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Here’s a little Jeremy/Bonnie/Luka scoopage to get ya to talkin’ via E!Online’s WWK Spoiler Chat.

@TooCool_2012 (via Twitter): Is Bonnie gonna hook-up with Jeremy or the new guy Luka? #TheVampireDiaries

Yes! That’s a pretty safe answer to your question because Katerina Graham herself just told us this about what lies ahead: “Bonnie does get a kiss.” So which guy will seal the deal? She’s not saying, but she did spill some other deets on Jeremy and Luka and the possibility of Damon and Bonnie (and the Delena fans go crzazay!), so stand by for more from Katerina soon. (For the record though, my money is on Bonnie and Jeremy. Care to wager?)

@caitlinems (via Twitter): Duhhhhh, anything on Vampire Diaries! Maybe a little more of Matt in future episodes?

I’m told more Matt is definitely on the way. You are welcome.


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  1. I read this on Kristin’s E! page–I think it’s hilarious whenever she comments on The Vampire Diaries she ALWAYS uses Ian’s picture! lol

  2. i think it might be jeremy! and plus Stefan and Elena have sex again in the new episode dont they because it looks like it in the preview…

  3. its hard enough to get through the nauseating stelena scenes i really dont want to think of damon and bonnie. and s/e fans think they are forcing d/e together even though they know the show is about a love triangle. d/e have undeniable chemistry thats a given that relationship makes sense and is overdue but bamon, please. i know its a sci-fi show but really please dont do that to damon. i know ians a great actor but even thats a tough one to convince.

  4. Domon and Bonnie? NNNNNNNNNOOOOO it should be elena and Damon Besides bonne is already takein and i hope it is Jeremy…but anyways i cant wait 23 more days till it comes back on


  5. SE all the way!! They are soulmates and I am sorry de is not justifiable … Elena would not Stefan for Damon unless it is a rebound which isn’t fair to Damon. He needs someone who will live him and only him. Bonnie and Damon would be perfect!!!! Besides Stefan and Damon need to work on their relationship and not fight over another girl.

  6. Bonnie and Damon would totally SUCK. And not in a good way. Puh-lease. As much as I love this show, I’m not sure I could sit throught that. It’s just not happening. Talk about forcing something. Now, the only one that Damon should be kissing is Elena!!!

  7. Damon and bonnie cant be together!Bonnie have to be with jeremy. They have to be together! Damon have to be with elena. Obviously!!! Stefan is cute, sweet and kind but he is tooo good and elena likes more the danger and mysterious type like Damon who is dangerous and mysterious but also cute, sweet and kind in the inside. Cant wait to the next episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Bonnie and Damon would be AWESOME together!!! They are both cool, interesting and mysterious! Besides, Elena and Stefan belong together in the end.

  9. i’m so tired of the main trio, i want more of the side characters! :P caroline and matt and tyler! bonnie and jeremy? don’t know. does anyone know if luka’s bad? i’m pretty sure he is, or they’re just witches in vampire drama.. lol oh this is random, but could you please upload the music list for the two recent episodes please?! :D

  10. sarah, i’m confused on how you think d/e is not justifiable. you are aware that the show is about a girl in love with 2 vampire brothers so i would think you knew this love triangle was coming.unlike bamon which would completely come out of nowhere since they have no chemistry between them and just deal with each other for elenas sake.i hope you dont think that damon doesnt deserve to be with elena cause he is the BAD brother and stefan is so sweet.yes i know that damon snapped jeremys neck but we know that that was because of katherine and elena saying that they would always love stefan and he was devostated. do i think he should be excused for what he did,no…but he didnt mean to do it anymore than stefan meant to kill his father and then feast off of him. saint stefan should be forgiven for his mistakes and killing but same doesnt go for damon. hypocrite much? maybe damon should stick to killing family members and feeding off of them instead of strangers.bamon would be so forced i’m not sure it would ever be believable even with ians great acting ability.on the other hand there is nothing unbelievable about d/e getting together.the dance scene they had when all they did was stare into each others eyes and not even touch had more intensity and passion than any nauseating s/e love scene. s/e are soulmates my ass. if 1-2-3 puppy love hi i’m elena hi i’m stefan now we are soulmates crap floats your boat well then good for you. i prefer emotions on every level.someone accepting the good and the bad cause we all have both even saint stefan. when damon told elena he loved her but he didnt deserve her thats when i knew he did. love is about sacrifice putting the needs of the person you love ahead of your own.damon has grown on so many levels because of his love for elena.yes he may still be a bad boy but with a heart of gold.

  11. Okay, I’m sorry if what I might say may hurt some DB fans but come on, Bonnie and Damon? That’s like attempting to mix oil and water. Its not gonna work. The only sparks I see between the two are hatred or mutual dislike which is fine with me. If I see the two have a moment where it could lead to a relationship or they even kiss, I would probably cringe, gag, and probably want to puke. And I’m not even sure if it would go in that order. The only sparks I see with Bonnie is Jeremy and maybe even Lucas but definitely not Damon.

