E!Online Shares Five Hot Secrets About The Vampire Diaries Cast

Ted Casablanca caught up with Candice Accola and Steven R. McQueen, and they dished out some scoop on the cast including who’s causing trouble on set! Here’s a couple and check the rest over at E!Online!

They’re humble.

Like many young stars today, they remember where they come from.

“I was working in an ice rink before all this,” laughs McQueen. “Work became not only a gift, but therapeutic as well…the entire experience has been a blessing.” Accola agrees. “It’s amazing,” she says. “It’s just wonderful that everyone’s enjoying watching it as much as we are making it.”

They cause trouble on set.

“We’re constantly doing pranks, most of which I can’t talk about ’cause they’re kind of, you know, mum’s the word sort of things,” says McQueen.

Accola’s adds: “We don’t really joke around too much because it’s a lot to do in a little amount of time, but biggest troublemaker? Nina, for sure. She’s the sneakiest.”


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