Vampire Diaries Spoilers Via EW Spoiler Room “Will Katherine Return?”

Thanks to EW Spoiler Room, we have some scoop about this new Gilbert everyone has been talking about, Julie Plec dishes on “Klaroline” and can we expect to see Katherine back any time soon?

Hi Sandra! I’ve been reading a lot online recently about a new character coming toThe Vampire Diaries, Samantha Gilbert, and that she’s supposedly a new love interest for Damon?? As a hardcore Delena shipper, please SAY IT ISN’T SO!!! — Sophie

It isn’t so. “She’s not for Damon,” EP Julie Plec assures. “We’ll meet her in the past, not the present. She’s somebody that we meet in not present-day Mystic Falls.” All better, Soph?

I am dying over these Vampire Diaries photos right now and don’t know what to think, especially Caroline and Klaus. I need scoop immediately anything on #TVD. — @Gval21

You should be dying — of excitement. Because as hinted in last night’s episode — and teased to Spoiler Room by Julie Plec — it’s on. “I have a feeling that Klaus ultimately is equally capable of indulging in love and sabotaging love, just like Damon is. But there is certainly going to be an object of his interest very soon,” she told us Wednesday night.

Anything about TVD‘s Stefan/Katherine? Thanks! — Rose

Though she’s currently on the down low, I’d expect to see Katherine very soon. “She’s gone underground, and so it will be a surprise when we see Katherine again. As Katherine tends to do, she’ll pop up sometime and throw everyone for a loop,” says Plec.


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  1. I usually don’t love specific couple, but I was really hoping for a Klaus/Bonnie one-sided thing (it would have been more interesting to watch)… I’m actually frustrated over the apparent Klaus/Caroline match. I mean we already have the Damon/Elena/Stefan triangle, and we had the Matt/Caroline/Tyler, having another love triangle is just… I don’t know, sad?! Tyler and Caroline already have A LOT to overcome(like her father lol) and to have Klaus throw in the lot; I’m kinda disappointed. :(

    Though when I read her answer over again… it’s confusing… The “It’s on” kinda goes with the Klaroline pairing, but then the “But there is certainly going to be an object of his interest very soon” kinda points at someone else. I’m confused now! LOLOLOL But I just love Klaus… being the better villain sometimes means being the nicest one!! Got to love that man!

    Anyway, now I’ll wait [im]patiently for my weekly and amazing episode recap! :D

  2. “being the better villain sometimes means being the nicest one!! ” – Great one!! ;)

    TVD doesn’t show here in SA so I have to find a way to watch the thing online every friday. Now fridays are even better knowing I can watch VD!!!

    I would love some Caroline/Klaus chemistry. Nothing serious. I just want Klaus to feel a weakness over her. Maybe she reminds him a little of Rebekah? It was certainly weird when he gave her a chain for her birthday.. Have no idea what’s that about.

    I’m glad that the kiss between Delena wasn’t too serious. I like this thing between them. It makes the whole triangle interesting. I felt so bad for her when she told Stefan : “You had me! “. I almost cried.

    I would definitely want to see Katherine again!! She’s so mysterious!!

    I’m not a Delena or Stelena or Klaroline or whatever fan, team… I’m just a true Vampire Diaries viewer who loooves the whole show!!

  3. I like Elena’s gown. Hope she isn’t back with Stefan that fast after he has been so hateful to her.

    Could do without another Katherine go-round, they never used her to give Stelena trouble, they ignored her threat until she finally did something and were apart for two eps. Then she hung around for no reason I could see. Now, if they are going to clear out some characters and this time have Katherine pursue a dumped for Damon by Elena Stefan, that could be interesting.

    I see Klaus/Caroline chemistry, but I don’t know where it came from or why he seemed to care about her. They have had one prior scene and twenty minutes earlier he ordered her death. I know TVD isn’t big connecting dots for characters, but that was a huge leap last night.

  4. i thing this vampire (Klaus) care more than we know about it for those episodes that we seen it on the last episodes our town so it is such a gentlemen so i m staring to like him so nice this brother of ours Joseph morgan

  5. I want to take this opportunity to say that I think the body in the coffin is Klaus’ twin brother that has never been mentioned. I’ve been thinking about that dream Bonnie had, it was Klaus and he was holding the necklace that Stephan gave Elena. She gave the necklace back to Rebekkah right before she daggered her. Now Klaus has her body and probably the necklace. I’m sure she didn’t take it off her before she gave the body back. So I’m predicting that they will need that necklace to open that coffin and that’s why the witches showed that to Bonnie in her dream. I just think that the body will belong to Klaus’ twin brother who knows how to kill Klaus… Just sayin’!

  6. Chriszelle or anybody cud u pls give me link to wabsite were i can watch the episodes….

  7. twin brother ????? good theory….question is why was he never mentioned ……….why was he hidden because of father????? or is Klaus really not Klaus but posing as Klaus…………maddening isn’t it!!!!!

  8. Never considered a twin. I interpreted that dream as a how-to on putting Klaus in a coffin. I was thinking, it was his mother, but after his “that kind of love never dies” comment and after the Canadian preview clip that maybe it is Klaus’ wife or a girlfriend. A twin would be great twist.

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