Vampire Diaries Spoilers – TV Guide’s Mega Buzz

Some hope for Delena fans? Via TV Guide’s Mega Buzz:

Is there hope for Damon and Elena on Vampire Diaries— Carla

NATALIE: “In the lifetime of the series, every fan who ‘ships either side of the triangle will have moments of hope,” executive producer Julie Plec says. Does that mean we should stop asking? Well… “Stefan, Elena and Damon are a series-long journey for us,” she says. “There are bigmoments coming up all around for them, lots of evolution of friendships and relationships, and questions of who loves who.” You heard it, Dalena fans — moments!

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  1. This isn’t spoilerish………it’s obvious. The show (like any other show) has Stelena fans and Delena fans and the producers would be foolish to choose one side of the fence to stay on for fear they would lose the other sides fans. So like any other show in history w/love triangles…….we’ll get some Stelana and some Delena as they mentioned above to make everyone happy. They can’t risk losing fans by only making half of us happy so they will flip flop the triangle every time to keep all of us satisfied.

    After Elena works through Stefan and then Damon they’ll write in another love interest for her……..and eventually we’ll love/hate him too!

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