#TheOriginals Snark The Final Season, Part 10 “There in the Disappearing Light”

So many emotional moments – and moments that wanted to hard to be emotional this episode.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here – Josh’s death. AS SOON AS there was mention of Aiden in this episode, I KNEW Josh would die. How long has the poor boy been gone, and Josh even had a little bit of a boyfriend since – remember Eddie? – and all of a sudden you mention him now? Yeah, great big neon, flashing light there, guys.

I wanted to hurt, I wanted to cry, cuz you all know just how much I loved his one-liners (and the representation of the LGBTQ community) but his death just fell flat for me. I’ll miss him, sure, but he deserved better.

That said, let’s roll with the zingers, one-liners, emotional speeches, and word-knife-throwing, shall we?

Hope: You’re not the one I want to hurt.
Klaus: Give me a name.

Roman: Get it over with.
Klaus: Oh, I’m reserving that honor for someone that I love very much.


Josh: I’m sure its nothing.
Declan: No, craziness runs in the family. My cousin Sean, my uncle Keiran.
Josh: Right. Yeah.

Declan: So, I finally called up the Arch Diocese. Figured if I could get ahold of their journals I might be able to find out what happened.
Josh: Declan, I wouldn’t do that.

Max: What do you say to me buying you a drink and you pretending to find me interesting?
Josh: Doesn’t seem too difficult.

Hope: I wanna do this alone.
Roman: What?
Hope: This is supposed to make me feel better, right?
Roman: What’s wrong with her?
Klaus: She has an affliction, for which your pain is momentary comfort.

Klaus: I was rather hoping to be part of the show. Well consider starting small then, fingernails, or perhaps the tongue. Build the suspense.

Vincent: She barely survived this when she was 8, now she’s a budding adult and she’s one human kill away from triggering her werewolf side. You think she’s angry right now? You wait until those claws come out and the eye turn yellow.
Elijah: I need you to fix this.
Vincent: I don’t know how to fix this, Elijah!

Antoinette: I wasn’t sure you’d come.
Elijah: The conflict between our families doesn’t change the way I feel about you.
Antoinette: But it complicates things.

Max: To your lost love.
Josh: To all we’ve loved and lost.

Elijah: So this is the new parenting style? Allowing your daughter to mercilessly torture that boy?
Klaus: That boy held her and Hayley hostage. Almost killed Hope, and succeeded with her mother. So if my daughter decides to end his life then that will make her someone who vanquishes her enemies, following in the footsteps of her father. And her uncle.
Elijah: She was supposed to be better than us, Niklaus.
Klaus: She’s ill. If this brings her some relief then nothing else matters.
Elijah: And then what? When she’s done with him and the darkness returns?
Klaus: I’m sorry but, I have to ask, much as I enjoy your withering judgement . . . you really have Hope’s best interests at heart?
Elijah: What are you accusing me of?

Hope: Dad, he’s no more guilty or responsible than me!
Klaus: All that power and still merciful. You clearly didn’t get that from my side of the family.

Marcel: Josh, what’s wrong?
Josh: Well, that can’t be good. Right?

Marcel: I’ll call Freya.
Josh: Marcel.
Marcel: I’m gonna get the cure.
Josh: Marcel!
Marcel: Try to hold still so the poison won’t move through your system.
Josh: Its already in my heart. Marcel, you gotta believe me, ok?
Marcel: I leave town for a few years and suddenly you know everything?
Josh: I always knew everything. I just played dumb so you’d put up with me. Hey, you, uh, remember the first day we met?
Marcel: Yeah, you wouldn’t pick up that coin. Even if it meant you died, you still wouldn’t betray your friend.
Josh: Luckily for me, you’ve got your whole loyalty thing. And I know that’s the only reason you spared me that day.
Marcel: shakes his head no
Josh: But now, you are my family.
Marcel: Same.

Elijah: Now, Greta died in the name of purity. And thanks to the unwavering conviction of her followers – particularly those of you who chose to lead after she was gone – her message lives on. So, now, for those who stood by her, you will share her fate.
Emmett: What are they doing here?
Elijah: The road to redemption is long and winding but worthy.
Emmett: You betrayed us!
Antoinette: We told you what my mother thought.
Elijah: But we never said we agreed.
Klaus: You can leave them to us now.
Marcel: I’m gonna enjoy this.
Klaus: Go on, sweetheart. Let it all out.

Hope: Are they all dead?
Klaus: Immortality isn’t for everyone. You should consider what you did an act of public service.
Marcel: Hey, kiddo. You okay?
Hope: I’m numb.

Antoinette: Can you ever forgive me for the mess that my family made?
Elijah: I could ask you the same question.

Marcel: You know its funny you brought up my whole loyalty thing. Truth is, you were always more loyal than I was. To your friends. To the city. To what you believed. To me. Rest in peace, dear friend.

Rest in peace, Josh. You deserved better, but rest in peace.

Allison Smith

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