Vampire Diaries Spoilers Via TV Line and TV Guide

TV Line and TV Guide’s Mega Buzz has some Vampire Diaries Season 3 scoop for us. When will Katherine return? And what can we expect to happen with Tyler and Caroline? Only one more day, the season 3 premiere is tomorrow! It was a long, hard hiatus, but we made it!

Via TV Line:

Question: Do you have any idea if Katherine will be returning to Vampire Diaries? —Kris

Ausiello: The question isn’t if Elena’s doppelganger will be back, it’s when. “We’re not going to see Katherine right away,” says VD EP Julie Plec. “But when she does show up, she’s not going to show up empty-handed. She’s going to show up with some pretty valuable information.”

Question: Desperate Vampire Diaries fan here! Can I have some “Forwood” scoop, please? —Jo

Ausiello: Elaborating on her Comic-Con tease that Caroline and Tyler would remain in an awkward friends zone in Season 3, Plec says, “The thing about the friends zone is, when there’s that much animalistic sexual tension that exists between two people, eventually the friends zone is going to have a mattress involved. I think we can safely say that sooner or later, Caroline and Tyler aren’t going to be able to avoid the fireworks that very clearly have been simmering between them all summer long.” Nowthat is a woman who knows how to craft a good sound bite. Well done, Plec. Well. Done.

Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

Any scoop on The Vampire Diaries‘ Tyler and Caroline? — Sarah

NATALIE: The sexual tension between this werewolf-vampire pairing is about to bubble over. “There’s a lot brewing underneath that friendship that’s been simmering all summer,” executive producer Julie Plec tells us. “[We’ll see] them deal with that and then maybe act on what’s been brewing. [They’re] particularly fiery.” Here’s to some hot interspecies sex!

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  1. please be badass katherine! become the threat they all once feared, i miss that!!! :DD

  2. I totally agree we need to see Katherine again……with such a twist that it is going to take a bite (lol) into everything klaus has done….

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