  12. love you right back delena fan. i just tell it like i see it and i definitely dont see bamon never have never will. delena forever for me too!!!!

  13. that would be prtey cool and that are gowing to huck up becuz how do you expect for a gril to go out with a boy how lise to her and she berly meent hem and she thinks that she likes hem and that he is being onest with her and that they i mean luck and his fother are just using hem after all. but how are they going to huck up i mean that is what i am vevry exided

  14. s/e r soulmates. they will b together. d/r are a perfect couple right now. jonnie lol I like tat. r perfect 2gether,but she likes luka. I think luka is really a good guy but has 2 do wat his dad tells him 2 do. I can’t wait for uncle john 2 come back & c what drama he stears up. Love the acter who plays luka on y&R can’t remember his name. who he comes back on. u should have ex- max on the show 4m days. I luv him on BMS right now & he’s so hot. wat do u think; I’m I wrong?

  15. s/e are soulmates (BARF) AND D/E ARE TWIN FLAMES. so who trumps who. i guess its a matter of opinion but i’m betting on d/e

  16. Grace.. I get what you are saying but I don’t agree..
    Now lets talk about DE and SE on a mature level…

    So why should love have to be about sacrifice if you are with the person you already love? STefan wouldn’t sacrifice for her? Now if you are going to say Stefan is selfish.. that is not true .. LOVE IS SELFISH and it is EVERYTHING! Stefan would die for ELena and would turn to being human if he could for Elena? Would Damon do that? Stefan tried to leave Elena but she is the one who chased hm. She wants someone stable in her life.. not someone who can lose control at any moment.

    Damon still has alot of growing to do and ELena is not going to forget easily he killed her brother and does not have impulse control. I respect what he did about telling her he loves her and he is starting to grow because he wants Stefan as his brother again.

    Why does Stefan get the crap for being the good one? It isn’t fair because he is one the main characters on the show. JP stated that STelena are the epic love story of the show and are soulmates. They haven’t justified DE enough without it hurting Stefan and everyone around them.

    Bamon …I love them from the books… LJ is a Bamon fan and she already said even though they are twin flames Stefan balances out Elena… the new three books will be about Stefan and Elena. The next book is about Bamon…she said that Damon has a soft spot/gentleness for Bonnie he cares about her alot and Elena is an obsession for him mainly starting to want to terrorize his brother.

    Now with the show.. I think Damon needs to be loved by someone who will love him all the way without strings attached and that will be Bonnie. She can fight him and meet him on his level. Do you think DE is going to be smooth? Elena will always love STefan. I am sorry but I feel DE are more like sister and brother..

    Now don’t get me wrong I think DE will happen but I don’t think it will last. Mind you nobody should be close minded to Bamon… they have a chance and it is only season 2 so anything can happen.

  17. sarah i’m not saying love has to be about sacrifice but with love for another person comes sacrifice of ones wants and needs some times like what damon did making elena forget about him telling her he loved her. and just cause you’re with the person you love dont think there is never sacrifice or give and take in a relationship.its not always smooth sailing. anyone thats ever been in a health relationship or marriage will agree. thats what real love means. as for stefan being willing to die for her you do recall elizah saying they would both die for her after all once again it was damon protecting her from elizah. first when damon staked him and second when stood in front of elena knowing he was no match for elizah. once again he was ready to sacrifice his life for her.he could have run off to save his own ass like rose but he was ready to die so stefan is not the only one. as far as damon growing i dont know what more you could be looking for. if you havent seen the difference between damon in the beginning of the show and now maybe you should be watching more closely. the damon in season one would never have called caroline’s mother his friend and decide not to kill her especially after she was shooting him and ready to have him and stefan killed. gut i guess not enough character growth for you. i guess same old damon.the only one thats the same on the show is stefan.he is in control alright except when he’s drinking human blood like his father or that blonde girl he was attacking.believe me i dont think stefan is the good one you misunderstand me. everyone else thinks he is good and damon is the bad brother. as far as jp saying stelena are the epic love story so what.kw said they were soulmates but you dont always end up with your soulmate. i guess you should care about that. stelena is as good and interesting as ther are gonna get and i’m sorry its not good enough. not for me and many others. research will prove that point for me. on that note i guess they are justified enough for alot of other people too. there are many more episodes and seasons to justify their relationship and love for one another. that will be the realistic journey to epic love we were never taken on with s/e. i’m not even gonna talk about bamon and the books cause i dont care. this is not oprah’s book club it’s about tvd the show. about damon having an obsession, that would be stefan you should be talking about. stefan stalkes her ( HAD TO GET TO KNOW HER) why? cause she looked like a nice girl no cause of katherine his first love he doesn’t admit to still being in love with. if anyone is obsessed he is with katherine’s look a like. the good version. the one saint stefan thinks he’s entitles to. and as far as d/e being like brother and sister how sick is that!!! you think that people that have that much passion and intensity look like brother and sister. OK THEN. dont get me wrong s/e have happened and obviously doesn’t work for me or many others. the only epic they will be remembered as is an epic failure otherwise they would be shipped more. makes sense to me. but you know whats more important than being a s/e fan or a d/e fan we are tvd fans. agree to disagree. so please dont try to imply that my posts are not on a mature level. thats ignorant and untrue. i’m as passionate about my opinions as you are about yours but at the end of the day they are only opinions. someones maturity shouldnt come into question. sorry if i made you feel the same it was never my intent.we’ll just be fans of the show without being hurtful of each others opinions. if i was, i will try to be more mindful in future posts. we all should.

