New Stefan Poster – There’s A Reason He Always Gets the Girl

Oh goodness…check out this brand new promotional poster released by the CW today. Apparently, “there’s a reason he always gets the girl” and I’m sure we will be finding out why very soon in the upcoming episodes.


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  1. “there’s a reason he always gets the girl”

    The reason is because hes f**king hot!!!

  2. i think a better lesson in life is you cant always get what you want in life. and if stefan is so use to getting what he wants, maybe its time for him to realize real life doesnt work that way. i much prefer damons logo. it just seemed less egotistical to me. just my opinion.

  3. Yes Ursula! They ARE green. Just like Stefan in the book, that’s one thing I definitely noticed when I watched the pilot. During that scene where he sees Elena in the graveyard. He turns his head away when she exposes the blood on her leg and they go in for a close up. :)

  4. I don’t think it’s a matter of “always getting what you want” as posted somewhere above in someone’s comment. It’s there’s a reason y he “always gets the girl” meaning they choose him for a reason… for example he’s a good person, he deserves the girl, etc.

  5. “…he’s a good person, he deserves the girl, etc.”
    Yeah I would say that Damon deserved Katherine a lot more than Stefan ever did. And in 1864, Damon was a better person than Stefan was by far.

  6. the poster wasnt meant to imply doesn’t he look like a nice boy and thats why he always gets the girl. it had that logo and said that based on his looks.he always gets the girl cause what he looks like not because he looks like the “nice” person he is. lets be real about it. still prefer damons poster and logo. like a said before VERY egotistical logo. but a perfect logo for stefan all the same.

  7. lol @Nikki! but goodness. it’s all about damon. he’s so perfect…….yeaaah right neither is stefan but we don’t need to argue over who’s who. it’s just a show. a good show though

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