#TheOriginals Snark The Final Season, Part 6 “What, Will, I, Have, Left”

This episode was especially torturous. There were some lovely, light moments that made my Klaroline heart so very, very happy. And then there was everything that was Phoebe Tonkin. If they gave Oscars for television performances, I would be handing her golden statues from now until the end of days. The title of the episode – though not phrased as a question – can be taken as one, and could be Hayley’s motto.

But, here are some of the lighter moments, some of the heartbreaking ones, and those that I just found cool (ie everything Klaroline!).

Hope: Ok. I knew your hair had Emo tendencies, but your music . . .
Roman: Shade thrown and caught. Gimmie that. Quit judging.

Hope: My mom would kill us if she knew that we were taking selfies and driving, though, compared to binding my werewolf side, I’d just say its a misdemeanor.

Antoinette: I’m sure you didn’t get a daylight ring just to see me.
Greta: No. I’ve been wearing one for years. But your father believed, at times, the ends justify the means.
Elijah: And what means were those?
Greta: Our movement recognizes the superiority of our species. And works to protect the sanctity and purity of the true vampire.
Antoinette: By wearing a ring and acting like a daywalker?
Greta: By infiltrating those who need reeaducation.

Klaus: What do you mean, Hope’s missing?
Caroline: A few hours ago, she took off with a boy from school.
Klaus: What?!
Caroline: We’re looking for them. In fact, our entire Honors Tracking class is on it.
Klaus: Who’s this boy? I’m gonna kill him!

Hope: Well, your witch really goes for atmosphere.
Roman: She’s not my witch. She’s just a witch I know.
Hope: Not your witch. Got it.

Antoinette: I don’t want you having anything to do with your family. This is my problem.
Elijah: You are my family. Your joy is my joy. Therefore your problem is my problem.

Freya: I drove all night. Right? Cut me some slack.
Vincent: I am done cutting the Mikaelsons slack.
Freya: You wanna ease up a little, Vin? Okay? I’m beat.
Declan: * puts missing poster of Hayley on table * Felt like someone should do this.
Freya: Yeah. No, that’s, um . . . That’s a good idea, Declan.
Declan: I just, I feel so helpless.

Caroline: My tracking class should be zeroing in on them. We should have a location nailed down any minute.
Klaus: So, what, we just wait here and sip rancid diner coffee?
Caoline: Or you can think about what you’ll say when you see Hope. Or, more importantly, what you won’t say. It’ll be tempting to lash out, but you’ll regret it later.
Klaus: You know you have a lot to answer for, and not just for losing my daughter.
Caroline: She’s not lost . . .
Klaus: After all your haranguing, “be a better father, become more engaged -”
Caroline: I refute “harague.” I am not a haranguer. I gave constructive advice.
Klaus: Which I heeded at my own peril. And Hope didn’t make it any easier.
Caroline: She’s not eight years old anymore. She doesn’t have to look up to you now just because you’re her dad. You have to earn it.
Klaus: You know, truth be told, its been bloody awful. I mean, it was bad enough when I had to keep my distance, but now, the desire to keep her close, to – to protect her, the constant worry. I’ve never known such pain.
Caroline: Well, congratulations. You just became a father.
Klaus: Just as she became a truant.

Caroline: Some girls just like the bad boys. The more sheltered they are, the more likely it is.
Klaus: You say that like its inevitable. Its not a rite of passage.
Caroline: Oh, for some girls it is. It was for me. If there was a bad boy within a five-mile radius, I would find him. And some were even way too old for me.
Klaus: Well. I’m sure some had very . . . pure intentions.
Caroline: Maybe.
Klaus: Maybe.

Hayley: Nothing will be fine for you unless you untie me!

Hayley: You realize that your mother is insane.
Roman: Its not insane to defend yourself, okay? Werewolves kill to trigger their curse. None of them are innocent. But at least they are a naturally occuring species. Hybrids are a perversion.

Hope: Well, um, at least I know how you really feel.

Hayley: Klaus did whatever he did, not because he’s a hybrid, but because he’s Klaus.

Hope: They tore his heart out and strung him up outside Rousseau’s.
Hayley: Who did?
Hope: No one knows.
Hayley: I bet Roman’s mother does.

Roman: My mom just wants peace. If you bind yourselves, you’ll be free. You . . . you’ll see.
Hayley: And if you believe that then you really are a fool. Your mother doesn’t want to bind us, Roman. She wants to kill us.

Klaus: Do you regret the time we spent together?
Caroline: Seriously?
Klaus: Do you?
Caroline: Ok. If it’ll take your mind off of wanting to murder an innocent teenaged boy, then . . . no, I don’t regret our time together. Ugh, I just think when we met, I was . . . I was so young. And when I think about it, I was someone else back then. And so were you.
Klaus: I don’t think I’ve changed that much.
Caroline: I do. The man I met back then terrified me. I was intrigued, but I never felt safe. Or relaxed. Or myself, really. And now look at us.
Klaus: So you don’t regret meeting me?
Caroline: No. But . . . I do think I represented something for you back then. Like, something . . . innocent, that reminded you of a part of yourself that you lost and wished you could get back. If we’d never met until now, I wonder if you’d even notice me.
Klaus: It would be impossible not to notice you, Caroline. Your essence would hover ’round me harangue me until I did.

Freya: He has a right to know what happened to his girlfriend.
Vincent: There is no right to know when it involves informing him about a supernatural community that he had no idea existed. You want to tell this dude that his girlfriend’s being used an a pawn in a violent, supernatural tug-of-war? Now you really think that’s gonna make him sleep better at night?

Freya: Sometimes not knowing is worse.
Vincent: You want to find a vampire to steal away his free will, too? No.

Hope: Dad stopped me at the last minute.
Hayley: Your dad does have timing.

Hayley: Hope, if we all judged ourselves by the mistakes we’ve made with the men in our lives we would never, ever get any peace.
Hope: Nowhere to go but up, I guess.

Hope: Who’d you call?
Roman: My sister.
Hope: Oh, there are more of you? Great.

Freya: I . . . have been a straight-up mess since I broke up with Keelin. All to handle another family crisis. Using up my mortal life, to save immortal people.
Vincent: While I try to shore up the city.
Freya: Yeah. You know, you and I don’t have that time to waste.
Vincent: No. No, we do not.

There were some giggles in amongst all the heavy, you just had to search for them.

Goodbye, Hayley. May your sacrifice fuel some much-needed peace in New Orleans.

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