  18. Setfan and Elena have zero chemistry and are so boring it hurts. To me they are like brother and sister because its so young and immature of Elena to pick the “safe” choice. Bottom line is Stelena fans are worried, its only season 2 and they are already in the minority. I know, i used to be one, until i realized how one dimensional they were. I really don’t care about the books, to me the chemistry between the actors that play Damon and Elena is just to much to not be endgame. Viewers are to connected to chemistry on a vampire show to not root for the connection. Maybe saying they are soulmates in the book will make Stelena endgame fly there. On national tv, talk is cheap honey and we have to FEEL it and we don’t. That is why everywhere you go, Delena fans out number you. I’m not being rude but its pretty obvious that the tide is still turning and Moses can’t part the waters a second time to save Stelena. But i respect your opinion. Oh yea and i love the transformation Damon is going through! His character is so interesting, Stefan just stands there and broods. Elena is so full of life when its just herself and Damon. Again, how can a 17 year old know who her soulmate for LIFE is ? She hasn’t even LIVED her life yet. I don’t think it will be a quick hit it and quit it with Delena. I think they will be endgame so it will be a slow and painful process for DELENA FANS. It will be well worth it though. Stelena fans are up in arms (what few there still are that havent turned) scared of Delena, speaks volumes. Pushing Bamon, saying its being forced?!!! Ever heard of Joey and Pacey? Buffy and Spike? I could go on forever, if i dont feel something i wont root for it. Saying Stelena are soulmates, great but i don’t buy it for a second. The two actors on my screen are great but they don’t sell it, not together. Maybe on a piece of paper in a book but sure as h*ll not on my screen. Delena endgame, cookie cutter is 80’s.

  19. katz i obviously agree with you. eventhough everyone is entitled to their opinion and we cant hate them if they dont agree with you, you just start to lose my understanding of you shipping s/e when you make comments like d/e r more like brother and sister. stelena fans dont sell yourselves short cause you gotta really know that award goes to stelena fans hands down. if it didnt and they did a better job of convincing us they were soulmates, the majority of viewers wouldnt be delena fans. and sorry thats a fact you just cant argue. every poll about the show and its couples will prove that. not to mention if stelena fans think d/e will get together but not work and elena goes back to stefan, well then what kind of idiot is stefan to take her back. he looks like a sucker and she looks like a whore or katherine and elena keeps saying she’s not katherine. i agree. she’s not gonna pick stefan like kat did and she’s not gonna go back and forth between brothers like kat did. so there you go.i really dont think the writers of the show want them to be pereived that way.

  20. Grace- I am sorry but I have to agree with the other poster because your posts are hard to read….maybe she meant a mature level because you have alot of grammer errors…

    Anyways, Stefan got to know her after he saved her life… so if you want to call it stalking fine… but Damon stalked her too in season 1 with his bird.

    DE have sexual chemistry… when they happen then what? It will get bored. KW and JP said SE are the epic love story of the show and that the show is about them.

    Also, if you want to point out STefan is a sucker than Damon is having his brother’s left overs. Why would you want Damon with his brother’s girlfriend and make it where they break up as brothers and have Katherine all over again.

    I am sorry but with Elena’s character she will not be hurting Stefan or turn into Kathrine. Damon has grown some but he in the end would not sacrifice as much as Stefan.

    Look how Stefan was ready to save Elena from Elijah without a thought and Damon was hesitant.

    In the end Damon needs to change for himself and be with someone who will love him only. Elena will always choose Stefan in the end. You can’t expect this show to do a 180 and have her with Damon without consequences and it not making sense. I am not saying they will not happen but I doubt permanent.

    Why do you like DE? because Ian is hot and the bad boy.. Because if you like banter why not Bamon.. now Bonnie would give Damon a run for his money.

  21. Grace-

    BTW you can’t trust polls because some people make new sn’s and vote over and over. Besides SE won in articles best couple.

    So you can’t say it is a fact. Your opinion is an opinion not a fact. You are not the writers of the show and do not know the ending.

    I am not saying DE will not happen but SE have a great chance because of JP and KW said about them. Also they started first.

    BTW on other sites I have seen alot of DE fans turn SE and some admitted that DE will probably not last.

    This show is not about DE… like JP said it is SE whom are the epic love story of the show. KW said the show is about how SE are aoulmates.. I can send you the articles if you like.

    But be open minded and stop saying what are facts when in actuality you are voicing opinions.

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