Vampire Diaries Spoilers Roundup!

We have some scoop via E!Online’s Spoiler Chat and TV Guide’s Mega Buzz. They are both about the same thing, but Mega Buzz gives a little more info. Can’t wait to find out who’s been cast in this part!

Via Spoiler Chat:

Kelly: I’m so mad that Mason’s dead on The Vampire Diaries—when will Tyler find out the truth and begin plotting his werewolfy revenge?
Tyler starts getting a clue about what really happened to Uncle Mason in episode 11, when a friend of Mason’s comes to town and reveals that Mason is not back in Florida like he’s supposed to be.
Will Damon ever be happy on The Vampire Diaries? — Sarah Jane
MICKEY: It’s unlikely, Sarah Jane. But look for a sun-kissed beauty to lighten his mood. She won’t flinch when Damon attempts to sabotage their flirtation with his acidic charm, but that’s because her interest in him is not personal. Said beauty has come to town to investigate Mason Lockwood’s disappearance, and this lady does not have a thing for bad guys.
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  1. Okay very intrigued right now but at the same time I don’t want Damon to fall for someone who uses him again…

  2. What on earth! Damon falls for another girl… !!!

    On the other point, I totally did not think about Tyler’s reaction to Damon killing Mason…. :/ I don’t really want Tyler as an enemy to Elena + vampires…… maybe he’ll just hate Damon and no one else..

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