what happens, you just kill yourself and the magic goes away? And you’re going to let him go through with this?
Klaus: I don’t need his permission to save your life!


(And I totally feel as though Klaus is wearing the best “you just caught your Dad with his hand in the cookie jar” expression in this screenshot!)

Kol: Just when I thought he was showing the vaguest signs of maturity, our brother makes a unilateral decision that leaves the rest of us stewing in his melodrama.
Rebekah: His death is not a melodrama.
Elijah: Well, he’s spiraling. This energy feeds on anger, and our brother – as we know – has enough to set the world on fire.
Kol: How many times are we going to play this game? Right, calamity and doom approaches our brother, and then, all of a sudden, a trapdoor appears and, poof, he escapes. He’s a cockroach that will outlive us all. And we’re immortal.

That cockroach line, though. I snorted. But, when you spend the majority of the episode crying, you tend to find things funnier than they really are.

Mikael: Wake. Up. Now. Put down by your own daughter. You are a waste and yet another stain on my legacy.
Klaus: Shut your damn mouth.
Cami: Don’t, Klaus. He’s just trying to bait you.
Klaus: Camille. What are you doing here?
Mikael: Could you be more . . . pathetic?

Kol: Get out of the way!
Rebekah: Not a chance in Hell.

Marcel: So, its true.
Hope: We have to find him.
Marcel: Its Mardi Gras out there. The streets’ll be packed to the rafters.
Hope: Well, he’ll be the one foaming at the mouth and ranting.

Ok, so that one was kinda funny!

Freya: After a lot of talk, we decided to start a family. And we wanted someone who we really cared about and respected to be the father of our child. Now don’t say anything right now.
Vincent: Freya.
Freya: Okay. Just, think about it.
Vincent: Freya.
Freya: Just let the idea wash over you, and just really consider it.
Vincent: Freya.


Kol: You’re lucky I didn’t turn you into the world’s blondest roadkill.
Rebekah: And you’re lucky I didn’t crush your car like a toy, you selfish prat. Our brother needs us and you scamper off like a rodent.
Kol: Oh, you’re one to talk. Shouldn’t you be planning your next epic jilt of dear Marcel? You know, happiness is a choice you’re incapable of accepting.
Rebekah: Go to Hell, Kol.
Kol: No, dear sister. I’m going home to the woman I love, instead of wallowing in this toxic, codependent nightmare we call family. You know that man, has daggered us more times than can be counted. So, if this is Nikalus’s way of finally biting the big one, we should be celebrating.
Rebekah: What I’m celebrating is the fact that he has matured. For once in his narcissistic life, he’s doing something for the rest of us. If we turn our back on him now, then we are no better than the monster he’s been to us.
Kol: I never said I was better. You all bought in to always and forever. I didn’t.
Rebekah: You really don’t care?
Kol: I don’t.
Rebekah: Then you are even less of a man than I thought you were.

“The World’s Blondest Roadkill” – I guess Kol gets the Best Line award for this one.

Klaus: What have you done?
Elijah: What I’ve always done. Followed you into the fire.

Elijah: Niklaus, if this is indeed to be the end, you owe it to your family, to your daughter . . . to say goodbye.
Klaus: Please don’t lecture me, Elijah. You have no idea the agony of being a father, of loving someone so much you cannot bear to see them in pain.
Elijah: I think I might have some idea.
Klaus: You’ve tried to orchestrate my life, to make me a better man, and for that, I honor you. You have to let me do this my way. Alone. No goodbyes.
Elijah: I could stop you.
Klaus: You could try. Please. This last time. Let me be.

Caroline: Don’t make me murder you while you contemplate killing yourself.
Klaus: Caroline. If you’re here to stop me . . .
Caroline: I am here to collect a debt.
* voicemail plays: Klaus: Caroline, I’m standing in one of my favorite places in the world, surrounded by food, music, art, culture. And all I can think about is how much I want to show it to you. Maybe one day you’ll let me. *
Klaus: You saved it.
Caroline: You owe me a tour.

I just LOVE that they brought this moment back from, essentially, the beginning. It made my Klaroline heart smile through the tears.

Freya: I want a better future, Vincent. I want it with Keelin, and I want it with you. We’re a family.
Vincent: Sometimes family means telling someone whom you love no.

