EW Takes Us Inside Damon’s Bedroom

Leave it to EW to get even more inside information about the upcoming reveal of Damon Savatore’s bedroom and bathroom. The bedroom will make “its” debut in next week’s episode. Like many viewers of The Vampire Diaries, I’ve been wondering where… Continue Reading


Vampire Diaries Spoilers – Entertainment Weekly Scans

Thanks to my pal Tariel, we have some really clean scans of The Vampire Diaries feature in next week’s Entertainment Weekly. You know the drill…VERY SPOILERY. So beware. Lot’s goodies though to whet your appetite and satisfy you until next… Continue Reading


Sara Canning Interview With Entertainment Weekly

Sara Canning chats with Mandi Bierly of EW about Jenna’s future. Will Jenna ever find out about the vampires, werewolves and witches? Check out this spoilery scoop about Jenna’s possible “relationship” with Elijah. Speaking of the Originals, we know Elijah… Continue Reading


Michaela McManus “Jules” Spills to EW

EW‘s Mandi Bierly caught up with the newest shewolf in Mystic Falls, Michaela McManus who plays “Jules”. She talks Jules’ motives, how she plans to take Tyler under her wing, and a little bit about what we can expect from… Continue Reading