More Vampire Diaries Season 6 Scoop from Julie Plec via E!Online

E!Online caught up with Julie Plec to talk TVD Season 6. Check out what Julie had to say about Bonnie and Damon and whether they will return. We’ll still be seeing Ian and Kat right? Right?! Pointing and laughing at you… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Spoilers via TV Guide & TV Line

TV Guide’s Mega Buzz and TV Line’s Ask Ausiello has posted their latest TVD scoop! Major spoilers on Stefan & Elena and Silas & Katherine! via TV Guide: More Vampire Diaries details on Stefan and Elena, please! Last week’s spoiler got me so excited!… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Spoilers Via E!Online: When Will Tyler Be Back?

E!Online has the low down on “the love triangle” and when we can expect Tyler’s return. The episode they are talking about is Episode 3.19 “Heart of Darkness”, which will likely air April 19th, after the show takes another 2… Continue Reading


Paul Wesley Talks to TV Line: Is there hope for Stefan and Elena?

TV Line chatted with Paul Wesley a few days ago. And Paul shared his thoughts on a Stefan and Elena reunion. TVLINE | Elena witnessed him feeding. What does that mean for their relationship in the next episode? It’s just another reason… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Spoilers – E!Online Dishes on Upcoming Flashback

*SPOILER ALERT* Although many of you have already heard about this particular piece of spoilery scoop from E!Online about a possible upcoming flashback. I’ve decided to place this in a spoiler box…but the photo above might be a tease. *wink*… Continue Reading