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*******SPOILER WARNING******

This post contains Vampire Diaries spoilers. You’ve been warned. Just sayin…

Any Vampire Diaries scoop? — Ronnie

MICKEY: What if I were to tell you that Elena will soon find herself in the romantic company of a Salvatore brother not named Stefan? Said Salvatore introduces her to a friend who allowed himself to be “turned” by his vampire lover, which gets the hamster wheels in Elena’s pretty, pretty head spinning.


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  1. While I’m a big fan of Stefan and Elena. Especially after the last episode, their chemisty is FIRE!!! I can’t help but be super excited about Damon and Elena hooking up!

  2. I would not care for the show as much; would probably stop watching. Stefan tries to play by the books, and Damon get’s the girl? When Catherine finally appears, what then?

  3. Well Sandy to f*cking bad lol dnt u kno nice guys finish last ;) Yey Damon, he def needs sum love she has been way to cold to him.

  4. I don’t think I’ll be too interested in the show if they cut out Stefan/Elena stuff… that’s what draws me in… I don’t see how she could possibly be interested in Damon when a man like Stefan is around.

  5. I don’t think elena and damon have the chemistry the way stefan and elena does. I tried to give it time like in the books where they did have chemistry, but there is none so I can’t vouch for them as a couple. However I would like to see more damon and bonnie. I hope that damon and stefan don’t share elena its kind of gross and it makes her look bad.

  6. Personally Damon is okay, but there is more between Srefan and Elena. Most of you do want Elena to love Damon, but in my opinion I don’t really see that.

  7. I hope that damon and elena hook up but if they do what will stefan do??? Will damon feed on her???? What happenes if Katherine comes back?? Will elena be turned into a vampire???There are sooooo many questions!!! I hate how we have to wait till january to find out more.

  8. Yeas!!I mean Damon and Elena don’t go!!I love Stefan an Elena better. I absolutely love all the charcters but the whole couple pairing thing is soo lame!! Damon/Bonnie




    that’s how it should be!! But no matter what happens I’ll always love thiss show.
    but yess Damon and Bonnie havta somehat of a connection I’m begging here. A HUGE BAmon fan. Probaly #1 noo idea!!! They have the most followers/fans for best couple pairing on YouTube and other sites:)

    jst sayin!!

  9. Um…..Ok she falls in love with both of them thats really the only thing they took right out of the book and thats suppose to be the main idea of the show.
    It shouldnt really be a surprise.

  10. I personally prefer Stefan and Elena, I mean all this time they fought their feelings for each other and when they funally express them she hooks up with Damon… that sucks!

  11. Ugh! The whole love triangle thing is so gross. I know that’s what happened in the books, but I mean how are we supposed to accept Elena + Damon after seeing the HAWT $ex scene between Stefan and Elena??? It would just be gross.

    Elena and Stefan all the way!!!

  12. Finally Damon and Elena i think they look perfect 4 each other cnt w8 till they be 2gether Damon deserve to be loved more then Stefan i hope Elena Ends up with him <3<3 Yaaaaaaay

  13. i think that damon is a bad guy how many times did i want him to die!!! Stefan and Elena all the way!! Damon… really………. no….

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