#TheOriginals Snark The Final Season, Part Eleven “‘Til the Day I Die”

This episode was an emotional one. Freya and Keelin are getting married! Which means that the entire Mikaelson clan was together.

Which usually means copious snark. But, this time, there were only tiny glimpses of that.

This time, it was sweet, and powerful . . . with a dash of snark. And a whole lot of love.

That hug between Elijah and Klaus, though.

I love these characters, I love this show. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when it ends . . .

But, here we go. My favorite lines – complete with a little Mikaelson (and O’Connell!) snark.

Freya: I know things will never be the same, not after so much loss and I’m so sad about Josh, and Ivy, and everything that Hope is going through, but I look at you and I can’t help it. I’m happy. I just feel so selfish.
Keelin: Josh and Ivy wouldn’t think so.
Freya: Yeah, well, they’re not here.
Keelin: If they were, Freya, they’d tell us not to waste it. And they’d be right. So, let’s do it. Let’s get married.

Hope: I don’t know why we lay flowers. It doesn’t do them any good. Its not much of an apology for killing someone.

Hope: At least he{Bill} gets his revenge next week when the next full moon comes.
Klaus: However much you dread your first transformation, once you go through it, you’re gonna feel better.
Hope: I don’t know if I dread it, or if I wish that I would just turn and never turn back. Mom said that after the pain, its one of the best feelings in the world. I can’t believe I have to do this without her.
Klaus: I know no one can replace your mum, but I do want to help.
Hope: I know. But I need to be alone.
Klaus: As you wish.

Freya: So, I wanted to ask you something. Rebekah is going to be maid-of-honor. And I’m going to ask Vincent to be Best Man. Klaus, well he’s doing nefarious things to secure the venue. And Kol is going to do the ceremony. And, it would mean a lot to me if you would walk me down the isle.
Elijah: I don’t know if I can do that.
Freya: I know that you are going through a lot, and that you’re grieving, and I’m here for you. But, I just thought, today, you could be here for me.
Elijah: I’m sorry. I can’t.

Elijah: Ok, I’m gonna make a guess here. You’re either broke, or you’re a terrible drunk.
Hayley: Excuse me?
Elijah: You’ve been nursing that drink for over an hour.
Hayley: Well, maybe there are some things that neither money nor alcohol can solve. Did you ever have an ex you just can’t seem to get out of your system?
Elijah: Can I recommend something a little stronger than bordauex?

Elijah: Its not Paris. But I love this place. I’m not sure its the ideal location for the “How to Forget Your Ex” tour, but . . .

Klaus: Hello, brother.
Kol: Well, that’s a suspiciously warm greeting.
Klaus: Paranoid as usual, I see. Well, don’t worry, its not you I’m looking for.
Davina: Well, then, it must be important if you’re asking me for a favor. I’m in mourning, if you even care.

Declan: Josh’d kill me if he saw me pouring the good stuff like water. You have to earn a shot of this.
Marcel: To Josh. He fought the good fight.
Declan: I wouldn’t call getting stabbed in a mugging “fighting the good fight.”

Marcel: You really want to do this today?
Declan: I’m sorry, did I pick an inconvenient time to learn I live in a demon town? And that you ran the city like a fascist before my uncle died?

Marcel: Are you just trying to piss me off today, or do you want something?
Declan: Justice.

Rebekah: Well, it wouldn’t be a Mikaelson family gathering without one of us being mad at another one. You just wait until you have kids.

Hayley: This is . . . this is derivative.
Elijah: Yeah, its a little derivative. You know what I’ve found, though. Thank you, sir. The more you drink, the more exceptional the art becomes.

Elijah: You don’t strike me as the shrinking violet type.
Hayley: Oh, I – I could kick your ass.

Freya: We need to talk.
Keelin: That’s your serious voice, why are you using it on our wedding day?

Freya: You were right about talking to Keelin. But now I guess the wedding is off.
Rebekah: What happened?
Freya: I should have said something, before now. But, look at our family. How do you tell someone you can’t have a child because you’re afraid you’re gonna hurt it? That you’ll find some way to put your needs before theirs because that’s what your parents did to you? That you’re toxic, and broken, and a Mikaelson. And that’s just what we do.
Rebekah: Listen to me. We may be damaged but we are not doomed to repeat our parents’ mistakes. After everything that we have been through, none of us would see a child of ours suffer just to ease our own pain.

