Vampire Diaries Spoilers – TV Guide Scans Feature “Isobel” & “Founder’s Day”

Thanks to Vampire-Diaries.net and Denise for posting these scans from next week’s TV Guide Magazine. There are two features in the issue. The first about “Isobel” with quotes from Mia Kirshner and Julie Plec (so really freakin’ good stuff, I might add) and the 2nd is about the season finale, “Founder’s Day” with quotes from both Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. Please beware of spoilers as you click through. Seriously. I’m not freakin’ kiddn’.


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  1. OMG could that TV Guide scan be any more of a tease… UGH!!! that is so mean..

  2. Hi everybody!!! spoilers are hinting to a few that I had hope would be saved. (I started to write my logic when i realized it was too long) So – here it is: Jeremy will be 1 regular to die, but either Damon, Stefan or Anna will feed him blood in time for season 2. AND Mayor Lockwood will die, and the town will vote in DAMON SALVATORE (the town’s hero) as new mayor!!

  3. Elena is going to die in that car accident for sure…
    Poor Damon oh and Stefan haha

  4. I just love the show and can`t wait to see season 4, there was a few hints dropped here and there that Elena was going to transform into a vampire, I wonder what changed her mind? And who changes her? Probably Stefan. I really like this page because i hate being in suspense :)

  5. O and I was wondering I know it`s a stupid question but Elena and Katherina are both played by the same person right? Nina Dobrev is it?

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