Vampire Diaries Spoilers Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz

Julie Plec has been busy dishing out the teasers, huh? TV Guide chatted with her and here’s what she had to say about a major character and something about not coming out of a life or death situation…what???!!

So Rebecca’s coming back on The Vampire Diaries? Please tell me that doesn’t mean Elena is in danger!  — Hayley

ADAM: Well, somebody is in danger. Big danger. (I mean, isn’t someone always on this show?) “There is definitely a major character whose fate is looking bleak,” executive producer Julie Plec tells us. But not, like, Aunt Jenna bleak, right? “[He or she] may not come out the other side of a terrible life-or-death situation,” Plec teases. Eek! Any guesses?

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  1. Matt is like any other person and tyler is like a bodygard to Caroline: so the persons there are going to be a rebenge is going to be the both Families on Klaus Rebbeca and theyre both original brothers of Klause Vs Stepan Damon and Elena coz elena staped Rebbeca,s back so is going to be a rebenge between both of theyre families

  2. She’s turning 18, and for her birthday the show’s writers are giving her the second episode back, airing Jan. 12! “It’s a big [one] for Caroline,” confirms showrunner Julie Plec of the installment. “It’s emotional. It’s scary. It’s very, very, very powerful.” But the episode isn’t all about Candice Accola’s vamp. “It’s a big episode for the friends — for Elena and Matt and Bonnie and Caroline,” Plec adds. “It’s a big episode for Tyler and Caroline’s relationship. It’s a massive episode for Stefan and Elena, and Stefan’s pissing contest with Klaus and the lengths he is willing to go to make his point, not giving a damn about anyone or anything. It’s a big episode for Damon’s continued evolution as villain to hero. It’s just a nice episode all around………

    I think it is going to be Steven’s character (Jeremy)…I don’t want him to but, Julie Plec was talking about all the characters in the next episode. She did not say any thing about Jeremy….

  3. I don’t think it’s Jeremy because I read a spoiler about Bonnie being disturbed by his behavior…but I am realizing I don’t know how old that spoiler was. It could mean the ghost thing from the first halfnofnthe season. But if they kill him, Elena will have no family left and they are suddenly trying to say the show, which is finally aboutnthe triangle they tried to sell it as for two years when it was not, is about family bonds.

  4. In the books Damon dies… hopefully the writers don’t follow the same path. Damon IS the show.

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