Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 2.9 Katerina

It seems such a long time ago, doesn’t it. That moment when – after staying with Stefan that first night – Elena wanders across to her boyfriend’s bedroom table and sees a faded, yellowing photograph of a girl identical, sitting… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Scoop From EW – Julie Plec Dishes on “Katerina”

Lots of scoopage in this interview with Julie Plec from EW from tonight’s episode and episodes to come. Makes me even more excited for this episode tonight! We finally learn about Katherine’s diabolical master plan. “After nine episodes of that… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.09 – Katerina – Preview Clip

The CW has released a preview clip for episode 2.09 “Katerina”. Loving this Bon and Jer interaction. Luka just needs to go home. ;) Just kidding. I’m actually very intrigued and excited to see what he’s all about. Check it… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.09 – Katerina – Episode Stills

We now have episode stills for episode 2.09 “Katerina”. Thanks to Natalie at Blood Falls for sending them our way. Unfortunately, no shots from the flashbacks. But still some really cute shots of Bonnie and Jeremy, and our first look… Continue Reading


The Vampire Diaries “Katerina” First Look: Keck’s Exclusives

Check out TV Guide’s Keck’s Exclusives “first look” from The Vampire Diaries flashback episode 2.09 “Katerina”, where we will find out how Katherine became a vampire back in 1492. Julie Plec also confirms that the December 9th episode will definitely… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries – Episode 2.09 – Katerina – Synopsis

Thanks to Spoiler TV we have the official synopsis of episode 2.09 titled “Katerina”. Click “Show” to View. [spoiler] KATHERINE’S PAST IS REVEALED — Elena (Nina Dobrev) puts herself in a dangerous position as she searches for the truth about… Continue Reading