Rebekah: I have three brothers. One’s dying. One’s a deserter. And one’s an enabling mess.
Marcel: Mikaelsons have always been complicated. You’ve gotta wonder what that says about me, that I fought so hard to be one of you.
Rebekah: My heart is breaking.
Marcel: Because, despite everything, they’re family and you love them. And so do I.
Rebekah: The little fool is right.
Marcel: Which fool?
Rebekah: Kol. Happiness is a choice.

Klaus: Would you even be here if I had longer to live?
Caroline: Maybe I’d let you chase me around for a few more centuries. That was always the fun part anyway. Say goodbye to your daughter, Klaus. Give her real closure.
Klaus: Closure is a myth.
Caroline: Lok, what you’re doing is noble, Klaus, but if you don’t say goodbye, if-if you leave Hope with questions and pain and anger, you’ll haunt her. And I don’t think that’s your endgame.
Klaus: I don’t know how to say goodbye.
Caroline: Try this. One of you stands, walks to the door, and doesn’t turn back, even if their heart aches for just one more look, one more moment. But you’ll know that the not looking . . . just means . . . I’ll never forget you.

Hope: He left instead of spending his last hours with me.
Elijah: He’s hurt and he’s scared.
Hope: That’s no excuse.
Elijah: Not making excuses. If anything, he cares too much. Hope, you’re his everything. And without you, he wouldn’t be making this sacrifice. Do you understand that you’ve accomplished in 15 years what I couldn’t in a thousand? This isn’t abandonment. He’s afraid.
Klaus: I’d like a moment alone with my daughter, please.
Elijah: Of course.

Klaus: Hope, please, scream, yell, break something if you have to, just don’t look at me like that.
Hope: This isn’t right.
Klaus: A father protecting his daughter – I’d say that’s exactly right.
Hope: Elijah was willing to take the curse completely.
Klaus: And what kind of father allows another man to die for his child?
Hope: The kind that loves her!
Klaus: I love you! I love you. Its the way of the world. Children bury their parents. It happens every day, every hour. Its a truth this family has avoided at a cost.
Hope: Yeah, well, I just got you back! So why does it have to be today?
Klaus: Listen. I have not lived an honorable life. You know that. But doing this – taking the darkness into myself so no else is afflicted by it – that is an honorable death, and I can do that. I can do it, Hope . . . because you have helped me feel something that I never thought was possible. Unconditional love. My daughter. My heir. You’re my heart.

Rebekah: Remember when he stopped sleeping? He was so paranoid someone was plotting against him, he would wander the halls at night listening at our doors.
Marcel: That night that he almost caught me sneaking out of your room . . . I think I was hiding in that crawl space for about 12 hours.

Elijah: You know, he always had a prescient eye. He was extolling the virtues of Vincent van Gogh when the rest of the world decided he was a madman with a severed ear.
Rebekah: Wait. Do you remember that April Fool’s in Copenhagen where he compelled a circus troupe to follow you around?
Elijah: Also known as the most challenging 36 hours of my long life.
Marcel: No, no, no, no, no, no. The worst was when he would get drunk and get it in his head that he was gonna set the world ablaze with his paintings.
Elijah: And then he would actually set them on fire. That was the weird thing.
Marcel: What was his phrase?
All: His inspirational rampages.
Kol: His drunken collection was always my favorite. I should’ve known this was going to be redundant.
Elijah: Brother . . . bourbon’s never redundant.


Kol: We should honor our brother’s sacrifice. And if Nik’s time is up, then, I guess I didn’t want to miss my chance to bitch and moan. Because he is a tremendous ass.
Klaus: That he is. But he oh-so-secretly adores his youngest brother. Well, don’t stop on my account. If this is to be my funeral, let’s get on with it.

Klaus: You know, as much as I’ve savored the joy of tormenting you throughout the years, I must confess, you all mean everything to me. Your loyalty and your counsel and your love . . . is probably the only reason why I’ve survived as long as I have. Which is how I know . . . long after I’m gone . . . you will all come together, time and time again, to take care of each other. And that is why I’m not afraid . . . for your future.
Elijah: We are bound forever to those with whom we share blood. And while we may not choose our family . . . that bond is our greatest strength.
Klaus: Though I may be leaving you tonight . . . this is not the end of the Mikaelsons.
Always and forever.
All: Always and forever.
Hope: Always and forever.

