Kat Graham, Candice Accola & Steven R. McQueen Talk to AOLTV

Last week, several of The Vampire Diaries cast members spent some time in London for a WB press junket, and while there AOLTV‘s Laura Prudom caught up with Kat Graham, Candice Accola and Steven R. McQueen where they discussed what’s in store for season 3. Also mentioned was a tentative air date for the season premiere, September 8th, 2011.

Here, Candice Accola points out what makes The Vampire Diaries so successful:

“I think it really just comes down to the writing, the fact that we’re going into our third season and everyone collectively on the cast and the crew is constantly begging to know what’s going to happen next. Our department heads have strict directions not to show us any scripts until they’re finalized because we’re constantly always asking to know what’s going to happen next. I mean, granted to know if we’re still alive, but it’s just an entertaining show that the writers do a great job with. That and the fans.”

Kat Graham & Steven R. McQueen talk about Jeremy’s new ability, Bonnie and Jeremy’s romance and how the fans have received it:

Even though Jeremy will be facing fresh challenges with his newfound abilities, McQueen and Graham don’t see the twist as a sign that trouble is ahead for Jeremy and Bonnie. “I don’t know if the whole seeing dead people thing will affect that [relationship],” McQueen confessed. “But at the end, Bonnie admits her love for him. I don’t see them pulling apart at any time soon, I see things hopefully growing stronger.”

“At first I think they were a little shocked by it, they were like, ‘wait — they grew up together and all of a sudden they like each other?’ It was a slow boil,” she admitted. “There was the awkward sexual tension in the beginning and the fans, by the end of it, were really rooting for the characters to get together. They went on the journey with us, I think.”

“And she couldn’t help herself,” McQueen teasingly interjected.

“Yeah, Jeremy makes Bonnie weak in the knees,” Graham laughed.

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