Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: 2.4 Memory Lane

Hey everyone. So, apologies first – I was away on leave all last week, the TV hard drive recorder gave out RIGHT before the end of episode 4 AND I’ve only just seen episode 5, so be prepared for a monster couple days of recaps. ;)

One of the excellent things about this episode was that there were some serious I Did Not See That Coming moments, so for the purposes of not landing you all with a 5000 word play by play, here’s my  list of what I thought were the core plot-twisting moments of this ep.

  • Katherine & Caroline

One of the saddest scenes to date this season for me was in Episode 2.3, when Caroline – believing it to be the only way to keep Matt safe from Katherine – breaks up with him by making him dump her. Caroline in a sense showed that in a lot of ways, she had the guts to do what Stefan ultimately couldn’t: distance himself from the one he loves in order to keep her safe.

Memory Lane further highlights Katherine’s cold manipulation of Caroline & her love for the people she cares most about. Knowing the very real ability of Katherine to follow through on her many threats – not just to hurt the people Caroline loves, but to dispose of her as well, saying that despite having killed her once, she (Katherine) is still more than willing to kill her again for good – Caroline agrees to be Katherine’s pawn in assisting her to break up Elena and Stefan. Her task is to talk Elena into thinking that breaking up with the younger Salvatore is the best move she could make, and insisting that it’s for her own good.

Elena however is smarter than this. She sees straight through Caroline’s ruse, knowing that whatever she tells her friend will be fed straight back to Katherine’s eager ears. Therefore Stefan and Elena stage a fake fight, knowing she is listening, in order to make Katherine think their relationship is now more one the rocks than it is rock solid.

Despite Caroline’s betrayal, it’s still really hard not to love her. Since becoming a vampire, she has so many more facets to her character; rather than being the silly, popular blonde she was, she’s stronger, deeper and more self sacrificing than we’ve ever seen her. This then makes Katherine’s manipulation of her so much more despicable: Caroline’s being exploited by the evil Ms. Pierce’s willingness to prey on the best parts of the resident Miss Mystic Fall’s nature.

That said, one can only think that the best is yet to come as far as the plot line for this great but struggling and vulnerable girl goes.

  • Damon vs Mason Lockwood, or The Importance of Being Careful What You Wish For

Damon – much as we love him (then hate him, then love him, then fancy him, then hate him, then fall head over heels in love with him, then want to punch him in the face, and so on) – he’s made a few pretty dumb mistakes for someone who’s had 146 years of experience as a vampire.

His stupidest to date, however, is arguably picking a fight with the newest supe on the Mystic Falls block: the some-time werewolf known as Mason Lockwood. I mean, was he not listening when they told him a werewolf bite is deadly to a vamp? As I used to tell my pre-school story-time class, someone forgot their listening ears that day. As for Mason, casting Taylor Kinney in this role was a stroke of casting gold on the part of the creative team behind the show. He’s secretive, angry, vulnerable and bulletproof (and hot – did I mention hot?) all at the same time. This gives him a fantastic scope as a character, but ultimately we know without a doubt that it will all come down to the even more secret agenda he is playing at than the one where he’s trying to hide his condition from his highly confused nephew.

When Jenna has a barbecue and (along with new boyfriend Alaric, and his coiffy new do) invites Mason along. They are old school friends (from that school of hot people where all CW characters seem to have graduated from at some point) and are stoked to catch up. But not quite as stoked as Damon Salvatore, who’s also invited himself along, and who has taken a serious interest in this new Lockwood. After all, he now knows Mason turns all What’s-The-Time-Mr-Wolf every full moon or so. Every comment he drops, every (ultimately highly dorky) drawing he does when playing Charades, makes it clear to Mason that Damon is well aware of his condition. So in a quiet moment, Mason acknowledges this – as well as telling the elder Salvatore that he is just as aware of his supernatural status – and seems to offer an If-You-Don’t-Bug-Me-I-Won’t-Bug-You kind of truce. Damon might seem to consent to a point, but it’s clear to anyone with eyes in their head and more than 2 brain cells to rub together that Damon has no intention of honouring this agreement.

And, true to form, Damon did consent to a point: that of a big silver knife (yes, Damon honey, we know – mythology FAIL. Damn you, Wikipedia.) with which he stabs Mason…who recovers immediately and says it’s game on, cause Damon’s just made one massive mistake.

Bless him: he’s got a gift for sticking people and making enemies, doesn’t he. Granted, it was an idiot move on Damon’s part (dopier I daresay than taking out Jeremy that one time, cause let’s face it – prior to this season Jer was a regular Captain Emo. Now he all badass, and 28 and over women everywhere now have to keep reminding themselves that they’re old enough to be his…y’know…older sister…hmmm), but as far as a plot line goes, it sets up a stack of awesome possibilities in the age old Were versus Vamp war.

What We’re Looking Forward To Next Episode

  • The Damon vs Mason Show: Two Hot Dudes Duking It Out for Supernatural Supremacy (bless you Kevin & Julie – it’s like you heard my fangirl pleas and answered them in full.)
  • Caroline deciding whose team she’s really on: to give in to fear of her enemy or fight to save her friendship with Elena?
  • Further development of the new piece of mythology revealed to Tyler this episode by his uncle: that to fully inherit the curse of being a werewolf, you need to take another human life.
  • The Case of the Moonstone…given by Katherine herself in 1864 on the night of the Salvatore brother’s death trying to save her, to the family of Weres who appeared for all the world to hunt her kind, but which however secretly saved her in order to get this odd but pretty little rock. What the heck is that all about?!
  • The cool stuff in the teaser for next ep, especially Mason betraying the Salvatore’s secret to Sherriff Forbes. Bad dog, Uncle Mase. Bad dog.
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  1. Lol on the Damon part, I totally agree. and so true about Caroline, I hope she’s good but she’d play a badass badass lol the next episode is crazzzytalk

  2. Love it, as always. :)

    And this about Jer:

    “[…] 28 and over women everywhere now have to keep reminding themselves that they’re old enough to be his…y’know…older sister…hmmm […]”

    So true! Bad-assery increases the hotness factor, it seems! ;)

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