Vampire Diaries Spoilers – Sneak Peek of Elena’s Mom WWK

Kristin over at E!Online has some scoop about Elena’s mom, and a sneak peek of a brand new promo poster.

Man, good bio moms are hard to come by these days!

After the recent possible spoiler about Rachel’s (Lea Michele) evil bio mom on the Fox hit Glee, we’ve unearthed some not-so-pleasant things about Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) bio mom over on the CW’s ultra-addictive Vampire Diaries.

Isobel (Mia Kirshner) is coming back to TVD‘s Mystic Falls in a big way—so big that the CW peeps put together a promo specifically to tease you. Plus, we have the exclusive first look at that right here along with lots more scoop on Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and more…

Wendell: What can you tell us about Elena’s birth mother on The Vampire Diaries?

Bear in Sacramento, Calif.: Could you please give us some scoop on Damon and Elena? Are they really going to become a real thing? Will they really get closer?
Yes, they will get closer! And yes, he will start seeing her as more than just a Katherine knockoff. You Stefan-Elena fans will not be pleased, and you Damon-Elena fans will have much to squee about in coming episodes, from what I hear! Damon will help Elena with her new mother situation (along with Stefan), and that will draw them together a little more.


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  1. ok so I will start the speculations: who does everyone thinks they will off at the end of the season, other websites say it will be two characters: My first guess, Isobel & Uncle Jon, Second Guess Anna & Perl. any suggestions anyone?

  2. Unfortunately Jackie, the word is it’s a series regular, not just a recurring one. Atleast one death for sure. We know it won’t be the main three, Elena, Stefan or Damon. Also, we’ve been told that they will be exploring Tyler’s story in season 2, so it won’t be him. So now, we are down to, Caroline, Matt, Bonnie, Alaric, Jenna, Jeremy. Then we also have the Mayor, the Sheriff, but not sure if they are listed as series regulars.

  3. Ruthie, you forgot to get the other question from the arcticle about Damon and Elena growing closer

  4. looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the episodes! Damon and elena getting closer, How will that involve…
    Will they have to kill elena’s mom? Interesting…

  5. Jackie, I am guessing that Jeremy is safe because I think that ultimately he is going to blame E for his parents death and that the two of them will be working at odds to some extent. That makes Anna safe. Both could be good story lines. Hopefully Jenna will be there for Alaric. Narrows me down to Caroline & Matt. I like them too, but.. Of course story lines need our only resident witch, so hopefully Bonnie is safe.

  6. Wow Damon and Elena getting closer that would be awesome xD <333 hopefully the kidnap Stfan again lol

  7. oh man this is tough, a series regular.. hmm, I am guessing Jenna, Elena’s Mom gonna eat her, and then S Bros gonna have to off her.. No absolutely no Damon and Elena getting closer, what they have rigth now is just enough spice for the show. Besides D would not go there; Stefan would kill him even of he is not with Elena..

  8. It would be kind of interesting to see damon and stefan fighting for elena. I am a stefan and elena fan but personally i dont mind if damon and elena hook up.

  9. uhhhgg i dont want damon and elena getting closer D:…… oh and i dont wanna see a stefan and damon fightt :'( they r finally getting closer D: ……oh and the person who dies might be caroline cause she doesnt really have a main part……

  10. Who says that Elena will hook up ehith Damon! I think, they’ll get closer as friends and yes, maybe Damon will fall in love with her! But Elena is not Katherine! She’ll not hurt Stefan. And maximum, she’ll be a bit embaressed and all! But of course Julie and Kevin will decide!((

  11. i hope damon and elena will come together.<3
    if elena and stefan stay together it will just be a TWILIGHT copy!!! -.-

  12. I hope they that Elena and Damon will become a couple on the show! The chemistry is amazing! :)

  13. So there it is .. Elena and Damon getting closer.. Kind of scares me. Is Stefan gonna get a repeated story? ..

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