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Can someone please help me understand who The Travelers are and what their point is on The Vampire Diaries— Carrie 

I feel the same way! My colleague Robyn Ross asked executive producer Caroline Dries to explain. “What we’ve been trying to do with The Travelers is keep this undercurrent of danger through the whole season, but not quite explain what they’re doing because — shocker! — it will impact all the characters in a negative way,” she says. “[Near the end] of this season they’ll make their agenda known and their leader will come forth.”


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  1. I figured the.travelers would turn out to be something big as Klaus was in the 2nd season. I Wounder wat or who..they want?!? Bet its got something to do wit Elena and/or Stefan the doppleganngers? I’m worried wat mite happen 2 Damon I mean wat tha hell are they gonna do wit his incessant need to feed on vamps!?

  2. That isn’t Elena’s house. That is the house that Enzo and Damon were in when they turned that guy into a vampire so Damon could feed on him.

  3. @Ruthie that may be what they want us to Thnk being a TV show & all but I noticed it a few episodes back thats gotta have sum recycled parts from the “gilbert house” or actually be the gilbert house bc the swing set, the 3 windows on a 2nd floor, match it to a freakn T! Or my mind playing tricks on me so thats wat i believe im looking at?! the front door is different ….so I assume their just reusing the reusable set props or whatever their called.:) I’m not saying that in the next episode the gilberts house is gonna just magically reappear but that’s gotta be some left over parts of the original Gilbert home!?:)

  4. Oh and it’s an actual house…it was up for sale for a long time, and I know the people who live there now. :)

  5. @Ruthie kwel! I ment to fix that part that said the 3 windows matched it to a T bc I remembered Elena’s house only had 2 :-) lol! But that’s really cool to know that! Appreciate it.

  6. @Ruthie oh & that’s awesome for the people that you know who live there its an amazing piece of real estate!

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