Vampire Diaries Spoilers from E!Online: Hope for Klaroline?

E!Online has posted their latest Spoiler Chat and it includes some scoop straight from the mouth of Joesph Morgan regarding Klaroline and whether they could have a future when he leaves for New Orleans… Joinacruise:  Any chance of Klaroline in… Continue Reading


Mystic Falls Messenger: TVD Recap Episode 3.14 “Dangerous Liaisons”

Mystic Falls Messenger The Devil’s Mama Wears Prada! The Slasher attacks take a back seat to an atmosphere that simply reeks with class! We’re puttin’ on our top hats, tyin’ up our black ties, brushin’ off our tails! We’re leaving… Continue Reading


Candice Accola Chats With TV Line: On Klaus, and Caroline Getting A Backbone

TV Line spoke with Candice Accola recently, and she talks about Caroline’s feelings for Klaus and Tyler’s whereabouts. TVLINE | One of the concerns about a potential Klaus/Caroline relationship is, what would it say about Caroline, considering he’s threatened her friends and… Continue Reading