Vampire Diaries Spoilers Via E!Online Plus Upcoming Episode Schedule

E!Online has the latest spoilers from The Vampire Diaries. Check it!

GG129: Ian Somerhalder tweeted that the finale of The Vampire Diaries is called “The Departed.” Any hints as to why?

“The Departed” makes reference to those Elena has lost in her life. Remember how we told you they’re going to flash back to the night Elena’s parents died in the car crash? We feel a weeptastic episode coming on. (Shudder.)

Bridgette: Is Matt Davis (Alaric) on through the end of the season of The Vampire Diaries or not because of filming The Cult?

According to a source on the show, Matt Davis is currently juggling pilot duties (yes, he was cast in The Cult) and TVD duties. Fancy! And so we shouldn’t assume Alaric is a goner…at least not yet.

And speaking of TVDKat Graham‘s first music video premieres on E! News today! We’ll also be showing it online at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PST.

Also, here is a list of upcoming episodes and titles from now until the finale airs. We have a couple of weeks of repeats, but after that TVD is all new until the season ends, May 10th! Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net for the heads up on the info!

  • March 29th – The Murder Of One – Episode 3.18
  • April 5th – Dangerous Liaisons – Episode 3.14 (repeat)
  • April 12th – All My Children – Episode 3.15 ( repeat)
  • April 19th – Heart of Darkness – Episode 3.19
  • April 26th – Do Not Go Gentle – Episode 3.20
  • May 3rd – Before Sunset – Episode 3.21
  • May 10th – The Departed – Season Finale – Episode 3.22
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  1. I really like The Vampire Diaries series I wish that you won’t stop making episod but I guess every story has a ending.

  2. Well Makenna let me tell you that this seasons of the vampire diaries is cousing a lot a amasing studios for the actors and actresses coz every episode have a mysterious and each episodes each actor study each Character and the actress too so that,s why they putting lates shows cos theyre studing theyre line that is why intreviewing them all that,s why they putting the date for excemple if we are in march 27 the show could be showing untill 10 or 15 of April that,s why they had to learned each Characte well and each interview for theyre part and that,s why is cousing a late show on each weeks or each mounth that,s all

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