Rebekah: You can break the pattern.
Freya: Do you really believe that?
Rebekah: Yeah, I do. And so does Keelin. Which is why you should be talking to her right now.

Hayley: Do you think they know how rare that is?

Elijah: What do you mean?
Hayley: To love someone for so long.
Elijah: Actually, until recently Slyvia was a widow, and Christof was a bachelor. They got married in this place, about a year and a half ago, matter of fact.
Hayley: That’ll teach me to be sentimental.
Elijah: Yeah, I guess some of these things can’t be measured in time. You ever feel like that?
Hayley: Like what?
Elijah: Like you were just destined for someone?
Hayley: Yes, once before.

Elijah: I guess I’ll see you in the next life.
Hayley: If we’re destined to meet each other in another life, just know . . . I’ll be waiting for another dance.

Kol: Gorgeous, brilliant, and powerful. Remind me to never piss you off.

Freya: Please don’t.
Keelin: Don’t what? Do what’s best for myself? I have waited for you for years, lived on your terms, set aside what I needed for myself, to make you happy! And then you pull this crap?
Freya: Would you rather I lie to you?
Keelin: Of course not! But you’re the reason why I wanted to have kids in the first place. Ok? I didn’t want to pass on my werewolf gene, but then I met you and I saw how you were with family, and how much love that you have to offer. And it made me want more.
Freya: Its not like I didn’t think about it. For – for all the same reasons.
Keelin: Then why be so definitive?
Freya: Because – because I’m terrified.
Keelin: Who isn’t? Yes, see. That is the look that I need. That’s the “I don’t know what to do” look. That’s the “you’re my partner, let’s work it out together” look. And believe me, it is a lot better than the “Mikaelson I’m gonna separately make all the decisions for the both of us until the end of time” look.
Freya: God, you must hate that look.
Keelin: I hate that look like you wouldn’t believe. If you really feel like kids can’t ever be on the table, just give me some time to process that before we jump into marriage. But if its something that you’re really open to discussing one day – and I mean truly open – and not just trying to get me in a white dress, then tell me that, too.
Freya: I love you so much.
Keelin: I love you, too. So now what?
Freya: I’m open to spending the rest of my life figuring that out together. I’m open to conquering my fears. I’m open to considering having a family, and I’m open to marrying you . . . today, if you still want to.
Keelin: I’ll have to think about it. Yes. Yes, Freya.

Klaus: Where are you going? I need you today.
Elijah: I knew who she was, Niklaus.
Klaus: Who?
Elijah: Hayley. I knew who she was. Five years ago, we met in Monosque. Now, obviously, I didn’t know who she was at the time, but still, only the few hours we spent together, we had . . . a profound connection. You have to understand, when I walked into that farmhouse, I saw her, and I was just completely bewildered. In that mayhem, that turmoil, I could only see her as some agent of deception for the very family that I was at war with. It wasn’t until all my memories returned that I realized . . . I could’ve saved her. I could’ve saved her, Niklaus. I can’t forgive myself. And neither should any of you.
Klaus: Hope is dying. I can’t tell anyone else. Not today.
Elijah: What did you say?
Klaus: She’s dying.
Elijah: Well, then I suspect that I’m the last person she needs right now.

Klaus: If its not too presumptuous, perhaps I might escort you.
Elijah: Not if I have anything to say about it.
Klaus: You’re late.
Elijah: Fashionably so.
Klaus: Well, then. Looks like you’re stuck with both of us.
Elijah: You ready?
Freya: I am now.

Kol: Dearly beloved! Now, not to make this all about me, but we know how families work . . . sometimes its dinner . . . and sometimes its daggers.
Now I don’t know why it takes something as special as this to wake us up, to make us aware of the beauty in the moment, during the moment. And to be grateful for what we have, while we have it. I, for one, am grateful for today. And I’m grateful for all of you.
Keelin, when I first met you, I would have never predicted that you would become my sister. You’re strong and beautiful, and deserve nothing but the best in life.
Well, by the power vested in me by a Franciscan monk in the 13th century, and by the internet a few hours ago – just to be on the safe side – I now pronounce you married. You may both kiss the bride.

Such a sweet wedding, turned family reunion.

Only 2 episodes left!!!

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