Hope: I’m gonna make you proud. I can’t promise I won’t go through a period where I get irresponsible tattoos or date older men, but I’m gonna go back to school. And I’ll be okay. Because I’m a Mikaelson. And I promise you, I’m gonna do right by our name.
Klaus: I know you will. I love you . . . more than all the days and nights, deeper than the oceans and the skies.
Hope: I love you, too. How do we do this?
Klaus: I wish I knew.

Elijah: Ah, this old chestnut.
Klaus: Many moons ago, we sat here and discussed the future of our family. I never should have got in the way of your happiness, Rebekah.
Rebekah: You don’t have to apologize.
Klaus: Well, then, let me make it up to you. I’ve asked Caroline to get you the cure. In a handful of decades when its time, you can go to Mystic Falls and get it. Then if you no longer wish to be a vampire, its your choice. Live the life you’ve always wanted to live, my sister.
Rebekah: Thank you.

Klaus: I don’t want your last memory of me to be my death. So, please, let’s not say the sad goodbye.
Elijah: I agree. Let’s not.
Klaus: I hate to disappoint you, brother, but the stake will be just as effective in its shorter form.
Elijah: I’m aware.
Klaus: So, you plan to hold onto a piece as a souvenir?
Elijah: I intend to die by your side.

Klaus: I’m dying. You’re not. The moment I end, you’re free.
Elijah: Free of what?
Klaus: Free of the-the mad king brother. You can do whatever your heart desires.
Elijah: This is my heart’s desire. Niklaus, we didn’t chose to become what we are. To be or not to be was taken from us by Esther and Mikael, stolen from us, Niklaus. I’m stealing it back. Brother, tonight, I truly saw a path. I saw a vision of a future for everyone that we love and then when I looked at my own future . . . The purpose of my live, my unrelenting desire has always been your redemption.
Klaus: And after everything I’ve done . . . you truly believe I am redeemed?
Elijah: Yes, I do.
Klaus: You’re a hypocrite. You forced me to go through all those painful goodbyes and then-then you slipped away without telling a soul.
Elijah: How well do you know me, Niklaus? I told them. I told them I was going to redefine always and forever. That, uh . . . I was going to follow from this . . . adventure or to whatever lies beyond. And each of them gave me their blessing.
Klaus: What about Hope?
Elijah: Well, she’ll have Marcel and Rebekah and Freya. I even looked Kol in the eye and I told him if he doesn’t look after her, I’ll come back and haunt him.
Klaus: She is the very best of me.
Elijah: Yes, she is.

Vincent: Two witches and a werewolf. This kid’s gonna have one hell of a temper.
Freya: Really?
Vincent: I was staring at my suitcase, Freya, and it occurred to me that if that madman, Klaus Mikaelson, can find the courage to sacrifice everything for his family . . . maybe I can find the courage to deal with possibility of loss.

Rebekah: Got one for me? I want to be with you, Marcel.
Marcel: Do you really?
Rebekah: But there’s a catch.
Marcel: There’s always a catch.
Rebekah: There’s a cure in Mystic Falls with my name on it and I’m going to take it. I’m going to lead a human life. Marcel Gerard, you are my friend, my partner, my love. And if you’re willing to have me for the next hundred years to watch me grow old and grey, hold my hand as I take my last breath . . . I would very much like to be your wife.
Marcel: I do.

Klaus: What if there’s nothing after this? No peace. Just darkness.
Elijah: We face it together. As always.
Klaus: I don’t deserve the love you’ve given me, brother. But I am so grateful.
Elijah: Its been a glorious ride, Niklaus. And my greatest honor.

And, as the world’s biggest Klaroline fan . . . this one made me smile. From the deleted scene posted to the CW’s app:

Klaus: You know when I first came back from Mystic Falls, I met a woman near here and we mused about art.
Caroline: Let me guess, another blonde? You have a type!
Klaus: Intelligent, beautiful, fierce, with a heart bigger than the sun.
Caroline: And the patience of a saint.

“And the patience of a saint.”  Yep.  She sure does have that. Think about it!  Matt, Tyler, Alaric, Stefan, Klaus – and that’s just the men in her life!  Poor girl could ONLY have the patience of a saint to SURVIVE!

Anyhow, its been a “glorious ride” indeed, and please do me the pleasure of joining me as this site, Ruthie, and I continue into Legacies in October!

Allison Smith

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