Vampire Diaries Spoilers via TV Guide and TV Line – Klaus Scoop and a Shocking Return!


Check out the latest spoilers from TV Guide and TV Line! Great stuff! Mega spoiler on Klaus and a “shocking and much-anticipated return”! Proceed with caution…

via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

Any Klaus scoop before he heads to New Orleans on The Vampire Diaries— Rachel

NATALIE: Can we say hot hybrid sex? Joseph Morgan’s wishes have been granted and in an episode to air in March, Klaus is finally getting some lovin’. But who’s the lucky girl? Share your best guesses in the comments!

via TV Line:

Question: I would dearly love some hints to narrow down who’s dying soon onThe Vampire Diaries. Is it a male or female character? And does the death stick? —Audrey

Ausiello: Fun fact: Lost amid all this departure chatter is the potentially bigger news of an imminent, shocking and much-anticipated return.

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  1. Katherine is my first guess, but she wont be shocking to me. But then when Tylers mom was killed it was previewed as a shocking death….so I am going with Jeremy dies and Katherine returms for 1000 Alex,,,

  2. Hey if it’s that shocking me thinks it might be “Alaric” with Jeremy seeing ghosts he is the guy that comes to my mind!!!!!

  3. Who do I think will come back and shock me that would be Katherine its like they’ve completely cut her from the show either her or Alaric. Ans as for the hot steaming scene I think it’ll be someone that we haven’t met yet.????

  4. For the return, i’ll take Katherine for 100.

    Hot Hybrid Sex?? Caroline can’t resist his charms for too much longer, consider it a going away present. Consequences can be dealt with later!!! ;)

  5. It’s Elijah Go to vampirediarieswikia there are the spoilers maybe Jeremy will die and it will have a big impact on Elena

  6. I am not a big Katherine fan, so I hope it’s not her, but I am wondering if all the talk of Elena’s mental state might be that at some point Kstherine took over and has been acting as Elena.

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