Vampire Diaries Cast Share Behind the Scenes Secrets

Once again, thanks to the CW Source’s Catalina Walsh for sharing this video interview from her set visit of The Vampire Diaries, where some of the cast share behind the scenes secrets from the first half of season 2.



Ruthie took her passion for The Vampire Diaries books and started Vampire Diaries Online in February 2009. After 10 years online, she continues to engage with fellow TVD fans here and on Twitter, sharing in the love of The Vampire Diaries. #TVDForever



  1. Hahaha nice interview of them! Steven is looking NICE. and Kat looked gorgeous! Ian’s arms are huge, and Paul’s just… mmm, perfect all around. i love his goofy laugh. Sara’s “science of blood” story was funny, never expected a guy behind the counter pumping the blood, haha.

  2. I love your picture at the top including Alaric and Jenna. I hope they will be included in more scenes when the new shows start again Jan. 27th. I love the banter between Alaric and Damon; and Jenna and her niece and nephew. I am and always will be “Team Stefan” whether he keeps Elena or not. Excellent show…excellent actors…excellent writers and crew. A+.

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