#TheOriginals Snark: Final Season Part 3 – Ne Me Quitte Pas

This episode had less snark in it than some – given its rather heavy subject matter, I’m not surprised – but there was still some zingers in there! Especially toward the end, though, the one-liners cut like a knife . . .

Bus Driver: Do you know where you’re goin’ hun?
Elijah: I need . . . food.
Bus Driver: Chicken and waffles, 2 miles up the road. Good luck to ya.

Antionette: I’m not big on audiences, so unless you want to die, I suggest you run.

Antoinette: Oh, you’ve never compelled? You are in for a treat. Just by looking deep into someone’s eyes you can make them do whatever you want.

Antoinette: You’re an amnesiac with zero life experience, do you really think you should be planning surprises?

Antoinette: Sounds wholesome.
Elijah: If you prefer debauchery, we can do that.


Elijah: Surprise. I found more of us.

Antoinette: I appreciated the gesture.
Elijah: But, what?
Antoinette: I don’t do group feeds.

Marcel: Elijah, even without memories, you are still a pain in my ass. Did you forget how to read, too?

Klaus: Do you know who I am?
Antoinette: Someone who’s about to regret his hideous timing!

Klaus: This is not a request. You will return with me, willingly or otherwise.
(perfectly timed clap of thunder)
Elijah: Its gonna have to be otherwise.

Klaus: You once convinced me that Hayley’s life was worth saving. That my daugther’s life was worth saving. Please, Elijah. Hayley is missing. Hayley. Even in your addled state, that name must mean something to you.
Elijah: No more than the name Mikaelson.

Antoinette: We have to get to the catacombs. There are tunnels beneath us. Klaus can’t die. That stake –
Klaus: – was quite an inconvenience. Unless you’d like me to return the favor, luv, I suggest you run along.

Elijah: You knew that Klaus is an Original. You knew a stake wouldn’t kill him. And you knew that he couldn’t compel you. You knew about me. How long have you been taking Vervain?
Antoinette: Since the first time that I saw you. I knew exactly who you were.

Antoinette: But we need to go before the sun comes up, or Klaus comes back and tears us both to pieces.
Elijah: He’s not coming back.
Antoinette: You don’t know that.
Elijah: Yes, I do. They say Elijah Mikaelson was his North Star. That he guided Klaus through the darkest parts of his pathetic life. So to renounce that family, to renounce him the way that I did. I saw it. I watched the light vanish from his eyes. This immovable man, this legendary Niklaus Mikaelson, broke.

Antoinette: And who is . . . Hayley?
Elijah: Someone Elijah Mikaelson used to love. Once upon a time.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm EST to see just how much further my Haylijah heart can shatter . . . oh, and how the Mikaelsons are going to figure all this out, without their “North Star.”

Allison Smith


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